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*Non Console PC/Mac Gamers Circle*

All these people play PC/Mac Games of some format...

Do you play non console games? Tell me what game your playing right now and you could be in this circle next time around :)

Add this great circle up.. many are new to G+.. but all love gaming not on consoles ! Cleaned from non active G+ people. These circles really take a lot of time to curate .If you are in this circle you saw the long thread from before... :) Please share it out so everyone meets more Pc gaming fans :) Enjoy!

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PC girl 4 life, yo. (please add me to this circle!)
I thought you had a separate circle for those of us who play Diablo 3 on computer. Am I mistaken?
oh hey! awesome :D 
This is that circle.... Circle management is seriously not perfect and manually done... Its supper sluggish and doesnt add people ALOT of the time... You should be in here +Brandy Ellis 
Yay PC gamers! I'm playing a lot of Borderlands 2 and FTL right now. :D
Also if anyone wants to play Torchlight 2, L4D2, Borderlands 2, Diablo 3, Portal 2, or any other PC game... hit me up, always looking for new people to play with!
Gotcha, no worries, I just didn't want to say add me to this one if you had a separate one. I know how hard you work on your circles, and I didn't want to muck anything up.
Witcher 2.  Waiting on Shadow Run and Carmageddon.
Currently playing portal 2 on my laptop ;)
Steam FTW, Windows and OS X. Due to give up much time to XCOM, just putting the finishing touches on new gaming PC.

Diablo III of Starcraft II on OS X occasionally.

None often on any platform. Too many games, too little time :P
I just started playing it a week or so ago.... I've been traveling and haven't had little time to play.
You're like the only person I've heard say that in a's good to know people are still picking up an amazing game. Way better than the first, imo.
I seldom play games though I listen to the IGN and Weekend Confirmed gaming podcasts. And I watch youtube walkthroughs.
+Julie Schippnick one of the reasons I left Facebook long, long ago was I was tired of people throwing sheep at me (I think that was a Farmville thing ..) The main reason was I just hated co-workers getting mad at me for not being "friends" on there.. but the sheep didn't help
+Julie Schippnick I usually watch just to get the story or to appreciate the skill needed to clear levels (like in those bullet hell games). Not so much a completionist. Those videos are too long where they try to explore every nook and cranny in the game.
+Richmond Low Well LongPlays just play the game as normal, going through all of the stuff ... not usually all of the secrets and Let's Plays are gameplay videos with narration. 
MechWarrior Online presently; occasionally Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor, and PayDay; previous majors in Raven Shield, SWAT, Delta Force, and MechWarrior 4.

I rarely post about gaming topics however.
Oh, something serious to contribute, I actually play Civilization 5 if anyone following this wants to do so some evening.
TF2 on Mac (along with Diablo III and CS:GO)
Oh... I have a bad habit of buying games on Steam during the sales and not actually having the time to play them.
+Richmond Low 125 games I've bought during sales or humble bundle and still haven't played them... :|
The only exercise the Xbox gets is Rocksmith, and a little Dance Central, cuz this honkey needs all the groove help he can get!

The majority of my time is spent gaming on the PC. 
+Audrey Lee and I are playing Guild Wars 2, The Secret World, and some very occasional LOTRO from time to time.
I'm also playing Kerbal Space Program (what. a. Hoot!), Miscellaneous games on Steam that I'm catching up on, some World of Tanks (not a lot though, it's a good "get in, get out" game), and I'm looking forward to World of Warplanes.

And Cards Against Humanity weekly in a hangout. Does that count? =)
Right now, I'm still obsessed with Guild Wars 2, but I have Torchlight 2 waiting for more action when I make more time.  :)  Plus a whole crapload of +Steam games waiting for a lil' time and love.
I still need to finish Black Mesa...
I play everything from Battlefield 3, Dishonored, Rage, Bioshock, anything racing: NFS (more sim the better), Dirt series... All PC all the time.

2 video cards, SSDs, and 3D monitor of doom.
im more of an xbox player. as of right now i am deciding what new game to get.
Me too! I have steam installed.
It's all PS3 for me, except for BF3 which I play on PC.
At this very moment? World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Diablo III (all PC), and Bejeweled Blitz (iPhone). 
These days I play the occasional Indie title.  I just recently got Conquest of Elysium 3.
vi ha
trine 2 is surprisingly fun. especially coop. there should be more games like that.
I play spiral knights on pc online also bf3
+Amanda Blain I didn't know this circle existed. I play more PC than Xbox. Add me plz! Currently playing Skyrim and XCOM.
Alex F
Torchlight 2, World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2. 
The Assassin's Creed series is quite good. For all the guys who haven't tried it, the saga is worth playing and it has interesting stories in it (History etc.).
I'll take an add. I've been trying to get Google+ together for +Guild Wars 2. Best game I've played. Join me won't you?
this are the games i'm actually playing, borderlands 2, serius sam 3, diablo 3, alan wake, titan quest, deponia, the elder scrolls skyrim, in the mmo category i'm playing, aion, path of exile and firefall
i'm a huge Dirt franchise Gamer and some race game, BFBC2, BF2 lol, Machinarium another lol, Assassin's Creed Revelations, Skyrim, Fallout 3, Resident Evil 5, L4D2, Resident Evil Operation Racoon City ain't finished yet, and many more :p
also still trying to find another great games :)
so add me please....... :)
Definitely a PC gamer here. I'm an ex-WoW player and going to be taking up Mechwarrior Online when it comes out while I wait for the next big MMO.
PC Gaming is much more diverse than console gaming with the use of modding. I usually play GMOD or Minecraft, but some times I play spore on the side.
Playing Xcom too much now. Missing City of Heroes.
After 5 years of wow i have just changed to Guild Wars 2.
Play every day.))
i think .everyones want to change life simple
PC games rock, +Amanda Blain. I prefer them to console overall. Lately I've been playing Orcs Must Die 2, which is fantastic.
steam and origin, bf3, war z, nfs, grid, dirt series
Haven't had to much time to play since the fall quarter started, but fellow gamers can add me on Steam: XhamWow. More of a casual gamer, but when I do play... TF2, Dungeon Defenders, Walking Dead, GW2 and I want to start playing Torchlight 2. =]
Elisa T
I love me my PC games. They don't involve moving outta my chair. Currently addicted to the SIms (again) but I also love browser games with a brain :)
Been playing MMO's for over 13 years now...
Borderlands 2, Guild Wars 2 and Torchlight 2 all the way. PC is where it's at!
This is a circle I want to be in, but life doesn't support it so much right now.  Work, wife, boys ages 2/4/6, run training, GIS class.  Someday I'll be a PC Gamer again.
Recent games: Diablo III (lost interest) World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Mass Effect 1,2,3. I never got into consoles. I prefer the rich UI and controls a PC gives. There's been a few games that were developed for console (or ported to PC later), and I found the controls annoying.
I play wow, tsw, Guild wars and forsaken world
I just started Tera, and Marvel Heroes this week. But I have been known to fall back into Civilization 5 & League of Legends.
+Jonathan Warden I just bought a Rosewill Black Gaming ATX Mid Tower Computer Case Challenger and I am doing the same as you I got mine from Amazon they matched neweggs price for me. This is not a big dollar case and does not have the fancy looks of many others out there. But, it is a yeomans case in that it will get the job done fro the lest money. That will work for me since Vid cards are through the roof price wise these days.
+Ron Bird Jr I'll have to check into that, My biggest things are I want a window and good cable routing options. I'd also be nice if I could paint it something snazzy.
Just some Solitaire right now, but when things get cleaned up around the desk, I'll move on to something with a bit more umph.
More umph than solitaire? Surely you don't mean...minesweeper? Good lord man, don't be insane. We don't need heroes. 
I totally missed you sharing this out!  I saw a bunch of people start adding me and went to go looking, hehe!

Thanks for the inclusion, +Amanda Blain; and thanks for all of the work you do to curate these.  :D
now playing HON-SEAsia :D
 Hello Amanda, i from spain (Navalmoral de la Mata), i like your photos.Kisses.
It is interesting,I like it.I like you and your photos. Write for me and I will write for you. Be my best family.
I'm a "binge player" of long-play war strategy games.  I don't play often - maybe 3 times per year - but when I do, it's for weeks at a time!  Civ, Empires, etc
I play MMO's mostly its my favorite genre currently playing #Rift  
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