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*The Most Interesting Gandalf in the World Says, Thou Shall Not Pass*

This picture is sooooooo much geeky epic win. :)

#geekhumor #LOTR
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That is just perfect! Thinking of making a nice hi-res version as a desktop image or maybe for some intranet sites here when people put in the wrong password. :D
Is there a meme generator for this? There's so many good lines to use...
LMAO, thank you for the laugh.
I don't even know who you are, but you just made my geeky day lol
"Thou shall not pass"? Is this a quote from the King James version of LOTR?
no, its from the movie smart stuff.
+Douglas Blaack I agree, it would have been even funnier, and more accurate if it were "You shall not pass."
Funny, ut shouldn't that be the Black Knight? or even Tim the Enchanter?
joe tom
that is funny hahahahaha!!!
although, this looks more like Michael parks... specifically while he is playing Esteban in kill bill vol.2 ... but still very funny
Gandalf: You cannot pass! I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the Flame of Anor. The dark fire will not avail you, Flame of Udun! Go back to the shadow. You shall not pass! ♥
another phoney actor. when i see guys like you it ups my moral,and with your staff, up yours too.
pau la
what are you even talking about you crazy person!!!!
well you LOCAA we dont care and we dont know u at ALL dummy!!!!
pau la
dont mess with us...
I pass yo mamas test JUST KIDDING IM STRAIGHT
My co workers are wondering why i just laughed out loud. So funny thank you
This is not geeky :| LOTR is actually pretty mainstream relatively speaking. I am a big fan of LOTR don't get me wrong, but only once you dig a bit deeper into the lore can it be considered 'geeky' humor.
I dont always laugh at memes....but when i do i prefer them not to make sense
Do you think he gets crumbs stuck in his beard?
coooooooooooooooooooool picture but uhhh Amanda you look hot if that homepage photo is of you lol (the small one with the girl in the photo)
I didn't even realize that was Gandalf at first.
Isn't it "You shall not pass?" 
He was an excellent actor and humanitarian .
where is the staff anyway. LOL funny pic.
i never thought sum people would live their life watching movies an other things without enjoying other things in life..that gotta b the part of slavery i missed when they explained the tru definition of slavery!
What kind of person walks around with a staff? Should people carry light sabers?
ryme hahahahahahaha or lolololololollolololol
I'm so, is this an adult thing? :]
Trololololol awesome LOTR
Too bad he said "You shall not pass".

Don't misquote classic nerd literature on google plus.
Rich people have small T.Vs and big library's and Poor people have big T.Vs and small libraries
I dont drink beer. But when i do. Its Dogeekis. The beer that makes u look like a geek. Lols
Thumbs up if you've seen all the videos!
I dont always type a comment. But when I do, I prefer using smily faces :)!!
No, it's just his photograph.

And for the earlier quote discussion, if it were The Black Knight, it would be "None Shall Pass!"
It's alitte funny? Like a doctors joke!!!
Aidan F
Who is that guy?
Jay Bee
Hahaha god one .....
XD Lord of the Rings is awesome...and he didn't smoke ciggeretes....he smoked pipes.....
The person who took the picture is Balrog!
he doesn't always travel, but when he does, it's in a fellowship
Frank P
i dont always bring people to tarterus but when i do i represent death
what a phony , at your age a staff is not going to help you,either is the smoking. lousy example for the young people.
Don't miss his movie of Richard III.
Read synopsis first.
He would be a horrible teacher.
Thanks, big nerd here in Pa, ( that is awesome ) 
Classic... The most Interesting Man in the world..
Magneto version:

"I do not always wear my helmet.."

".. but when I do, you shall not read my thoughts!"
Geez how many cigars and cigs will this guy do?!! 
AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGHSLJSLJFJWEFJSF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOTR!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait for the hobbit :)
hey everyone i wanta be #google+ famous help me
I bet Chuck Norris Doesn't even need to be there
ROFL (from lord of the rings)
They chose SO well for casting the role of Gandalf! Gosh, that epic movie series was made even more awesome with Sir Ian McKellan on set!
Not sure if amazing...
or just troll...
... confused me . try quitting smokin
tell that dude to put down the smokey some kid like I might wont to try it p.s I do not smoke, drink, or choo
the guy looks and sound like he sould be on sum dum geak show like hary pater do not for get to shave hary
One does not simply mock Gandalf by dredging up a camp photo and attaching a hilarious caption. It is folly.
Some People has the right post to do so.
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