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*Once Upon A Time TV Show Fans*

Season finale tonight! If you love the series comment here with your favorite character or a reason you like it.. and ill add you to the next round... :) If you are in this circle(if you were notified you are in the circle) -- Share the love ♥..

Cleaned of inactive posters! We can also use this post to discuss tonight's episode :)

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OMG I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Emma & Mr Gold are the most intriguing to me. Emma bc she is so unpredictable & Mr Gold bc He mastered Magic!! screams with glee lol
I'll be waiting til tomorrow to see this, but unusually excited about it! Think August or even Red Riding Hood are my faves.

For me #OUAT is just a bit of popcorn tv. The writing's not that amazing and it is all a bit clichéd, but it's guilty pleasure goodness.
I find the writing quite good... the fight scenes and the Computer backgrounds... not so much but how the classic stories are given new life that mixes together... Awesome ♥
I'm a little on the dark side, so kinda like Mr. Gold and the Hatter. I dunno why, they've just kinda grown on me.
My husband is really the fan. We'll be watching the finale tomorrow.

I have to admit I find the scenes between Snow White/Prince Charming absolutely hysterical ever since finding out life imitates art.
+Shane Rogers with you on Hatter. Excellent character.

+Amanda Blain the CG is just awful! Wish they'd use less of it. When they wandered to Wonderland - those computer graphics really made me cringe!
It will be a bittersweet event tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing it, but I dread the wait until next season. My 10 year old loves the show and thinks that the concept of a cliff hanger is absolutely criminal.

The story shines enough to let me over look the poor CG. Of course, I used to be a doctor who fan back in the early eighties too... soooo.. :-)

thanks for the circle notify!
I like like Ruby. She has a bit of an edge and is somewhat rebellious with Granny, but as Red, she's so sweet, innocent, and wholesome.... nice contrast.
Henry is my favorite character, as someone that was adopted and reunited with his birth mother, I appreciate his need to have her in his life.

My partner loves Ruby, because she is her OWN person in that little town where everyone has a unique background but essentially looks the same.
Mr.Gold's son is dreaming. I think so. No troubles
Favorite character has to be Rumplestiltskin / Mr. Gold, Plots within plots within enigmas within plans :)
I think Mr. Gold is maybe my fave. I do think the costuming is the best on TV, currently.
i love this show its amazing AND SUCH A CLIFF HANGER
I think everyone has been surprised by how much they like this show. I find myself looking forward to it. It's seeing how they put a new twist on each of the tales and how they tie them together that's so fascinating. I think Mr Gold has been the most fascinating so far because of a combination of the acting of Robert Carlyle and the writing of Jane Espenson. Though I was wowed between the chemistry of Emma and Jefferson. I hope we get some more of that. I need more background on Henry though and relationship building between Emma & David.
TOTALLY AGREE mr. gold has put a unsespecting vibe on the show
I Totally Agree With You +Crystal Alifanow I am Captivated By Jefferson(Hatter) His Story Just Made Me Amazed! He Really Tried To Get Emma To Believe In Magic But Only To Make Her More doubt Herself.
I just started watching last week. I cannot believe the goodness I have been missing. I am hoping to catch up this summer and be ready for the next season.

My favorite so far is Emma Swan, but the show is so crafty I enjoy a lot of the characters.
Yup Hatter is some crazy good acting.. I really liked August initially.. but he's really kinda turned whiny lately... I WANT TO KNOW WHO HENRY'S FATHER IS :)
Mr. Gold, and I give all credit to Robert Carlyle for him being my favorite.

The Queen Regina, a close second. Again all credit to Lana Parrilla on that also, she does a fabulous job.

Snow is third just for the fairy tale character background they've done, which has been great.

