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*Artists/Painters/Drawing/Graphic Artists*

This circle will fill my stream with beautiful pieces of art they are designing (some even in hangouts!) If you want more art in your G+ life add this circle!

This circle is full of active, engaging artists. If you are in the circle, share the art love around. If you are an artist.. please comment here and i'll add ya to the next round :)

#artist #illustrator #draw #paint #graphicartist
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Thanks for compiling this! (and including me!) I've been looking for some new artists to circle! :D
Hi I'm Charlie. I make with the art. I also love being in circles. :-)
I'm all of the above.. and I'm not in there..

sad panda
If you are notified of this post... You are in this circle. :)
I'm an artist!

Okay so that may be pushing it a bit, but I have done art, and I'm beginning to get back into doing it. Perhaps I'd feel a bit more pressured to get it done if I were in here ;)
Thanks for including me in this, Amanda! Appreciate it.
Awesome! Got to add some new artists from here! Thanks for including me as well. :)
Love. Joy. Beauty and thought provoking wonders! Thanks! :)
Thanks for including me with interesting, fun, and extremely talented folks.!!! +Amanda Blain gets two thumbs up and a shimmy!!!
+James Shearer nope.. other lady is actually catching up... is a month long contest.. and i dont want to push it every day!
Blushing......thanks for making me part of such an awesome circle, miss +Amanda Blain :) Half of these great engaging artists were already in my circles, and the other half...and I cant wait to "meet"!!
Cool! I haven't yet tried hangouts but I love seeing others' art & showing my latest as well.
Hi Amanda! I make pulp superhero comics and pop culture drawings. I host a game called Name That 80s movie here on G+ three times a week: I draw something from an 80s film and the first person to name what it is gets to choose which movie I draw next. I'd appreciate being added to your circle!
helo amanda is nice 2 hear 4rm u 2 day dis guy is talk his 4rm 9ja
+Amanda Blain Great circle! Nice to find more artists! I'm a painter, too; very active on G+ since last summer. If you'd like to add me, that'd be great! :)
Thank you for including me, Amanda <3 !!! You made my day!
A ok
I'd love to be added to this circle! I'm a painter +A ok from San Francisco :)
hii....amanda nice to see you..!!!!
yeah Amanda, thanks for adding me to the circle. Happy collecting.
Hello +Amanda Blain, nice to meet you here on G+. I'm a professional full time artist who is active here in the G+ community. Thanks for the call-out to other artists for your future circle. I'm also in a group with five other artists called, +G+ with Brushes. All of us are very active here. Thanks again, Jill
This is a great circle - I'm honored to be a part! (Thanks for sharing it!)
Art is good.And living in art state is an art!
Sweet... thank you for including me!
great circle, +Amanda Blain i'll definitely check out all the artists here, would love to be in, too. i'm a drawer/painter.
Thanks for adding me!
Hi! I found you through my friend +Joel Poirier ... I'm a freelance illustrator, and was wondering if I can get in on the awesome :) I have a few illustrations on my G+ and on my deviantART archive. :) Cheers! :D
+Amanda Blain Please add me, too. I'm an artist (oil painting, monotypes, artist's books). Thanks!
please add me...thank you!
Great Circle for sure! Thank you for adding me too, great company there.
First - Thanks for teaching me that one can share a circle! Second- thanks for the circle! I've been looking fro more artists.
Good evening, +Amanda Blain! I am a digital artist specializing in realistic portraits. I would love to be included in your art circle. Thank you!
+Amanda Blain Hi Amanda. Thank you for this circle. I am an artist / illustrator & photographer and will appreciate your consideration for the next circle update. Thanks, Tanya
Praud my India,l am a photographer sence40 year l use NIKON-D70 about 5year i love photographer too much l vist your profil and like very much ...
Bonjour je suis de Cannes 06 moi je mapelle bayran jai 26ans je rasamble a Simon baker c lui de mamtalist si je vous enteresan je sui la pour etre soise de mamtalist 
Awesome! Would love to be added :)
As a photographer,l love any kind natural art .so l like it,many thanks to your valuable step for artist .
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