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Which Zombie Comedy Does It For You

I was having this debate earlier with a pal... Both of these are classic zombie flicks..(Zombieland or Shaun of The Dead) but which is your fav and why?

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Both are pretty dead-even so I'll say Zombieland just because of the potential series.
omg, these are considered classics now? boy do I feel old. can't choose, even tho Emma Stone said that many hardcore zombie lovers said they hated "Zombieland" because their zombies were too "fast" in the movie and they should have been more "zombie-like".
Oooh that's a hard one. I've seen Shaun of the Dead more times, but that might be because it's been out longer.
Shaun Of The Dead by a mile. I prefer more subtle, British comedy. Zombieland is still a good film, but it doesn't compare to a Pegg/Frost classic.
Oh that's tough as hell +Amanda Blain ... I love love love both movies with a passion...
For the longest time, all my movie reviews would end with "...but it's no Shaun of the Dead".
Zombieland was equally amazing in it's own right.
t grey
Totally Zombieland.
Shaun of the Dead is the benchmark.
I think zombieland has more appeal. They applied zombie rules of engagement, including the 'double tap'!
I haven't seen Zombieland so I can't say, but Shaun Of The Dead is a truly kickass comedy with a heady riptide of dry british humor.

How does Zombieland address the all-important question of whether or not dogs can look up?
Shaun of the Dead, hands down. It's just so much funnier, in an English kind of way--- the humour is far darker. I'm thinking of little touches like when Shaun is in The Winchester pub drinking, and Chicago's If You Leave Me Now starts playing on the jukebox. That's just gold.
Both of these are awesome in there own way. Other than being comedies about zombies, there is nothing to compare the two. They are really hilarious movies!
I like Shaun of the Dead.

It's perfectly paced, and there isn't a dull moment. Love the climatic bar scene.
Shaun of the Dead is a classic! It's one of those movies that you can watch again and again. Zombieland is funny, Bill Murray unforgettable and Woody makes the movie that much fun to watch.
Shaun of the Dead is basically a perfect film. The writing, the casting, the directing, the editing, the zombies, the humour. It's a masterpiece of British cinema and a true modern classic. I can watch it over and over. (fans should definitely check out Spaced, the group's two-series sitcom that came before. It's brilliant).

Zombieland is a good movie and I enjoyed it, but the last reel is awful. From the moment they failed to kiss and the two girls went to that stupid fun park it was so ridiculous it ruined the end of the movie for me. Great otherwise though.
I found Shaun of the Dead to be a lot funnier overall... probably cause of the irreverent and essentially British humor.
Shaun. The the zombie beating synchronized to Queen in the pub put it over the top for me.
Interesting how even matched we are here... Hmmm...
Evil question, +Amanda Blain ha! Both are superior in their own ways. My sis hung out A LOT with Simon while filming MI:4 (and he's a cool bloke) er, uh, er - love Shaun. By I have a little fondness for the crazy ways of Zombieland also. I think +Daniel Stoddart may be right - it is a film of pure G+nius - but I'd still keep watching both.
Shaun of the Dead.
But, Bill Murray is in Zombieland.
:D I'm just sitting here arguing with myself. I love both for different reasons.
Alan D
Both are awesome movies but I'll go with zombieland. Enjoyed it just that li'l bit more
As much as I liked Zombieland, it feels like it was written by someone who'd spent the previous night playing Left 4 Dead. Especially that final carnival scene.

Rule 3: Seatbelts: Its a safe bet unless you're a complete dumb dumb ( see rule #7 ) you're not going to be hoofing it on foot in the event of a zombie outbreak. So when travelling on four wheels wear your seat belt. Nothing worse then finding yourself ejected out of your car into the loving and oh so hungry arms of zombies.

Shaun Of The Dead:
[Shaun tries to get out of Philip's Jaguar]
Shaun: Philip, have you still got the child-locks on?
Philip: Safety first, Shaun.

