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While watching the Super Bowl Last Night...

It was a fun game, I was here in the states watching it even though I'm Canadian... You Americans do like your football.... But I realized as the Giants are parading around collecting their speeches and trophies how many times the word " WORLD CHAMPIONS " were used.

Umm... Last I checked only Americans play in the NFL... where's this world coming from? ;)

Update I am shocked at how 150 people were able to comment on this and have a decent discussion, but as soon as it made What's hot people felt the need to start insulting other countries, other people commenting and make Extreme hate filled threats and remarks. Most things have been said in the comments already. Any hate speech will result in an immediately block.Behave.
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The world of football...of course... (REAL football...not that sissy stuff)
At least it's not the "World Series". In football, they're likely the best in the world because no one else plays it. The "World Series" in baseball is quite silly, since there are other high-quality teams around the world.
Dan Soto
It's not our fault the rest of the world doesn't want to play by our
Actually we don't think Canada is uninhabited, after al our saying is "Blame Canada" :)
Stacy S
It is not our fault that other nations choose not to participate in the football league. Although it could be hard trying to place another nation's team(s) into either the National Football Conference or the American Football Conference.
Totally agree... I also don't get why the Major League Baseball championship is referred to as the 'World Series'.
Hehehe ok.. then i demand you start using.. "world by default champions" Americans... :D tee hee
Finally, someone told it the way I see it. Though, cannot help thinking that they are taking over the world. Well I see some chinese in their future.
Stacy S
+Lov Loothra maybe it has something to do with history. You know, the time why back when. Way back when it was created, america was the only country seriously playing baseball. me, many of us Americans realize the same thing. And facepalm each time.
When I moved to Singapore most of my friends here thought I was moving to a third world country and couldn't wrap their head around why.
I'm really, really disappointed! You forgot about "Mafia-doers"! After all the sacrifices we made to export it to you! Tsk!
I think all sports have that fight 'my balls are bigger than yours' kinda of thing. All ridiculous competitive spirit that takes away from what we teach our kid's is being a good sport. That thing where soccer moms and little league dads punch each other in the face just because their kid won or didn't. That water bottle that gets thrown in the middle of the stadium helping to start a riot at a higher educational institution, and with burning down property and turning over vehicles at the end of the game. That burning desire to win so badly to cheat and purposely injure other players where every one can hear about the dirty deed the next day fro entertainment in the gossiping of media.
What happened to the fun, health, and greatness of game? I mean this for all sport and game around the planet.
+Stacy S not to mention jet lag. Are there no more baseball teams in canada? Much easier to compete on a global scale with baseball.
if no-one else in the world plays, then obviously you're the world champion...
sort of like how if there's 2 people in a department and ones the manager, the other is the assistant manager ;)
I think we all have great countries and people but not all characters are that great personally.
This about it, baseball is now played in several countries around the world, but we still have the "World Series". Makes me wonder what China (or is it Japan?) thinks of that since they play baseball as well.
This is an accurate map, I don't see you point. USA, Canada (USA's little brother), Mexico (USA's weird neighbor that we let come over and eat dinner cause they don't have food at home), and "Terrorists." How is this unclear? Canadians don't play football because we won't let you wear knives on your feet and carry sticks, Mexicans can't play football because they can't buy the pads and obviously we won't let terrorists play...

Anyone not getting the tongue-in-cheek on this yet?
This must be a dream. Yeah big dream of america. As i said its only a dream. And very funny.
Lets not also forget that one could make a picture like this titled differently such as "The World According To (Iranian, British, Chinese, Brazilians, Cubans)" and probably come up with something similar.
+Colin Stevens pretty sure we're talking about football not baseball ;) and the CFL is really just a the farm teams for the nfl ;)
Does anyone else remember the New Yorker front cover cartoon showing the Manhattanites view of the USA? Think the average American's view is parochial?
I lived 10 years in Iran and 4 years in US. People in Iran are very better than americans at least in having a broad and realistic view towards the world.
Yuppers... Sorry Americans we have something called the CFL in Canada... and ummm +Toronto Blue Jays play baseball... so i guess Canada is a part of "world" in baseball... Heck.. we've even won it a few times ;)
Until they riot in the streets over the price of gas or have you killed for disagreeing with the state-run religious doctrine. Then they're not 'very better' as much, right?
+Michael Durwin: Ah ok... but I still think that the 'World' title is a bit far-fetched. Sure Canadian teams do play in the major league but it isn't as 'global' an event as the Football World Cup or even the World Baseball Classic. :P
+Stacy S: You're probably right. A quick Wikipedia search revealed that it was promoted as "The Championship of the United States", "World's Championship Series", or "World's Series" for short... would've been a lot less confusing if they'd stuck to the former.
+Sreedhar Thakkun: And no one can take that away from us... ;P
هارون حسین‎ Every one thinks they are better than 'Americans'. Even Canada and South America feel they are more qualified in the educational regions not just sports. So goes the world super powers and always shall be challenged.
A "world" is a definable thing. In the "world" of "American football" there are "world champions." In the "world" of "American baseball" there is a "world series."