Favorite episodes. Rumple Origin. Snow and Charming fairy tale first meeting story, Jimminy Cricket, just a great twist on the fairy tale being human before. Edit, oh and why Regina hates Snow episode was great also.
I'm putting up with Funniest Home Videos just so I won't miss it. :D
My favorite character is Emma, she is not perfect, but she has learned from her mistakes. I will be watching.
Mr. Gold. Seeing Rumple evolve with Belle only to shrink back again, and how much reverence he holds for that tiny chipped teacup in both worlds.
Kind of an anti-climactic revelation in my opinion.... :-(
Thank God this comes on at 8pest, and GOT at 9p. Eating and watching them both now before I will be ready for discussion.
omg omg My fav is Rumple. Because I like his style
+Melony Isaac I dig Rumple too. He makes me uneasy but that keeps me on my toes, watching him. I love not knowing really what he's about.
I love the queen. So bad ass but vulnerable too. Just like a Gemini :)
the queen is def cool, but her haterd is soo petty to me, Snow was aCHILD... a child! she should have gotten over it. Its her MOTHEr she should have been mad at
That's the point tho. She has focused all that hate to snow in a perfect carry over. How often do we really retaliate against what pisses us off? We strike at what's easier. Hence road rage lol
Just finished watching the show from the DVR. For the first time ever, the DVR cut off the end of the show...

We made it right up to the point where ###### tells ##### that ##### is ### ing... Then ##### asks ###### "###?"

###### repeats "###?" and then our DVR stopped.


Edited to eliminate spoilers. Apologies, thought this was a thread intended for open discussion after the show was over.
HEY!! read the comments please!! No Spoilers, folks watch this show delayed!!! Geesh.
Awww.. i said people could talk about it here.. :) generally known to avoid the internet on the day of a show if you are worried.. :) but yes... first real time sharing and mixing with notifying perhaps a mistake on my part.. Sorry for any spoilers... :)
Can't read your post, can't read your post....I had to tape the finale....argh. Don't want to read My favorite character this season was...The Huntsman!!!
+Amanda Blain I'm fine, in fact glad, you made it a topic and a circle. But many folks did mention in the comments that they watch it delayed. People who take the tl;dr attitude to comments on a post, should avoid adding comments. Helps avoid looking trollish. ;-)
+Melony Isaac that wasn't to you...nothing you said was a spoiler, in fact I thought it was cute. It was toward +Keith Cramer previously un-edited post which was a spoiler ( and the mercy of "expand this post" saved me from the mental la-la-la-I-can't hear you)

And thank you Keith for letting us delayed folks enjoy the unspoiled delight we can now anticipate.
Mr. Gold - and I'm still waiting for what happens when he finds out Belle's in the asylum, all hell will break loose, can't wait! :)
+Denise Morgan Kalicki again, apologies for throwing out any spoilers, I edited my message immediately after reading your post to remove them.

I have never taken the tl;dr attitude when it comes to commenting. I really did think this was a post for open discussion once the show was over. I figured the comment in +Amanda Blain's original post: "We can also use this post to discuss tonight's episode" sort of implied that there would be spoilers once the show aired.

I've done my best to play nice since the beginning of G+, so please be cautious throwing out the "trollish" word. It's hurtful. :-(

I'll be double cautious in the future. I really really really don't want to ruin the show for anyone. I am a big fan, and would hate to ever be know as "that guy."

Hakuna Matata
.... All is well +Keith Cramer .. was my fault for mixing the two into one... :) #onceuponatime is even trending right now... not sure why this circle is so small then :D
+Keith Cramer I am sorry for the use of the word, It was more a play on the fairy tale troll and foolish that got me there. And so I do apologize. And I do know that G+ is a 24 time zones community and many folks do watch it via delay or type ways.
I'm glad apologises went out all around and all us well.
+Denise Morgan Kalicki My "Hakuna Matata" tag at the end of my last comment was my favorite concept from the movie Lion King and if you remember, means "No Worries." Now I'll use another line from the character Rafiki in the movie "It's in the past!" :-)

Next stop...A summer full of "Once Upon a Time" discussion.
Now... So, +Amanda Blain. Any theory as to who Henry's father might be? Maybe my curiosity about where Rumple's son is and your question about who Henry's father could be connected...?
+Keith Cramer If you ever get the chance to see Lion King on Broadway, do it! It's like a bucket list thing. My Mom gave me (and herself) tickets to see it last Christmas, Best ever!

OOOh I love the idea of Henry's father. Yes, that is sorta on Elephant in the room not pointed out in the show yet, I think for some 2nd season revelations.