It just wins.
Sean of the Dead, without a doubt. Zombieland is great, but you just can't beat Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.
Hot Fuzz was better than Shaun, which was better than Zombieland.
Zombieland was filmed about 4 minutes from where I work (Atlanta, Paces Ferry Rd.). I still prefer SotD. :)
I haven't seen Zombieland, but I love Simon Pegg's brand of British humor, so I'm already biased! SOTD for me!
As if that chick would have gone for that twerp Jesse Eisenberg! She and Woody Harrelson would have been banging like a barn door as soon as they hit Bill Murray's house and he would have been left playing around with the kid, not the other way around! They just wrote it like that because he was supposed to be the romantic hero and apparently the badass Woody only cares about Twinkies.

And then, because someone walked in on them about to kiss, the writers fabricate some paper-thin reason for them to leave their impenetrable hollywood fortress to go and play in an abandoned fairground, even though it's retarded, just so they can follow the script formula and have an action sequence with clowns and a ferris wheel!

Damn the ending of that movie annoyed me.
Shawn of the Dead, of course. But, I'd love to get my hands on Woody. ;)
ZOMBIELAND!!!!!!! Rule number 88, a movie succeeds when it has Zombies and Emma Stone in it.
Shaun of the Dead, hands down. I like Zombieland but just love SOTD! ♥
Shaun of the Dead, guys. I don't know who Shawn is.
Shaun of the Dead. I like the main actor whose name I forgot.
These are both must see zombie comedies. I enjoyed Zombieland a little more. I guess it just came down to quotability of the film. A lot of great lines in each one though.
I love how +Ravi Lakhani and I just had to expand on why Shaun is the better movie and what annoyed us about Zombieland at exactly the same time. I feel ya bro. <3
Tough choice, but I'll have to go with Zombieland.
Even the posters tell a story. One is iconic, funny and original. The other is a generic Hollywood format. It's all about the details people.
Shaun of the Dead does it for me. When I saw Shaun of the Dead in the movie theater I saw a human who was living like a zombie in the real world and was afraid to live. He had to snap out of the fear when the zombies attack and to prove that he was not afraid to take charge. Besides the intro of the movie show how zombies we are when we are going to work.
Shaun of the Dead was WAY funnier but I understand it's not for everyone.
I give up, I can't make my mind!
Each time I think of a scene/phrase/something to top one movie's balance, my other side of the brain counter-attacks to balance things out!
Leo D
Shaun of the Dead. Zombieland was disappointing as all the good parts but the surprise cameo were spoiled in the trailers.
The title Zombieland saids it all!! A Hollywood Movie with no story just wanted to show that they were cool. Bill Murray should have never done a cameo in that movie.
great movies................when iseen it i enjoyed the whole movie
+George Rangel Exactly. Bill Murray cameo just killed the movie for me.

Shaun of the Dead however remains the true classic of Zombie parody/action movie. Like somebody just said, it set the benchmark.

When i watched Shaun of the Dead, i felt mind blown. I can still watch it again and again even 10 years from now. But when i see Zombieland on HBO, i couldn't care less.
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I just poste the Shaun of the Dead Trailer
I prefer shaun of the dead +Sonny Williamson and +Ravi Lakhani have some of the best comments thats go along with my thoughts on it.. i thought zombieland was a great flick.. but the entire ending of zombieland was brutal.... it was just horrible... up UNTIL the carnival part.. good.. i liked bill murrays cameo even...

But the british take this one in my books. :)
Mz Maau
I love them both equally. They each offer something a little different, so, aside from the part where they're both ZomComs, I don't know how to compare them. Then again, there's probably a reason I never took any music/movie appreciation courses. ;)
+Amanda Blain :D

I think I'm actually going to watch it again now, +Daniel Stoddart's clip just got me right back in the mood. It's just so good! (the DVD extras and commentary are priceless too for those fans out there).
Zombieland was very good. For some reason this Shaun of the dead I didn't find so good..
Well Wayne, I think that opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one ;) I heard that many people liked Shaun of the dead. Thats why bought it at the first place. Maybe had too high expectations or then just British humor is not for me :)
i guess its shaun of dead ,its vry humorous in nature
So evillll but have to go with Zombieland because of woody and bill.
Shaun of the Dead... I think the writing is dead on British dark humour. Love it... then I have to watch Hot Fuzz like a week after watching it.