It's not more complicated than that.

It has nothing to do with how Americans see themselves in this "world" defined as the planet Earth.
Foot ball, American football (even though South America calls soccer football), and who know what to call the games any ways.
then I think, they behave just as americans in same situations!! I was a sunni among shiite community and didn't got killed!! And Only riot I saw there was over election and freedom.
True. Excellent point. Last time I checked it was called American Football, but they call the winning team World Champions

Same thing with baseball. World Champions they're called
A liitle frustrated I am unable to + the Tunisian commentor, ‫هارون حسین‬‎. I might agree for individuals sir, but it is always dangerous to over-generalize. There are many Americans who have a sophisticated and nuanced view of the world and its disparate parts. Many of us even realize how ridiculous it is to call the NFL's sport football since it is largely played with ones hands on the ball, unlike true futbol.
Please stay respectful here folks... No hate on anyone... it was just an observation... Hate from anyone will get an immediate block on my page.. :) Continue ...
It's not even football, by definition it should be played with the feet, but you spend most of the time with it in your hands or just generally throwing the other team around, it should be called handfighty ball.
have i mentioned that i HATE what +Stephen Harper has done/been doing to our wonderful country ;) but i will say it's rather awesome that our primeminister can go to hockey games and just sits in the stands like everyone else and isnt surrounded by guards ;)
Dear +Dan Scott Completely agree with you. blind-minded and enlightened people are every where: US, Iran and even my sweet Tunisia!!
but i meant the average level of knowledge about outer world. which most americans lack of. but yes there are many Americans with broad and unbiased view about the world.
chuckles we all knows this happens some times :-)
And actually they started the world series and world champions crap WAY back when no-one else played baseball or north american football, i'd chalk it up to more "being lazy" than "being arrogant"
Oh, +Amanda Blain see what happens when you try to be funny? Will send you my thoughts on that separately.
Football is a European game from the Medieval period refined to the Modern FIFA codes we know today. US declines to accept this and calls it soccer JUST BECAUSE THEY SUCK AT FOOTBALL
World Peace everyone. Madonna has spoken.
+Dan Scott Would love that, for some reason everyone thinks that everyone else needs to live by their desires in life. I hope one day we can move past this part of ourselves.
This conversation is kind of upsetting, is there something on that map that isn't true, it looked perfect to me
At least the World Series has players from around the world playing in it. And, as previously mentioned, the name came from the Series' original sponsor.
yeah its so funy when the people start to be a mad becouse us is the best mmmmmm...?
brando you have rigth but you have the money and us we the skill rememnber that sorry for my bad english
Why do you think American Football was created? That way, no matter what happens, we are always the best in the World. It's a shame that we don't put more effort into Football (or as we call it soccer), as that way, if we win, we would be the real World champions. It's all about the psychology of things, molding the people into believing that they are superior.
These comments about "let some other nation challenge us" are kinda funny to me... Just because no one else in the world plays or invests MILLIONS of dollars into it... I don't think that deserves the title of WORLD.. :) It means you win by default .... ok.. i'll accept DEFAULT WORLD CAUSE THE REST OF THE WORLD INVESTS MONEY INTO OTHER SPORTING EVENTS CHAMPIONS GIANTS.... send out the new hats :)
+Amanda Blain I think it would be awesome to see Worldwide events like the World Cup in many sports that are considered regional.
When america win at the rugby i'll be impressed. Forever loyal to my lovely wales! We suck at football (soccer) and proud of it. We'll forever be legends of Rugby!

Note - Rather be canadian than american any day. Ice Hockey all the way - sod baseball.
America includes everything from Canada to Tierra del Fuego. Technically, Venezuelans and Colombians have as much of a right to call themselves Americans as those of us who were born US citizens. And you know what? They do! (And they call soccer: "futbol")
americans call it funny, but they don't know that is the mind of theire politics.
well if its only played in america and there the best team in america wouldn't that make them world champions
Nope it would make the default champions.. as already discussed.. :)
In case any non-americans were wondering, Freedom costs a buck-o-five
Jim C
hmm same could be said of the The World Snooker Championship in England.
I'm sure a lot of countries have a national sport that is either not participated in worldwide or has so little participation outside of their country that they are allowed the 'professional license' to call themselves world champions
You're obviously just jealous.....Ha ha
Canadians are Americans, as much as any other country that exists within the bounds of North and South America ... As for football, one day they might actually try using their feet more than twice in a game ...
Fry: "What do we care? We live in the United States."
Leela: "The United States is part of the world."
Fry: "Wow, I have been gone a long time."
think she got it right (thats the new map of the world taught in high schools here) ;))
Remember they used to call the NBA championship "World championship" as well? Up until 1986, that is.
Dylan g
they forgot britain. 'oh we're as rich as f---'
Actually, the only country in the world where a sport played with the hands is called "Football", is USA. Actually, the REAL football, for the rest of the world is played with the foot. Is what Americans call "Soccer".
I am not an American, but in terms of Baseball, it is clearly obvious that the standard of the MLB is SO much higher than anything else. They also have players from many countries playing in the MLB. Correct me if I am wrong, or it has been mentioned higher up, but I understand that the Baseball World Series was created in the very early years of baseball. A newspaper called "The World" sponsored the tournament, and therefore it was called " The World" series. It had nothing to do with the rest of the planet, or any other countries, it was the newspaper who gave its name to the series.
Football is eh to me. I have tried and tried to watch it til the end but it always beats me and puts me to sleep.
lmao this is perfect "Bombs go here"
That isn't the world according to the USA, only according to the tiny minority who unfortunately control most of the news, finance, military, and corporations there. I'd be willing to bet the rest are ordinary average folk like anywhere else My only beef with the people of the USA is that they haven't yet deposed the elitists who run the show...
EVERYONE ELSE = we don't give a damn
similar to Miss Universe....So far, hugely dominated by representatives from planet Earth. +Michael Clarke. I'll agree in part with the rugby comment. Wales: Legends? Absolutely, but World Champions? Kia-ora from New Zealand ; )
The world part is coming from the world of good "american football" lets be honest other countries have nothing on NFL as far this sport is concerned
I do agree it's crazy that Americans use the word "World" for the superbowl. In Europe, when FC Barcelona won the Champions League they never said that they were World Champions.
Football is the perfect sport for Americans. You can be overweight, only have to run for 2 seconds and oxygen masks are at the ready on the sidelines.
Re the comment on baseball's World Series. I think the name there comes from the fact that the series was originally sponsored by a New York newspaper called "The World".
Do not worry, Americans have there names for each of their own states :)
The good Ould Europe is the best, we do not put a sticker on the fridge to know that this is The Fridge :)))
what ever you can keep hockey and well keep football. besides even if we dont have teams from diffrent countrys we have players
I think it is because everybody outside America is still trying to work the whole fire & wheel thing.

cracks open a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer
NFL... It's an American thing.
I also heard Chicago Bulls said they were the World Champion years ago. As a fan from the rest of the world, I overlook what they say as long as they play well. I always think that we are watching the games, not testing the player's geography. ^_^
Jon Dye
Two Words about US basketball being the world champions:

The Olympics.
lol... nice one! I love the canada part, and the europe part. how and when did you make this?
Lets ban all sports and play solitaire, so we can all be champions of our own little worlds. Heck, it's a lot cheaper as well
America looks kinda small when you consider that it's on the same "North American" continent as its neighbors Canada and Mexico....hmmmm.
i just don't bother to hear whatever their saying
It's so sad to say that this is absolutely accurate.
Like WORLD SERIES BASEBALL lol erm how u work that out lmfao
We are not that arrogant.. but some of the stuff on the map is true...
World Series...the best talent from AROUND THE WORLD plays in the MLB. There is no greater league than the MLB when it comes to baseball. Besides, us Dominicans run baseball anyway.
Ahh America we interfere everywhere but we're the least aware of the world
everyone else thinks we stupid
often with good reason
Football is THE #1 not NFL...
Every country thinks they are the best in the world. We're the only ones with the balls to actually say it.
I've always kind of had those thoughts about MLB and NFL World this and that. Not new to me. I wonder who made this map thingy? I do my laundry and lawn. As for the people who make our stuff...nothing against them, but they can't make our stuff the way we used to (but could again) make our stuff. Kona coffee comes from Hawaii I think!
Jiski Lathi Uski Bhains !
India got a mention as call centers. I'm proud. LOL. God should really bless America.
Call centers need to move back here too. Plenty of currently unemployed ppl here could & should be doing that here
hey we're americans we are the world ;P what do you expect them to think? what? we're not the whole world??? there are more countries out there?? MIND=BLOWN (TO PIECES) personally i hate football so i only watched the superbowl for the commercials and half time show soo.....
You've got us there...even curling is more international than American Football.
this pic comes around the internet periodically, but it's funny every time.
Canada is not uninhabited, they are America's hat, they keep us warm in the winter.
It's funny but neither of the sports being mentioned are really American. Baseball is adapted from the English playground game of rounders, and American Football is adapted from the English game of Rugby!
I agree with your sentiments about U.S. and its superiority complex (though of course American-style football is an almost exclusivel;y American thing, anyway). I get really tired of the "holier than thou' attitude. We as a country have helped innovate some great things. The ideas of the founder--ideals, more than reality--were undoubtedly superlative. But there's nothing superior about us (or anyone else) as a people, and the country as a whole has also (like any empire in world history), perpetrated great evil. Hopefully, the good has predominated. But, most of the things we've excelled at in the past, we've slipped way down in lately, through greed, ignorance, resting on our laurels. