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*2012 Resolutions*...

Gossip Less, Love More, Cut Out Haters, Invite In Positive Peoples.

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Well said! Nothing bad on that list, and it's all doable.
There's been so much talk and hype about 2012. It'll be interesting to see how it works out.
Just want to get through the next year, with everyone healthy ...not too much more than that. If I can I want to write more on Google+ and get my husband to take a vacation.
ya you said it ha ha ha good keep it up
A person who gossips, tells you about everybody and everybody about you. Limited subject matter. group Hug!
true enough... don't give them any of your own energy... take time to vent, release it, and carry on with a positive direction for yourself...
Work less, do more stuff for me. That would be a good start.
they should make a mural like this in front of ALL schools
mine??? eat more bacon, drink more coffee, and enjoy more wine.
Pretty sure even the President talks shit about people behind their backs.
If you have something to say, say it to their face.
mine is All about GRE,TOEFL and getting scholarship in US univ
but they cant improve their knowledge
Rohit R
it's true........
very_very good one

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wat about thinking about them?
+Brian S. : Dude, having decent self-esteem and seeking to broaden one's social horizons for philanthropic reasons isn't wrong.

In case you're bad with big words:

Clearly, you haven't read any of Amanda's posts, or you'd see that she's just a really nice person who likes people, including herself. There's nothing wrong with that, so while I'll thank you for your opinion, I'll also thank you to keep it to yourself.

And in case you're bad with medium words:

Eff off.
+Amanda Blain : Sorry for getting all ranty in your space instead of my own. I'll be retiring now. Also, good morning!
the hard fact is making whopping profits for World Media.
What is so wrong if one believes someone elses life is more important than theirs... why do you want to equate that to "back-biting"??
We talk shit about facebook on google+ behind its back, Does that mean we are jealous of facebook?
How does that qualify as evidence?
i think most people's lives are boring so that they want to talk about others and have fun or escape the loneliness
b Mi
Yeah baby! ...betta cut that out; You know who..
I'd say the poster is evidence the artist never studied sociology.
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