But I do own both.
It seems the 'ayes' are leaning toward 'Shaun of the Dead'. I enjoyed 'Zombieland'. Especially the "carved-in-stone" rules for surviving in a society mostly populated with zombies. A pamphlet should be made.
Brains = nom
Had to edit Shawn v. Shaun. "Dad" needs glasses.
"Shaun of the Dead" all the way. Aside from the hilarious plot, there are tons of inside jokes for those fans of "Spaced" and "Black Books" and other Simon Peggy and Nick Frost projects...
Zombieland......When stupidity meets death....
Also... Because Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have worked together for so long on so many projects AND wrote the script, their relationship just works.

I saw Zombieland recently and it was "meh". Some funny bits bit I wouldn't bother with it again. Shaun of the Dead I have seen many times and just never tire of it.
Shaun, hands down... I liked Zombieland but (aside from Bill and Woody) the Mtv-esque teenagey romance shit bugged the hell out of me.

BTW... bacon post for you, dear.
Also... throwing Sadé albums at a zombie... c'mon!
ZL was amusing for what it's worth... Shaun was rich enough to watch nearly every night before falling asleep.
Mae Ng
shaun of the dead!
shaun of the dead by far, i just loved the feel of it, for zombie land its your typical hollywood feel, which i got bored of lately, but still a good movie nevertheless
Shaun. Simply because it's the only film I've ever seen that makes the distinction between Electro and Hip-Hop.
Shaun of the Dead is just more clever on the whole, I think. Both are really fun though.
I can't decide love them both too much. You pick for me
both own...(although Bill Murray is in Zombieland...but Prince LP's are mentioned in Shaun...)...???
I just saw Zombieland for the first time. I think that Shaun is probably the better film, but I liked Zombieland more. Shaun gets really intense and dramatic, while Zombieland is just giddy, violent fun.
Both are good, but hardly classics.

I pick Return of the Living Dead instead
zombieland hand down..... friggin Bill Murray!!
Both good movies , not old enough to be classics
zombieland i think just because there are funny people to go around. plus for those that have seen it an AWESOME cameo.
Shaun of the Zombieland
Zombieland - since I found it scary that Shaun didn't realize the undead in the beginning O.o
Zombieland. I will go back and watch SOTD again to see what I missed but I could not get into it. Almost everything in Zombieland worked and when it was over, I wanted to see it again.
I don't consider either if these to be a classic yet … You are comparing two different types of comedies here - British humor vs American humor, completely different mind sets. Zombieland had Bill fucking Murray but that was not enough to over take Shaun of the dead (which came out 5yrs earlier). I vote for Shaun of the dead due to the variety of seriousness, comedy & brotherhood.

For those that choose an '09 as a classic you will be happy to know most cast members have signed on for ZL2...
if there is one thing that really made it for me on zombie land was the neighbor scene. i still laugh when i remember jesse eisenberg throwing the toilet paper to the zombie neighbor
i LOVE Shaun of the dead. The jokes are better, the satire is just funnier and the ending is perfect. Zombieland had its moments but overall Shaun of the dead is a better movie.
SHAUN OF THE DEAD. Everything in that movie it's a parody, i just love it.
Yes both of theses are Classics, I love the ZombieLand Rules!!!..
Zombie land was far less cynical but Shaun had that funny stupidity to his character
zomdie land ( i hate clowns)lol
Zombieland was great, but I prefer Shaun of the Dead for its chemistry between Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Also, the masterful hat tips to classic zombie flicks throughout the movie and its clever use of foreshadowing.
yeah thats what seems to happen with alot of movies'people just starte to get right into the movie then the movie comes to a end for it leaves us to thank that yes there maybe another part to whatever movie we may have been watch from the way they end for the ending tells it all in some way;it holds the answer to our questions is there or is there not another part and come to find out mosted of the time yes there is another part
Shawn of the Dead is my #1, but ZombieLand is a close #2.
Shaun of The dead es más divertida fantástica 
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