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No witty comments required on this one. :)
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Is there an application like PenUltimate for Android tablets? I really miss that one from my iPad. 
No phone zone - Have you heard of the dinner game that everyone puts their cell phone on top of each other face-down? First person to pick up their phone to look at it, pays for everyone's dinner.
I now I just met you and this is crazy, but what did you post? I was on my phone. :P
Siri, insert wise comments.
most talking people don't deserve respect.. especially those in bars whilst drunkard!!
I have spend the last hour in Google Play.. Are you sure this App exists? perhaps it's not an android app? 
+ASH LAW  Siri - "Sorry I Am Not Able To Connect To The Network Right Now. Would you like to search the internet for wise comments?"
I know! You're absolutely right. I hate it when you are talking to someone. . .Oh wait, hold on one second my phone is ringing.
"Hold on a second I need to reply to this post about putting your phone down when someone is talking."
You mean people consider it rude when I do that? hits herself on forehead
People around me getting crazy with the phone App,  need to use the old fashion mobile.
I tried downloading and installing respect today, but kept getting error messages like:
"You have not earned enough respect yet, please purchase additional respect through in-app purchase screen."
"Your phone is not compatible with respect"
"No need to install respect, please use facetime instead"
and "Your 3G connection is too modern to run respect, please revert to a more primative technology"
I once had a client a few months ago who purchased her first laptop.  She calls us up a few days later and says, and I quote
"I think this laptop is defective.  I can't find the app store."

Some people are too stupid to own computers.....and smart phones for that matter.
+Amanda Blain i'm impressed (and possibly disappointed?) you didn't break out into "What you want, Baby I got...All i'm asking is for a little..." ^_^
Im sorry Amanda I was on my important call, what was it that you were saying ;D. Well said, couldn't have said it any better.
Sorry, I can't do it. lol
+Amanda Blain I thought you might have. lol - If we're all geeks, this rule doesn't apply. btw: I think I will be back in San Fran in Oct after my NYC trip. Maybe I will trek over into Canada.
Amanda post some thing subject Orieanted
I'd respect them if I could tolerate them
I think that is such a perfect attitude
This app has errors around certain people I know.
I like distractions tho ?? Lol
+William Johnson - hey, I generally agree with your comment.. but..
(( She calls us up a few days later and says, and I quote
"I think this laptop is defective.  I can't find the app store." )) ... in all fairness, on the Mac platform, there actually IS an App store accessible from your laptop or desktop, to download apps for your computer... And to be further fair, it's not all that easy to find. It appears in the Dock, but only with certain versions of the Mac OS. .. Now back to phone yakker bashing!
The simple parts of human interaction are sorely missing these days. It really surprises people when you look them in the eye while speaking to them.
+Richard Hoefer you know I have heard of the mysterious and mystical device called MAC.  It's made by that small company called Oranges, or grapes, or peaches, or something or other.  LOL

You know.  I might have let her off the hook....but she had a DROID.  LOL
Do you have a link to that app? Can't find it in the app store. Lol
I'm in a household where everyone speaks a language I do not understand, I use my phone to keep sane.
I went to eat with a customer one time. Answered a call and I thought I killed somebody. Lol

She didn't talk to me again. But it was an important call.

I think one should silence his/her phone on a special date to avoid minor shit problem, 
+William Johnson Well allright then. She sounds pretty sharp to me :)  Uses Mac computers and Android phones, just my type.
+Matt Calay  just curious, but did that call bring in more revenue than the customer would have if you hadn't killed the relationship?
nice one...........................
Whst Permission's does the app need.... ?
I could use this app from time to time :)
for one i no about 20-or-30 people tht could use that app but if i brought it up they would say go to hell.
On the other hand people who talk too much could use a phone distraction now and then :)
Well that serves BUTT
so... I LOVE IT
what about you are talking on the phone and somebody comes and want to talk to you at the same time. that is annoying. if you came while I am on the phone you wait till i am finished . any application for that?
am using my phone for playing game
bcz no one to cal me
I tried to get that app! It said does not comply :/
Respect? Is there an Android equivalent I can download? :P
Yuo have time a lot of time to do such a great work
People are addicted to their mobiles, their mobiles RULE them, they are slaves.
Drive and text? Maybe this will wake you up! Okay, Its old and maybe you have seen it but just watch it again. Don't Text and Drive

