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**Betty White Is Americas Most Trusted Celebrity**

Would you buy something from Betty White? According to a recent study, Betty White stands out as America’s favorite and most trusted personality, and the one whose endorsement of a company would be most likely to drive business.

Other top trusted celebs? Denzel Washington, Sandra Bullock, Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Kate Middleton,  Morgan Freeman, Will Smith, and Johnny Depp.

Oddly enough to me Bill Gates made the list at number 23 :)

Full Study: 

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I'd trust Bill Gates. No one else on that list has made more real positive changes to the world than he and Melinda.
She's a hilarious lady who doesn't have a filter on her mouth! I love her
Well duh, who doesn't LOVE her? 
:D ... Donald Trump will have a fit when he hears this...
+Amanda Blain It's not the 90's anymore. He's known more for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and almost completely wiping out Malaria in Africa than for helping create a software monopoly. :)
I won't buy anything simply because a celebrity is paid to endorse it.  I've never understood why anyone does.
Nope, celebrities are endorsing everything! Look at all the weightloss products! Ok, maybe Billy Blanks.
Mike G
Betty White rocks!
Depp? Really? I wouldn't trust him with my dust rat collection. 
 like Tom Hanks 
LMAO +Brian Klippel you have a rat collection?? :) Ya Depp surprised me, so did Gates, but the age group of 18+ it a wonder any one person came out on top... Thanks +Amanda Blain for the post! (Snickers used Betty White it was funny to be sure)
HAH :D +Rick Dale Dust Rat .. a.k.a. Dust Bunny... a.k.a. the lint under all my couches ;)
I would so buy anything from Betty White!
My favourite quotes come from her, but they're NSFW. ;-)
Sure right, another falsehood....did she tell you of that Brooklyn Bridge  she sold me in 1967?
have nice day .
that looks like a teenager elejancia
Why Kate Middleton???????????????
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