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Knowing Is Half The Battle

As shown by the lovely PieChart... Laser of course make up the other half. :)

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I love it.  I miss the old GI Joe cartoon from when I was a kid.
Now that's funny! The GI Joe cartoon battles were much like laser tag....people were hit with lasers, but they never got hurt, they just ran away.
I now know what the chart for it looks like. And knowing is half the battle...
My brother has this on a T-shirt. Not sure where he got it...
I personaly was a fan of Zartan and the Dredknocks. Now thats  some geekhumor for you.
I laughed a lot on this... but then, I totally win because knowing is half the battle.
although I think "pretending to give a sh*t" is the other half...
To think the container was as entertaining as the package.
"Lasers" should always be written or said in quotes.  "Lasers"
LASER is an acronym and should be capitalized with no quotes.
My buddy bought this shit at a convention in Toronto, soo awesome!!
awesome, it..takes me back,......hey you kids,..don,t jump those downed powerlines on your bikes,....why? cause you,ll die dumb ass,....thanks shipwreck!
they died all the time in the comics,.....brutal.
I knew the starscream thing did not know about shredder

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I don't get it-no wait I get it! wait, now I don't get it.
Eric F
I must admit I haven't watched GI Joe since the 80's, but I don't understand the laser part...
Every guy in your circles just fell in love with you for your GI Joe reference!
knowing = hay where's the enemy? Are they in Aunt Nelly's barn perhaps? No? Under the bridge? No?
I have this on a T-shirt. My son wore it to school last week and only the teachers got it... #old
Keith, no, that was because she is gorgeous, the GI Joe reference was just a bonus. :-)
How do I remove 'what's hot' from my stream? (on ios device)
Right on the money. Without knowledge we couldn't build or fire the lasers
Taiss Q
Where's the "fake it till you make it" strategy plan?
Ha ha I have this shirt and will be sporting it proudly at Dragon*Con.
Do donkeys and elephants shoot lasers?
When I came to this fight 
nobody told me there would
be lasers.
This is awesome. However, I think courage and integrity make up the other half.
I kinda remember not one person Joe or cobra gettin hit by any lasers vehicles always did lol (COBRA RETREAT )
amandaue to morendo devontadedefazeramor com vc e chupar sua bucetinha e seu cuzinho que tal
staits is 100 percantge right think about that
can you explain this to me!!
hahaha...I'm jocking ..very nice Amanda
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