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Would You Walk Out?

This lovely spot is Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil. Beautiful.. but would you walk out there?

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Yeah why not I bet the power and the beauty of the Fall would take your mind of any worries.
It must be amazing to stand up there....I don't think I could to be honest haha
Without a doubt I would be out there.
Yes but I would probably loose the contents of my bowels in the process!
Looks very nice, but it must still fell fear when stand that
Very dangerous but interesting place.
Without even a second thought ;)
then again self preservation was never one of my "strong" traits.
Imagine what it would have been like to help build it.
amazing place.
it look good place to visit
I would most definitely not walk out there! I got severe height-a-phobia.

I must say that this is really beautiful though.
I would be out there.  I can't say it would be a casual walk in the park.
Absolutely, wearing depends and a life jacket. :)
That will be a great experiance to watch the falls from that spot. You ever been there? +Amanda Blain 
this vere beautiful...l'm from iraq no good english
amazing....wonderful awesome....and hindi gazabwa,,,tajubua,,,,,fat gayli...
My country is amazing. Unfortunately our goverment doesn't care about our land and many of my people neither does u.u
Wow. Probably but might not look down ...
Totally. Awesomely Beautiful.
once i a lifetime view.  Sure
Wow Great view .
Always beautiful post the beautiful, thank you Amanda.
Be sure I will visit soon.
sari de sarit da nu i ca Niagara acolo mai aveai ceva sanse
It probably looks a lot scarier from above like that, than it does when you're actually standing on it. At ground level it's probably just like walking up to the railing at the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls. 
And then a wild Hurricane appears!!
Gracias Amanda por este lindo  paixaje.eeeeeeeee
That is gorgeous and yes I would definitely walk out there
i love to walk out there but its so scary ... !!! 
I mean sure I'd walk out there, but I wouldn't get too close
Skywalk of SouthAmerica
Asha S
Wah amazing.........
sure... that must be a awesome experience to me...
경치가 아름다워,한번 오면 좋겠다
Stunning. It must be amazing to stand there
nature creation are always b'tful and full of surprises
why not? there's a bunch of people on that platform.
Sure! You one live once....or twice....or
when lot of tourist r going to see that lovely fall, why not we ? thanks for sharing beautiful scene. 
Its mind blowing... !! Can any1 let me knw frm wher it is??
I would roll my wheelchair out to the end, grab the rail, stand up and look down.
I would not walk out there after seeing this view. I'm sure in person it is much less intimidating; so, I would probably walk out.
This is the most wonderful & lovely Gift of God and nature to us. We should protect it & enjoy it with thanks to "Almoghty & Nature".
Allow me to hold your hand & lets walk together ;-)
It depends on what the building codes of Argentina and Brazil are. :)
the noise would be the intimidating sound - I just dont trust their contstruction skills!
WOW!!!!!!!!!! where do u get one from
no i would not. beautiful but im afraid of heights! 
There was a tragic case near where I live (NZ) where a platform like this collapsed and quite a few people were killed. It turned out the platform had not been built to regulations. Every platform in the country was checked after that, but I always look underneath before I climb onto these things.
that structure is completely discordant from the actual beauty of the falls, they would never allow anything like that for example in the niagara falls, that slab of concrete somewhat pisses me off. i'd rather enjoy the waterfall from the bottom (or far away from the top) and i would take away that structure.
Been there. If you don't go you will miss a lot.
Gotta experience everything at-least once. so yes, yes I would!
The observation deck at the Grand Canyon is... well, worse! You can see right through the bottom of it! Not for me, thanks.
let alone the nature, how on earth they built the observation place on the water fall?
amazing nature ))i will take visit one time 
I've been there, it's just amazing, the force of nature, the beauty, I could have stayed there and appreciate it all for the entire day, the rest is as worthwhile though :)
increible foto!!!!! impresionante
wowowowowwww... wr is ths pls ....... madam ....
Maybe I'm not seeing it like others are but this doesn't seem scary at all. Is it on a steep slope or what? That's the only way it would be scary
Very beautiful area. There is another viewing area just below that but you get soaked going to it from the spray of the waterfall. The thundering of the water is fairly overwhelming.
that bridge is one way ticket to hell!!!!!
Absolutely. Just imagine the sound of all that water crashing down. That's the sound of nature putting life into perspective for us...