really i think i'm going to download that app for my brother!
Eric Yu
Can not agree any more
Thanks you.. Im so proud..
ughh its easier to get that pp when ur older  lmao
That's nice app, is it have any respect counter like in our G+ we have +1s, so that I'll be always on the top in receiving most respects! ;-):-)
It's a dollar, not buying it.
Sorry what was that?  I couldn't hear you over your creaking bones.
what kind of respect is this?
Just wish I could get it to run on command. :-))
Very best point are these ,,,i hope you always follow him
Oh Thank God... at least someone is talking about respect here. People find it much easier to outwit others.
Soo tru- wait, my phone is ringing. :)
Too many comments are running through my head. This is killing me lol.
If values could be made electronic the world would be a lot better place
Searched for it, no such app called "Respect". Maybe it's on Symbian Nokia?
I wish my husband would turn off the tv and pay attention to me. 
I love gurdwra shri bangla shiab
Shre har kishan deieyeaa jis dedey sab duk jai waheguru
Hm, seems like there is no Android version of the 'Respect' app available.
To bad more people dont know where it can be downloaded.
Sorry, I was looking at my phone. What did you say?
how could we contact with our friends if we have put it away ?
My favorite:  Phone rings, he/she starts talking, I walk away.  
could you please repeat that in English?
as true as can get
I'll just stop talking when someone does that too me.
And if they are talking to you over the phone? I'm confused...
not coming up when i search for it in the market ...
Great Social App with committed users - kind of guys to hang out with
By the way if you were going to forward that APP, where would you find the link (Respect), because I know some people who could really use that one. 95% of the population.  
i can not seem to find this app called 'respect'. is it in apple apps store.
And some we have lost it!!
if you say gigantic really slowly it sounds like gullible!!!!!!!
Sadly that app is not free, you have earn it.
Lisa Sc
but people don't have manners anymore.  Except me; I'm the last one.  (just kidding - I think)
That's also called manners, which people are forgetting. I just stop talking to the person if he is scanning his cell and politely request him to pay attention.
i need an App to disable mobiles over the world. call "disaster" 
Shaun's left his account open,PLEASE SPAM THE HELL OUT OF THIS ACCOUNT. Thanks :) 
I got wanna buy some huh?...
Oh yuuup you couldn't of say it better lol 
you pretty much just described my life
Well said Amanda...Lets get back to some old school morals..
One of the biggest problems these days......
This is so true. We just need n millions to understand that. Dream ?
The people talking to me are mostly idiots.
This will cause controversy if your using facetime..
correct.... even we should give app (respect) to everyone. agree...
Find out what it means to me
Take care, TCB

Oh (Sock it to me, sock it to me,
sock it to me, sock it to me)
A little respect (Sock it to me, sock it to me,
sock it to me, sock it to me)
Whoa, babe (Just a little bit)
A little respect (Just a little bit)

