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Guide To Being a SuperHero

I thought this was pretty freaking cute... :)

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sorry but i dont get the batman
his parents got killed so he became batman to fight crime.
naw.. it's - cause thats the pattern + - + -

And kid bruce wayne minus parents... = batman.... come now folks... :)
Yeah Bruce would not be Batman just because he was rich. Took tragedy to convert him.
David J
So, superman + diamond = spiderman - spider?
superman one needs work.... kryptonite does not traditionally look like a diamond... a rock is more accurate... and it kills him... red isnt regular human, since tony stark is shown in yellow.. so no color code there....  just make the diamond a deeper green craggy rock...icon... and make the human.. "black"-- dead - superman..or a halo over head..  hey do whatever. 
Sometimes.. people on the internet concern me... Smile more.
(Smile) The equation for Batman would need to be longer.
These icon equations are clerver
+Larry Rosenthal For my opinion there is a color code, peter Parker is also in red, means to me red is for vulnerability, tony stark is yellow, because he isn't that vulnerable before he became ironman
actually the color code is just to make the pretty coutumes..note batman,,, 
actally.. one could make the "sick superman"  green skinned.. then the color coding graphically could work.... mixing the two previous icons to make a mixed third. result,
i thinx some have to explain abt batman b,co i dnt knw batman very well.
Super man + Diamonds = Regular man???
Kyptonite obviously :D And Batman doesn't have any parents.
What a guide to being a super hero
I think you get brown if you mix green with blue, red and a little yellow :-)
You know... I never realized it until now, but Iron Man is a superhero take on the Tin Man from the "Wizard of Oz" - think about it... metal suit, man with problems in the heart region...
I think batman is the all-time best superhero. He is just a normal guy (ok, fine, a rich billionaire that can afford a scientific base in his basement) that decides to set aside his fears and fight evil. That simple, but awesome.
Cant see the image clearly.....shitty fon!!!?
So... Superman Plus Spider Plus Cryptonide = Spiderman?
I like the Iron Spiderman Suit. Looks awsome.
Gman S
What? No Green Lantern? :-D
Its awesum!!!
wat does the yellow body stand for?
all of them exept spider man makes no sense
Where the F is the love Tony Stark is better then all the rest and and he's got a heart its not missing 
Superman + Crystal = normal man (when he uses the crystal to lose his powers so that he can be with Lois Lane)
Nice! Looks like a sweet poster on the wall for preschoolers..
+Kevin Jones at least the rest of them have real villains, Tony Starks number 1 villain is alcoholism...
So did I. Baby So did I. What has you up so early??.
what the 2nd suppose to be and 4th it should be BATGIRL not batman
The second one is Iron Man, and the 4th is Batman since Batgirl never lost her parents.
1 = spider man thanks 4 share
So super man plus chaos emeralds?
Rich A
Is this saying that Batman isn't a man or a woman? So it should be "Batandrogyny"
Gamma bomb+scientist= big green angry dude with purple pants!
You think batman losing his parents is cute lol jk
All it took was one look. Why the confusion. 
. . . fictional parents . . . 
i always knew that batman was a retard
I'm guessing batman has that because of the death of his parents.
is the batman one supposed to imply that in order to be Batman he had to give up love?
Av ya seen this guy's reviews just go-to philipprice84 on YouTube and check them out brilliant
(grey man) - (blue man + blue woman) = batman???????????
I need that on a shirt. 
But if you gave ironman a heart he wouldn't be a regular human...

Also, if you removed all the krypton from a normal person, they wouldn't be superman (since that means I woudl be superman since I have no kypton in me!)

Terrible math.
get bit by a spider, lose your hear, be weak not to kryptonite, and stay away from relationships ;]
I thought the kryptonite was supposed to kill superman. Anyway don't really this. But i get the point.
u watch alot of cartoons......
How do you get Kryptonite out of Superman + a diamond. My husband Bobby got this right off! Well I thought I was pretty smart....not a genius but now I feel so ignorant! ~Stacie Roebuck
I do not even know what Kryptonite is! I have just heard it in a song!!! LOL
Sometimes I just want to give Batman a hug. Poor guy.
Batman is the only superhero without superhuman powers. And this chart implies his power is primarily rooted in the death of his parents.
I wonder what would make thor,hulk,or captain america.
pretty cool. I dont get the second one or the last one.
+Amy Johnson the last one is, lose your parents, you probably be batman. didn"t batman lose his parents
Thanks daddy you save my piggy !!! Love you !! Y O U,,,, you ,, Only you. ARE MY REAL HERO !!!! (not virtual )
THAT IS SO TRUE & FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!
spider-man and super man both have no parents yet batman is the only one it mentions 
HAHAHAHAHA... its really funny becuase i love super heros... oh all that is true
D Lowe
Lovin this one
a red person + krytonite + a blue spider makes a superspider man?
i all why knew bat man was gay
Thats horrible... and batmans the best superhero hes the only one who has a legit excuse to kill
Bat man is very gay, plus he is not really a super hero. Personal hero THE HULK!!!
Oh really? All you have to do is lose your parents and you become a billionaire crime fighter? Well......... Hope mom+dad had a great life :p
Luc S.
super man + kryptonite = regular man
child without parents love and guidance = vigilante (batman)
it's perfect <3 for me at least
I'm BATMANNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My parents are dead according to this chart
Wow!Thats really funny.Crying out loud!
Rs P
Hahahaha inspiring:)
Wrong I'm the best after God
Superman is superman. Period. Why would he add kryptonite? That's dumb.
Perfect! My son n his friends n GF are cracking up from this
For anyone who doesnt get the batman thingy the two people are his parents and his parents were murdered when he was just a kid. I just watched the movie lol =p
wait i dont get superman 
that green gem thing is kryptonite, and superman can't touch it or he has no more powers.
His parents were kill. Little kid without parents is batman
lol for bat mans one but still hes badass
spidey is awesome too
I'm retarded shortbussing this, explain
this is like soo nice and cute who ever postted this picture has some great taste :0
Maressa surret ur a cute cause I'm u known. what. I need
That is sooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That . Is . So . Awesome!!!!!!! Batman all the way people!!!!!!:3 Fluck the others they suck! Well to me at least....
Boy minus parents equals Batman like it but I like Spider-Man better
Kid minus parent equal batman?! That's terrible! And pretty funny. Mostly because they look like raid signs.
What the heack I think this is pretty freaked cute.
cash+gadgets+...............wont stop= BATMAN.
hey weylon how much did you got out of the equation?!....well i got !!!! = WASTE OF TIME!
Hey for batman u subtracted the man means its batwoman
If you guys dont get anything about this go look it up real quick. Tony has to use the Arc reactor to power his heart. Bruce Wayne lost his parents which made him become Batman. Superman has been weak to Krypton for like 50 years, its nothing new. And the fast that Tony and Bruce have money has nothing to with them being super heroes. And Ironman is greater then Batman, not even close there.
Hehe that is just awesome. Love the graphic, brilliant.
oh i just got the last one...: kid-parents=batman...
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