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'You might remember that 'annoyed' is my natural state.' - Wolverine
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na, Batmans!
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wolverine OWNS batman... even when there are 2 of them :)
but...can be wolverine...hahaha
or...wolverine and 2 batmen...hahahaha
Both...or is it all three? Very cool
unless wolverine has a cleft palate, 2 bat men
The correct amount of "na's." You are a genius and my new hero.
There's only one Batman. Hence it must be Wolverine. qed. Logic rulez :-)
it is definitely 2 batmen with a giant cheese ball behind them.
hiiii........ enjoy your day. looking very hot.
Trick question. There is, and can be, only one Batman. ;)
I borrowed this. Love it!
Its two Batmen chin-kissing at a sunset! :P
They're kissing tight-lipped, like a couple of total hard asses.
2 batmen because wolverine doesn't have a nose like that. Also, there are plenty of batmen. The multiverse still exists.

Due to the lack of connection of the mouth in the image, the "optical illusion" is that of two Batmen from a profile view.

Wolverine's still better, though.
Awesommmmmmmmmmmmmme lots-o M's
Interesting, I had not seen that before.
you mean batmen- plural of more than one bat man.
Batman does not have orange so its wolverine, and would beat the crap out of wolverine! and i say this with respect to Wolverine. batman is my favorite hero. Wolverine is my second favorite.
it really doesn't matter what colour there is right now, its just realizing who is really there.
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... gotta say at first, I saw Wolverine... but, clearly, its too batmen. The mouth would be all wrong for Wolverine.
its one wolverine because batman isn't that thin. but in not sur about it being wolverine because that part covering his mouth
Wow this had me until you said that lol
both - wolverine and batman. don't you people get it........... the person who created this is very creative and clever, they made an image that displays both characters.
so if you see either of them then you are correct.
There cant be two Bat Men, so it has to be Wolverine! :P
If it is two Bat Men...kissing? Who is the yellow guy behind?
To all those who say there can't be two Batmen -- have you ever been to Hollywood Blvd. near Highland?
It's wolverine till you look at the mouth!
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na, Batmans?
coo pic though
Wolverine just isn't working for me... looks more like birdman... but I definitely see the bat men

EDIT: upon closer inspection I now believe wolverine and birdman are either the same person or share costumes...
Wolverine because Batman isn't gay about himself
2 bat men....look left and rite n u will nnotice
until i read the 2 bat men bit I only saw wolverine
One time I caught a crab that look like a batman.I asked some of the onlookers what is this one said this is a spider crab.
It's Wolverine, Batman , and two wannabe Bat Men kissing...
follow these steps
1.cover your mouth with your hand
2. Whisper a wish in your hand this on three other comments
4.look at your hand
its batman dressed as wolverine XP
2 batman lol took me a sec to see tht :)
you guys are all wrong there can only me on batman and that wolverine isnt buff . i make that wolverine look like a pussy . hahah yes i am the real wolverine one
Batman looking closely at the mirror...
my mind is sufficiently blown
Jp Raj
woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow i t bu my mind
what if it's neither? It could just be a superhero that is ripping off Wolverine & Batman. :^I
S White
Hahaha so cute
Such a simple picture making a WOW effect!
i don't think wolverine has this noise , therefore its 2 batman
This picture shows you what you want to see...ergo this is an optical illusion.
Oh my gosh... I think it's...2 batmen!
Tim KH
No thats totally birdman.
batman of course ...
'Cuz you saved this image with batman name ;)
OMG! that is so cool! Wow! I think both, to!
Neither, it's an upside down alien rocket ship!
Li H
umm very confusing
its like the vase thing, mind boggling
Flip it upside down and it looks like a Dracula Twinkie
Way to second guess almost everything I look at. Thanks for helping me open my eyes.
1.cover your hand
2.whisper a wish in your hand this to three other comments
4.look at your hand
WOAH! That's cool. I saw Wolverine first.
very nice (wolverine)
I know its there but for the life of me cant see batman
Sweet that's awesome wer did u get it
I don't know but it sounds awesome :) !
One Batman cut in half by Wolverine
1. Cover your hand
2. Whisper a wish into your hand
3. Post this to three other comments
4. Look at your hand
You know, if you look at the 2 batmans part, it looks kind of wrong.
Harvey Birdman, attorney at law....
I'm going with two Batmen. Wolverine's nose looks like a bird's.
But... But... Batman is DC and Wolverine is Marvel.
the right answer is batman, even the jpeg is called batman.jpeg
two-bat men en a wolverine at the back
wolverine watching two bat men
2 Batmen anytime. I can then rest and let them do all the chores. What will do with a Wolverine? He will make a Batman out of me. ;)
He is batman, But i like Wolverine..........
I think there is nothing wrong with not liking them but they are pretty cool to some people likeme
but it's nice to see that the pic of wolverine became a 2 side pic of BATMAN hahaahahh your so great because i am fan of those hero's
It isn't about who is better or cooler. There is no wolverine in that image.
cool pic its batmans and if joined together it is wolverine
2 bat man join and change to X man....!
i like ur name - Amanda Blain,
it seems there's a long Interconnected Chain,
of Happiness and Pain,
its a game of Lose and Gain,
if it is going out of ur Brain, it again ;-)
Cool optical illusion, never knew 2 batmas equals one wolverine :3
who is a very smart.........????it is a present is so good
since there is only one batman, it must be wolverine.
I see wolverine first, does that mean I am a bigger wolverine fan than a batman fan...oh well
your name bat man not bad man
add me people i'm new in here
Oh! I know! It's yeah. It's Wolverman...yeah....uhh...oh nice. Now I'm confused. No, I'm not.
Awesome drawing Amanda, but it looks like a hybrid of Batman &,Baterine
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