-The Queen of sole
I am SO used to spending time with my phone so much that I can't put it away for anything. Darn right that's my excuse o_O
It should say, "There is NO app for that, its simply called respect."
really !! I need so much this app!
WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD IT. App Store / Google Play?
So I can hear what others talking, right?
we have a +1 button, but no -1, we could really do with a "Muppet!" button for those of you that actually thought it was real, despite a few sardonic jokers, some people actually went for it.....Muppet!
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa very good
You can say that cousin should see this,
i looked for the app but it's like 3.99 on the app store. damn Apple you  mean I have to pay for respect too? why can't you make your apps free like on android
Jason B
My world that doesn't exist anymore. I think the word #Respect isnt enough anymore, we need something new and fresh for the younger generation. A different movement to help educate the youth that their lives shouldn't fully circulate over their phones. What do you guys think? 
Well, we have a certain lack of respect in my school, and I think it will be better if we do not allow students bring their hand phones to school, it will make things worse.
Jason B
Honestly it feels like you just changed the outlook of my life. Thanks. 
There were several apps that came up when i searched "respect" in the market. Which one do I need to get?
I hear that. Someone tell my roommate! 
I hate people who do that! That's why I carry a mobile phone disruptor with me. Not only does it work around friends, but also at work. Customers hold up the line like that. Well I don't use it all times though...
Technology has its downsides. Sometimes I wish we could go back to simple living. 
As witty comments are not required, I guess my usual kind will be ok. +Amanda Blain It's like when people blow smoke in your face; they just don't see how wrong it is.
My boyfriend is notorious for playing on his phone all the time,I know he isn't listening to me, it's so ignorant, drives me mad!!
i can not find it on android, has anyone found respect on the iPone?
If we're really engaged in the conversation we would do that anyway. On the other hand if we bored with it we could use the call as the excuse to evade it. IMHO if we have respect it's not restricted by the type of conversation, phone or face to face. 
I'm looking all through the Google Play store and I don't see that app. "SHUT UP FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER! I'M BUSY SEARCHING FOR AN APP!"
Looking at a lot of these comments tells us that there is very little respect people still have for others
Also put your phone away while you drive!
Very good. We engage more with people out there in the ether than in the real word.
Now if we could make that app mandatory 
true, wat mo would that mean. wish mo of us cd learn to apply it
We've learned that when meeting with my boss, the first thing you have to do is politely ask him to close his laptop. :-(
How about putting your phone away....and drive...
Huh, I checked the app store, it must not be available in my region.
Friends and relatives do this so much to me it's getting to the point where it sickens me. It is soooo disrespectful!
Fantastic I couldn't of said it better my self I will be sharing this one :)
it is not available in the apple app store..........
Its an easy task why would anyone invent an app for this purpose ?
I Agree 100%.........When your standing in line to pay for something and ur holding up the line cuz your to busy yacking you mouth to pay for you stuff. I look at it this way if your on the phone skip that person and go to the next one. They have no RESPECT why give them some.
That´s the best "app" ever ....easy to "install" cost...and social ! This "app" supports true communication and everyones happyness :-)
 love this.  I can't stand that at the dinner table, or anywhere. Then to have a person say I don't pay attention to them, and they are unhappy with me?? wonder why, it's not me on a cell phone. lol. Wish more felt like this. have a great day !!!!!
Hello, Amanda Blain please to meet you 
I'm from Brazil and 37 years old, i'm married and my english it's very bad but if you want to talk to me it would be interisting for me enhance my comunication, now i used the google translate for help me in this conversation.
Where are you from?
A hug
bye bye 
What causes witty you a needs? I am understanding only Jesus Christ of the resurrection.
hahahah very funny                                       lol
People should show respect to us geeks and stop trying to communicate with us face to face ;)
+Jason Miller - I've always liked Penultimate but could never find a stylus that worked well. All of them have a very thick point that covers what I'm writing as I write.
I thought u didnt have to be smart to use IOS
I can't find it in iStore :( ..... Kidding :) .. you're absolutely right ..
you know, i should probably tell my cousin that ! If I ever catch her looking up from her cell-phone!!! lol
you are sooooooo right I am so glad that I'm not importanat enough to have to take calls in checkout lines restaurants and places that make me think the people around me  should giive a shit about my life wake up people we don't care that your cat has a hair ball or that your husband doesn't have any
Good morning... Thats the true...
I totally agree w/ this..while i.m at work..some people will ask me a question while texting on their phone...i,m thinking 2 myself..get off ur phone & ask ur question!
Lol funny. People are addicted to there devices. If you are speaking to someone and they are distracted with a phone. Their not that interested in what you are saying.
They should treat texting and driving like DWI same penalty
+Ron Patterson You sir, are dumb. It's no more distracting than eating while driving, putting on makeup while driving, shaving while driving, etc. If texting while driving stays illegal (it shouldn't), everything else anyone can conceivably do while driving a car at the same time must also be given the same penalty.
Not much respect out there anymore. If I spoke to anyone the way these kids do today,I would be getting a beating everyday! NO THERE IS NOT MUCH RESPECT OUT THERE THESE DAYS,SO SAD!!
I looked all over the app store. There is no app by that name. Tyvm...
+Jake Weisz  Strange that the theme of this post is respect and yet you cannot show any when someone posts something that you disagree with.  Is it not possible to disagree without the insults?  I have heard no laws being made concerning eating while driving, shaving while driving, or putting on makeup while driving...however the use of a cell phone while driving has become a ticketable offense in many states.  
No matter if its legal or illegal people are going to continue to txt while driving! Yes ppl are addicted to their devices,I agree,but when is too much, Enough?? 
it like school when the the teacher say put the phone away
Hmm, i couldn't find that app in app store. Back to angry birds.
hi amanda parden for late answer I love you
+Amanda Blain  It probably happened to you to. However, nice guys using the "respect" app usually ask you first "Can I take this?" whenever it is something important, otherwise, they either put the phone in silent mode or stop the ringer when it is not an urgent call. Like it or not, these are the manners of the new era.
haha yuuphz!! 100% tru3!!
ya respect but transparency is the best. a respectable guy will say this is mr A or miss B callx can i????
One of the many downsides to technological advancements. Has literally destroyed social interactions or activity
One of my cardinal pet peeves when being physically social is having your phone out all the time. Nailed it!
Sorry what? I was on my phone
Im sharing this to all of you blackberry users 
Amen! Cell phone zombies is what I call em...
what a cool position ,  u r so creazy & i  m also ha ha.........................
Its True, But most of this generation won't take care in respect
It's so nice to be able to leave the phone at home and totally forget it. It also gives you more to talk about when you meet up with friends.
i would rather be with my friends or talk to them on the phone over texting anyday. most of my friends dont feel like that though. :(
It used to irritate the crap out of me when I worked in retail and cellphones were relatively new. You would be on cash and ringing someone's order through and they would answer their phone and turn their back on you while they had lengthy conversations. they would toss their credit card at you and ignore the line of people behind them.

I would simply void their order and go on with the next person. The line was happy but they would get mad...

Respect is beautyfull but love is wonderful

because he doesnt want to thats why not
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