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*Artists/Painters/Drawing/Graphic Artists*

This circle will fill my stream with beautiful pieces of art they are designing (some even in hangouts!) If you want more art in your G+ life add this circle!

This circle is full of active, engaging artists. If you are in the circle(if you were notified you are in it), share the art love around. If you are an artist.. please comment here with some links to your stuff and i'll add ya to the next round :)

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Thanks Amanda. I checked out the profile of some of these people and they are all great! Beautiful art work!
Yay for creative types! :D
Did i not notify on this circle or something? :|
I got the notification. :D
I'm honored to be in a circle with such great and talented peeps <waves "hi" to everyone>! Thank you so much, +Amanda Blain! <3
Val H
Thanks for sharing!
And you fill my stream with funny...and interesting....and funny.  Thanks AB!
Thank You Amanda! It is going to be an even better learning experince!
sample of my work can be seen on my site:
My art album here has a lot of pieces in it, both 3d and 2d. Also, if you use Poser, i have some free items on my site as well.
Thanks +Amanda Blain I appreciate being connected with great people and artists, and having my work shared!
sorry havent had a laptop to be on in a while any way i hope u know i am only 13 but we could be friends
+Ajay Kamera I live in a large acrylic sphere off the Western Coast of Ireland with two border collies, three cats and a stoat named Simon. We make our living selling peat to Russians by passing it off as tobacco.
Great art work on Johnny Depp, Amanda. I was in printing for 37 years as a lithographer and trapping photos lining up was a must! Great job lady. Have a nice weekend!
Thanks +Amanda Blain for adding me to this circle… I really appreciate being among these other great artists !
Pas artiste, mais commente des textes, poésies ,peintures ,photos,tout ce qui touche a l'art
hi shinu ; so this is my first time to post in this hangout, and i testing if it'll have someone to answer me, matterfact i'll not post no im kidding   hello boys an girls..
+Amanda Blain Either you did forget to notify, or mine were swamped on the day, because I've only just found this post via Circlecount. Thanks for including me. :^)
Hi! 'Am sodubi. I Will be posting my artwork soon. Until then peace.
Awesome! i would like to be added ;)
That's great.I missed communicating with other artists,no more.Thanks Amanda. Sodubi.
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