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*Oh Canada Circle*

Here is my circle of Interactive Canadians. Land of Beer Drinking, Hockey Lovers and Polite Flag Wearing on our Backpack folks... If you are Canadian, please post here! Especially Toronto Area... Looking for some more local people! But all Canadians are welcome in this circle eh? :) Mention to other Canadians and If you are in this circle share it!

#canadian #toronto #canada
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If nothing else on this big blue planet, I belong here!
Not quite TO.. Waterloo. Much nicer. And cleaner!
Thanks a bunch, eh!
Awesome to be included, thanks Amanda.
Everything Amanda does is awesome!
I'm in Surrey, BC now but I used to live on Empire ave. in Toronto (Queen East). Don't miss it.
The chesterfield is a couch. ;)
Toronto (well, Brampton), here.
I know you, +Nick Stanley. You're the guy who posts pics of KW and leaves me sitting there thinking "where the hell did I see that before??"
Let me get a piece of that KW circle!
Canadian.... a born Montreal'er... who looooves Toronto!! :))
Oh Canada from the west, Stony Plain.
waves from Cape Breton
I'm in Canada! :) lol Born on the West Coast but soon to be travelling East a bit at a time ;)
Ok Canadian slang time.
Ginch or gounch anyone?
Born and raised, an hours drive (or less) from Toronto.
+Amanda Blain sadly, G+ could use a lot more of everybody at this point. But cynicism aside, thanks for including me! Born in downtown Toronto, schooled in North York, young adult (big child) at Yonge/Davisville and then a midwest tour landed me 200M from the border (I'm waving to Windsor now if you look closely).
Was so excited about the circle forgot to mention...Born in Montreal :)
+Keith Snazel We can add to that still! Gitch, Gotch, or Gonch. I've heard it called all three in my work/travels between BC and MB
I have NO IDEA what a gitch, gotch or gonch is
Thanks Amanda, eh? (K/W here).
+Amanda Blain Thanks for being included! And what's the secret for getting into your hangouts? they're ALWAYS jam packed!
+Isabelle Cardinal How can someone from Montreal love Toronto?? It's abnormal! One of the first poems we learn in school was about Quebec kids hate Toronto (well, TO jerseys anyway...) :)
SHARED ... I hope others in the Circle will also do the same, Circle only works, if we work it together. :o)
Amanda, you could add me if you like. I also have a circle of Canadian photographers if you are interested....
ahhhh +Sandra Parlow you should totally be in this one... I have you in photographers instead... :) next time
Is Red Deer, Alberta close enough? I was born and raised in Oshawa; does that count?
shared and thanks, can't wait to get to know the rest of my fellow canadians
I'm Canadian. And yes, I do know Gary from Peterborough.
Thanks +Mike Keller! It's a great seller for me, but I also have it made into a flag and I proudly display it wherever I can :) Edit: (ah, I didn't see your message immediately +Cathy Wallace, thanks too!)
Dunno how many times i said toque in the states and the people just started... that and pop... dont say pop in the southern usa... its scary.. :)
You should trying using the phrase "gun control" in the Mid-West and see what happens...
+Amanda Blain I moved to Alabama from Michigan a few years back and I still get stupid looks when I say pop. They can just deal with it. Soda is for heartburn! =)
+Amanda Blain Or even washroom... I went to Boston in a Macy's, asked where the washroom was and the lady just stared at me until I said bathroom.
Yup... i had that happen a few times too.... i wash in there more than i bath generally.. especially in public... so not sure why that ones so strange eh +Mike Keller ? :)
Many years ago I was trying to buy some lunch at the Buffalo airport. Up here we've been using debit cards for years but even then the woman behind the counter couldn't understand that I wanted to pay by debit. And the Americans had a debit system in place for years, but apparently it never caught on. For crying out loud, woman, we're like a mile from the border! Open your eyes! Thousands of people could be buying your product every year if you'd wake up and smell the 80's!
Thanks for including me :) I'm only a couple hours away via 401, so that's Toronto-ish, right?
In fairness to Bostonians +Mike Keller , they can barely speak English (comprehendible English anyway)!

And yes, +Amanda Blain even in Detroit and even playing hockey on the lake they have no clue what a toque is.

While we're on the topic; what do Canadian's call playing hockey on the pond, or at a rink without a competitive setting? It's always called _________
+Don Komarechka I'm not sure about that one, but one time in Maryland a waitress didn't even know where Toronto was! All she thought was Canada was somewhere cold...
+Mike Keller wow... if I ever heard that I would promptly "yep! right next to Siberia" and see what sort of response I get.
+Brent Berman To cut your joke off short, Brent, nobody calls it "ice hockey" except American tourists...
OK, hands up anyone who hasn't seen the movie Canadian Bacon yet....
I regularly say such things in a hangout... silly ignorant masses! Hold on.. must go feed the polar bear and turn up the air conditioning in the igloo... can't have it melting ya know... :)
I'll be over there shortly... just have to wait for the pack ice to break up...
Take it, I never leave this country anyway!
Thanks +Amanda Blain! So happy to be part of the Great White North circle... even if we are on opposite coasts.
A confession, in the name of full disclosure.

My father, a Canadian citizen but American resident, watches Fox News constantly.

I trust that, simply through association and relation, I am not disqualified from the group.

I've tried to get him to quit, honest I have, but it's no use. But he's a goner.

I'm in Montreal. It's still Canada, right?
I've had to shut down my G+ feed just to concentrate on this post. Why is it that everytime +Amanda Blain posts something, it's bigger than life?
I don't mean to be too much trouble, but if you have a chance, do you think you could maybe add me? er, please, ummm, sorry to trouble you.