I'd go w/ a rope attached to me and the main building
Amanda u r realy looking so sweet and preety
mind blowing lok at athe waterfall pleazure to watch. sound of that water when it is follwing down &atmospiear amazinggggg
waaw very nice,where this location
WOW this is awesome and terrifying... still i would love to walk till the edge...
Hats off to those who built that platform.  Never mind walking out on it!
Definitely. Why pass up the opportunity?
I'd walk on that with A parachute!
It must be amazing to stand there,Its realy awesome place,
would that i can go there and enjoy the beayty of nature
nice place.. would u like to go with me....
...should be possible to touch down with a heli, just in case ;-)
Woah..ok,that kinda gives me mixed feelings.the beauty is amazing but then again,that height...............
That would be amazing.  Would love to try the one at the Grand Canyon as well.
Amanda not sure how or paths have crossed, But I thought I would reply to your email to at lest be considerrent, and let you know you have a friend in Fairbanks Alaska. God Bless You.   Allen
it would be terrible to stand there but i would love to.
wao Just Immagine I like this where is this 
such a great place..Subhanallah
Imogene the ad for workers of the building company: "strong hands & back, can swim & fly very well"... 
I just might be dumb enough to go out there...
I want to free fall from that place...
Yes I would. Even alone at night.
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Wow, so scare actually, but really fantastic..
Hell No.... that is Extreme... i might as well go Benji Jumping
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there no way id walk out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    lasandra phillips
ram b
wow amazing what an a place
a room with plenty viwe what a rush a him n her twhen bangy jump cool
dang that looks like a long jump...weee...
Awesome, would walk out there for sure
Without hesitation! :)
Apparently, close view of a half-cut brown snake, crawling in midst of the hairy scalp of revered Shiva(Hindu Lord who is visible my profile picture), from which flows the sacred milky streams of the river Ganges. That is how it looks to me...
Walk out there? I want to put on a sugar-glider suit  and fly across those borders on a wing and an adrenaline rush, someone will...
hooray, yoo hoo
that looks like a looong jump...weeee
knox j
Would you?
Wow that is amazing border control. (im not racist )
Been there. It's beautiful, and not the slightest bit scary. Not sure why people think it would be scary!? 
Maybe for a look then a quick retreat. It would only take a slight tremor and your toast!
In fact I just realise my profile pic was taken there!!
Question is did anyone die building it.  That would be my deciding factor.  I freaking hate, HATE heights
many people think it is beautiful but i  dont think so .if you are in this place ,i think you will be  afraid not  enjoy it
Amazing location world is beautiful...
in a heart beat!!!! one of the ten coolest places on the planet, im green with jealousy, want to go
want to go now!! can you get there from Russia....hahaha
With no hesitation! What a thrill it would be to stand there and look over; to see and feel the thunderous power of the water crashing below. 
wow very fantastic
Tj John
NO....definately NO
If all those people can, I would as well. It looks lovely, pure nature.
KC Khoo
You only get to live once. Don't live in fear.
Looks like a perfect spot for bungee jumping
Me too,I wish to be there too,those people are so brave!
Would love to be there alone. Love such places.
Been there a few weeks ago. We had a great sight of most of the waterfalls.
I am off there soon! Excited now!
Wow I wld have to walk out, just to be able to say I did! Nature...what an incredible gif!
Wow !   
Very beautiful !
Wow , that's a nice shot! It's a trip just lookin at it!
wondering, how they even built it :)
I'm sweating just seeing the photo! My answer: Never!
wow, that's crazy! have you ever been there?
Its a great view. Did it last year!
How could you bring this up and then have to admit you were too afraid to make The Walk!    Best do it!!
Yes No Fear, We must all over come our fear. The world depends on it.
Nath W
I have! There is a better view at Iguacu: The Devils Throat
A beautiful picture. I can't help but wonder what it must have been like to build that walkway to the edge of the falls? Wow!
Everywhere nature is always beautiful
Ask me again in December... when we're there :-D
where is here? 
verey nice
That would freak me out but i would do it anyways! i like how there are not very many people out there!!
Ухты!!! Красотища какая!!!
I've lived in Niagara Falls for years, and like to get get close. It's safer than it looks is my guess.
the fall is beautiful but you are more than to me
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