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AQUI esta Un Boy Belieber.! LATINOamerica.
Sometimes the only person who doesn't believe in you is...yourself.
We believe!
pretty hand good thoughts in text yes
(p.s. I believe in you)
(p.p.s. I also believe in E.T.)
(p.p.p.s. belief in ufo's doesn't detract from my belief in you)
(p.p.p.p.s. what's the rule on number of post scripts?)
(p.p.p.p.p.s gratz on a real phone, even if it's coughandroidcough)
when i find myself needing someone to say, i believe in you. its a red flag. feeling. vulnerability, anxiety, fear. i look for certainty. the opposite of faith is not doubt. it is certainty. 
I believe in Crystal Light, because I believe in Me!
All i need is for someone to say they dont believe i can... that lights a fire under my butt.
mas si
everyone want it
AAAhhhh yes but do you believe in yourself, or does validation by others only, create you?
SIGNIFICADO:tudo que eu preciso é de alguém para dizer ...
"Eu acredito em você"

E LINDO NE <3...
Amen i believe in you and so does god
so true. everyone needs it sometimes, if your time to is right now, i believe in you
i have someone like that she's my life!
Hello Young Lady!!! I recently got a new phone. I'm trying this out. Hope it works. Let me know. Please!! You are a very beautiful young lady.
Amanda Baby! Do you believe in me? If there was ever a woman name d Amanda that ever believed in me, and I'd say that's probably true, what should I say to you, works for me, I'm having a great day how about you, do ya dance, Teresa's not much into dancing, hard enough to get the time of day really from the woman, but I'd even die tryin' for lovin' her! I'll live though because I drink Vitamin Drink, often, I drink it because I want to, it tastes good and I'd buy it again if I could afford it, because it's expensive at $2.59 here in Canada!
All it takes is believing in yourself first .. once you do that everyone else will start to as well .. otherwise .. no matter how much people believe in you .. if you don't believe in yourself you will always fail
... and would it not be wonderful if as everyone could say, "I Believe In You" as eloqueently as Vince Gill.
I would love for someone great to say that to me!! (maybe a BOY!!)
You need to believe in yourself .
Just by reading the 1st two words i thought its "Enrique" quote :)
Da Ha
I believe in you!
Believing in myself offers me a greater freedom then being validated by another.
Do you need someone to tell you that they believe in you first , so you could believe in yourself , does not sound right .
What is more important you believing in yourself or someone telling you that they believe in you ?
Tuan Le
sometime u must believe in yourself
and sometime u need someone believe in u :)
have a nice day
Have faith .. believe in yourself and what others think won't matter .
yes we all need somthing How about,we need you Amanda
that is such a mood lifter.....i believe
I think it's you believing in your self because if you don't believe in your self any ways then do you think its going help if someone else believes in you? It helps some people because they are naturally followers but people like me who are leaders have to believe in their selfs to do anything that is actually being a leader because if you are truly a leader then your followers need you to believe in them.
If you believe in yourself , the world is yours . If not , you have no one else to blame .
Ike Ike
The most important question is: "Do you believe in yourself"? If you cannot prove this question, then there is no point in someone believing in you.
Then say it to yourself. It's nice to hear it from others of course but it's best to believe it when you say it yourself.
All I want is someone who enjoys hugging me ;-) ....and I got what I wanted :-D
my friend told me " I believe in you" but now I don't believe him
Yea so true they r times u need them words whispered to u :)
I believe i need more beer.
hi amanda......good morning.......
i need someone................i like it...................good .....
My friend and I believe in you.
Safe to say it has something to do with you communicating through hand-writings
Amanda , i will always believe in you as long as you believe in yourself!(:
It's really hard to open your mouth to say these words, especially after you had encountered an very tough end of relationship with someone. So plz leave enough time for me or for the one you concern of.
Don't fret... Jesus Christ believes in you!!!
The voices in my head are constantly asking me to tell them that.
A god's on my side, if you're real I don't care and what no matter?
Tumse doori ka ehsaas jab satane laga,

Tere saath guzra har lamha yaad aane laga,

Jabbhi tumhe bhulne ki koshish ki,

Ae dost tu dil ke aur paas aane laga?..
"This life is not always what it seems to be, some times the weak do become the strong. I have been waiting for so long, for some one to just believe in me. If you believe in me then hear my words, hear my voice and just believe" ~Self~
The weakest picture in the world. Talk about a victim.

WOW...shouldn't we be teaching young people to believe in themselves and not seek approval of others to confirm their self worth??
That is what many people need to be told...not everyone has strong faith but life goes on and u and i plus others can tell or be told that i believe in you..
I don't need anyone to believe in me, because I believe in myself.
To the haters of this photo: No one should talk crap about people who just want a little love. What's wrong in asking for love? I believe in the goodness and love people can spread.. not in hate.
All you really need is to believe in yourself...
Im supposed to think this is cool because...

well u can always trust ur parents............ always
Look into a mirror, straight into your eyes, and say it out loud.
And mean it!
@ Pooja sinha: Yeah you're right...the only person left in this world that will truly believe you is your parents...
i believe i can FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,hehe i believe in u
Dumbass, don't believe in yourself, believe in me! Believe in me who believes in you!
"I BELIEVE IN U" BUT WHY ???????????
The most important person in your life to say that? Yourself.
then i believe in you (i dont even no you)
very true
If nobody says this, I have to tell this to myself.
I wish some will say that to me. :/
It means more when you write it on your hand.. if you had simply posted that as plain text, we'd all recognize it for the banal tripe that it is.
Yup sorry. Very unempowering. Relying in validation from others is a death knell and a sign of real weakness.
willam cassell is the person who believes in me
Nobody believes in one has ever told me either
i am not trying to criticize anyone because i haven't walked a mile in their shoes but i think everyone should believe in themselves
most of them thinks the same but actually we who have to create the scene that some one should really believe in us..........!
Is that the hand of god?
If so...
I'll be leaving my believing. - The Buzzcocks
its nice but you do it in your own way to probe to them............
You got it... I believe in you OK friend ronny
ohhhhhh i agreeeeeeeee
same bro i do good things but none of my family belives me even i didnt harm any one or didnt do any wrong to them i appreciate for this kind of work
don;t believe anybody that was my sajetion for you
RIGHT u nid to do things that will make some one do believe in u.
I believe ............ in you
I believe in you, not really...
Sometimes you just need to
believe in yourself (a), there is
the key to your success.! I'm
from VENEZUELA greetings.!
THESE DAYS PEOPLE have more belief in Gods but less in their fellow beings.This is the problem that most of us face today.See most of the world's problems based on try to believe in you then try to believe others,So there is no wars,no bloodshed;then we have the bright future.
well one day i will beleive in you i think
I believe innocently in the deepness of your passions...
your wisdom's...
understanding with you...
Knowing that...
discovering the beauties...
those fingers have worked on...
fulfilling the feets desires to walk through smiles of times...
Those words can make such a difference in someone's life. Thanks for sharing Amanda, If my mother had said anything remotely like that too me when I was young it would have made a big difference. It made me a stronger person in the years ahead and I went on to raise 4 beautiful kids. I tell them as much as I can that i believe in them, respect their decisions in life and most of all love them unconditionally.
no you must belive in you
You are beautiful and by pressing my hand on your hand  yourself is believing you will achieve what your heart desires.  AWIGHA  
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