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*Android Meet Android*

Tee hee... :) Ps. I ♥ jelly bean.. It's so pretty.

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So this is what they mean when they say "robot learns to recognize self" :p
Oh, well... I'm waiting for Apple vs Samsung jokes to abound...
i love android phones and i'm going to change my phone for an android
Alan M
I cant even get ics never mind jelly bean! 
Can't wait to get a new phone!
Except here in Southern Utah, we only have 1.5G  on T-Mobile
The poor man's iPhone? Seriously? The iPhone gets their new ideas from Android phones. Suri is crap compared to Android voice recognition and I tested both before getting this phone as it was a driving factor in my decision
..say it again... Android - The Poor Man's iPhone

Good luck ! 
So is this when Android really becomes self aware?
I brought out my nexus one when I saw this. It has been awhile... good thing I stuck with nexus phones and didn't switch to CRapple
Its funny because apple just won the case against Samsung and won which means a probable ban on Samsung smart phones in the US. Now Google has Motorola patents that it can use to sue apple. What happens if google wins its case against apple? Does this mean all iphone like smart phones are now banned in the US until the patents expire.  I love irony. 
+Philip Neves unfortuntately Motorola Mobility's recent patent suits against apple were dismissed by the ITU. Google will need something stronger to use against apple. 
The nexus one was by far the best out of all the nexus phones so far. I really liked that phone a lot
I love my android phone HTC 4G ;) android is the best
What phone are you using Ms. Amanda? And stock JB or a custom ROM?
you people and your jellybean............... And I just finally got Ice Cream Sandwich on my phone 2 days ago....... smh....
Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean 4.1.1 and it is the bees knees!
#mike minor Google doesn't really have to do much, considering they have 70% of market share...
I can't stand I phone fans, they don't even know why they like iphone. It's a status quo, obviously +Sven A Lindalen, said so him self, people that like to show off there money because they think it makes them cool. Iphone is made for children and the elderly that are new to tech and don't know how to use it.
I have never had a phone, and will never get one. I must be one of the very few in the UK and rest of world who does not love '' cell '' phones.
Holy crap... A cute picture and a comment on it has to turn into a mud slinging match between iPhones and android!!!! Why can't people just enjoy the phones they bought? And you wonder why the world is the way it is.... My religion/beliefs v2.0 is better than yours lol people of the world ...C'mon
Yup although upgrade ended at 2.3.6 gb n1 is still one capable smartphone.
I absolutely adored my Samsung Galaxy SII until Sprint rolled out the ICS update.  It has rendered my beautiful and efficient Android phone useless.  I hate Samsung, Google and Sprint right now.  They pass you around avoiding responsibility.  It would be so easy if they would just give me back my gingerbread OS.  I miss GB.
Jelly bean is so nice, but i still use it...
Thats why I liked
Ronald Ragen. He was as colorful as jelley-beans, don't you think?

Snake charmer.
+Patricia Wiley my girl has the same phone and upgrade. She had issues until she completely reset her phone. No more issues encountered. She has sense given it up and upgraded to the S3.
this green guy looks so cute~ 
+Sven A Lindalen LMAO......not so poor when you consider who owns the market share. Say it with me......Android - the smart man's IPhone!
I did every thing I could. Flash the Rom for a clean install, multiple
factory resets, battery recharges, nothing worked. Sprint told me to buy a
back up battery! My phone was completely dead after 4hrs of non-use and
that was theIr fIx! They wanted to get rId of me and told me to call
Google. I bought an S3, sold my S2 on eBay for 250.00, I ship it
tomorrow. I am not planning on renewing with Sprint after my contract is
up. I'm beyond disappointed.
Maybe so but Apple a has stirred the pot a bit lately so I do get the anger.
Mike Minor, From what I've read the patents that they went after were standards based patents which wouldn't have introduced an import ban. But Google bought something in the lines of 16000 patents with the purchase of Motorola. The new lawsuit google is pushing forward will be for non essential patents which will care a potential import ban. This is a potentially interesting situation. 
You would think that buying the company that invented the cell phone would render something useful. Motorola is the  company that did just that. Certainly they have some very significant property in this space. 
Ya.............which handset r u using
U r my facebook friend na
I downgraded to ICS after learning the hard way about the Flash 'update'.
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