Yeah, Canadian enough? ;)
might be these million people here +Jeff Smith .. but thankfully on this here post it seems to just be us Canadians... ♥ we a friendly folk... not a "hai amanda u be my wife" in site! :D
A Canadian circle! It's aboot time! :D
Vancouver area here, Coquitlam specifically.

Proud Canadian!
+Amanda Blain I'd like to see you go a whole day on G+ without getting a single marriage proposal! Can't be done! I bet you a 10-pack of Timbits!
+Dean Reimer , my god, man, we're practically neighbors! I live in Port Moody.
+Cathy Wallace As I've been saying since the Trudeau years... "will the last person to leave Quebec please turn out the lights?"
OK , hosers and hosettes, I'm supposed to be doing my taxes right now.. Must leave you for tonight. Go Habs!!!
+Jeff Smith I'm hoping the Habs will loose all their games for a better draft pick :)
go pengies... i think Canada and USA are both great... everyone is invited to my snow fort... toques are optional
Greetings from Montréal - Salut à toutes et tous...
Well don,t I fell left out +Sivan Rehan pfft one day you,re moving in with me and next day I,m out! :)))) LOL
Poutine, Schwartz smoked meat, Habs (bow ye mortals), strip clubs, eh?, maple syrup, beavers, moose, two official languages, mini skirts in the summer, stuffed clothing in the winter, boxing politicians, pot holes, equality for all, breakfast in restaurants at 1 PM, Celine Dion, Robert Goulet, Toronto Tower, Big O, rain in Vancouver for 8 months, OH CANADA I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!
<<<< Canadian! EH!
The creation of this circle is an event that marks a truly great day for Canada, and therefore, the rest of the world!

Being a Canadian is not just aboot drinking beer and loving hockey... It is aboot friendship. It is aboot courage. It is aboot respect. And it is aboot love!
Thanks for including me. I'm in Ottawa.
Does it count that I live in Canada, even if I am not Canadian??
I lived in NYC for a couple of years and was always getting weird looks for all sorts of things... Serviettes, for example.
I agree +Stephen Abootman. I respectfully and courageously drink beer after playing hockey with my friends all the time. I love doing that.
Agreed +Sean Heffernan , if you're from Montreal, a Habs fan and don't know what shinny is, there is an obvious disconnect and authorities should be notified!
Ya I Am Canadian. 1 hr west of Toronto, visit often ;-)
Does living in Detroit area- across river from Windsor- make me an 'honorary' Canadian wanna-be?
totally canadian. edmonton now, but waterloo in 4 months.
Hey, From Vancouver Island here... eventually Toronto is in my plans =)
Saskatchewan, Canada! Born in MB, lived in all provinces from MB to the west coast. I'd love to see NS and NB, but not likely to happen.
Representing the Queens City of Saskatchewan woop wooop.
Here in Edmonton, but this snowstorm we're supposed to be getting has me driving to Victoria in the middle of the night tomorrow for the long weekend.
Home: Richmond Hill
Work: Toronto
University: Waterloo

Started actually using Google+ recently and am so glad I did. :)
add J.B He's from Toronto or did you already get him?
Canadian here. Just getting out of season #1 Winter and heading into the other Canadian Season: Construction here in Windsor.
boo Jay

Crap, should I have admitted that?
I reside in Parkdale, Toronto, Amanda!
I like smaller circle shares like this one compared to 500 people. Easier to manage.

Great share :-)
im canadian im from vancouver...
Thanks for the inclusion, +Amanda Blain!

I was born in Quebec, then moved to New Brunswick for at least 45 minutes before moving to the GTA (Whitby) in Ontario, where I spent my formative years. Now I'm a Vancouver-area chap, although I did spend two years in Calgary, AB too.

In other words, I'm as Canadian as Tim Horton's, Molson, Bonhomme, and BC bud (well it is our chief export).

Also, go Leafs, Go. (sob)
I definitely thinking... we should do a toronto HIRL... looks like there is enough of us... everyone up for it? in a few weeks/monthish? lots of time to clear calendars and get babysitters?
Hey +Amanda Blain ! Raised in Montreal, schooled in Calgary, play hard in the Rockies, live in Burlington, do business nationally, drink beer internationally. Fellow Canadian All-Stars worth including +Kari O'Connor & +Shane Pitre.
I live and work in Victoria BC. Photography is my passion, programming for the man.
I recommend you add +Marc-André Gélinas to this amazing group of Canadian circle... this guy can take photographs of drinks and bottles like no one else on G+.. yep, got to be Canadian to make these!! :))
please rise for the singing of our national anthem .. ahem ..
Amanda, I am not Canadian, but would be happy & honored to be in this circle. If you still want me. :))
Born on the Czech Rep. but came to Canada at 2...grew up in N.B., and lived in TO for two years...=)
T-O! Apart from the traffic (and let's face it: we may feel superior to our southern neighbours for all kina ting, but we collectively suck at the passing lane concept, which is fundamental to traffic flow... but I digress). So yeah, proud canuck moi, despite the uncandianizers hard at work in Ottawa (but then, it's the same all over: no matter who you vote for, the government gets in). Geez, it's like I'm stuck on a soapbox, eh?
I'm not Canadian, hence, I am not in this circle. :)
im not a canadian im a pure filipino but this place is where i ambite to see and work since i am young but chances where not require
Living in Oregon right now, but my tin of Tim Horton's is almost empty and it makes me sad, thus, I must be #Canadian.
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