For those who watch closely, Regina waters Bog plants (specifically a Pitcher plant) as one of the plants in her office/home. I have pictures in my albums of the same plant as the one she has. I made a post about it
I def been thinking Henry's father is Bae
Woo.. can't say ive noticed the planets :) Thats such an awesome detail! I have no idea what they are going to do in the second season... seriously
+Denise Morgan Kalicki I would love to see it someday. Never noticed the Bog plants... very cool. I think we (the family) are going to go back and watch the episodes again this summer. I'll have to be a little more observant.
+Melony Isaac Never even crossed my mind until +Amanda Blain's post. I think I've been pretty much just going with the flow of the show rather than trying to figure it out.

I think I got a little burned trying to figure out "Lost." Boy did I get burned on that one... with all of the unanswered questions it left behind..
maybe spoilers??

I never watched lost. I totally guessed tonight tho. And now I wanna know what's up with tumble. Magic is coming. I want to see magic in today... And what the Queen will forward next. She keeps losing things she loves...
Great Season Finale. Cant wait for season 2!!!
She totally desired it Brains 
Shoot! I was at a mother's day dinner and I missed it. I will have to catch up on it online...
Finally caught the finale so, just as a warning, I'm going to post some spoilers in this comment!

I just hope this doesn't mean a reset. Loved that they sorted the curse thing by the end of the first season. Just hope this new purple smog isn't the curse v.2.0 - would make the entire first season totally pointless!

Oh and the dragon cg? Wow.. That was bad. So, so very bad.
+Melony Isaac I thought it just looked insanely cheap. TV production values are almost the same level as films these days and thought the era of dodgy CG was far behind us. The smarter production bods do things to work around cheap CG. For example #Primeval used a fair bit a shaky cam to hide the less than great CG.

People need to be smarter.
Are you implying those who don't see the dragon as dreadful as not being smart?
No no no! The people who run the shows need to be smarter.
I wonder why there are no Against in storybook... Unless I just didn't notice. I can understand why they wouldn't do a Milan arch but there are Asians in Maine
I've not seen anything this bad since the old Brit kids show - #Knightmare. Though then it was cutting edge!
Trying to avoid seeing all the comments just yet xD I'm actually behind two episodes >.< Mr. Gold, Emma, and Red are my favorites =]
When the evil queen said to Henry that she truly loved him, she meant it. And in that moment, that is Regina and not the queen. What do you guys think is gonna happen next?
She loved him cause he was the last thing that belonged to her... That's all she is selfishness embodied. She loved him because he belonged to her and she has trouble keeping things she loves
I'm behind.. so not reading comments. But I really want to see what happens with Belle and Mr Gold!
If I click on your shared circle, and then click on "create or add to circles", it then creates my own circle. But am I also added to yours? Or do I have to submit a request on this thread to be added?
Request... :) the add circle willl just add those people to your circle.. your in mine now too.. once you tell me your favourite character :)
OK...finally watched. Now to go back and read the spoilers. Great ending.
great ending...the second season is wide open...
Just watched it on Hulu, l am glad to see good old fashion story telling back, and Dragons too. That they have left things open for another season is promising. I noticed we lost track of Pinocchio whom played a pivotal part earlier. Mr Gold has his true love back but is in danger of losing her again for his power cravings. The Queen obviously has some new plan on her mind. Will the battle continue in Storybook or will they return to the magic kingdom?
Love the show. Need to watch the finale still...
Ooh ooh! Please add meto this circle!

Just finally got to catch up and watch finale with my wife. When the episode started it became pretty clear early on that the curse was going to get broken. And we both started wondering if they were going to tie the whole thing up in that episode; and we even started wishing for it. As much as we love it, we're both always hating getting pulled into shows that take a 5 season commitment. And it bugs me that shows are either good and go on forever until they are bad, or are bad and only get one season. For a moment, we thought they were going to do something unheard of and make an amazing show that is only one season long. If movies can be great in 2 hours, how come TV can't be good enough in 22 hours? As much as part of me wants all good things to go on forever, I think it would have been awesome if they would have ended it and gone down in history as the best single season show ever.

That being said, I still loved it, and can't wait for Season 2!
Been pulled into 15 different directions for the past couple months, I have some catching up to do.....
I cannot wait until the season premiere! It'll be really interesting to see what they do with magic this season. much catching up to do, so little time...  :D
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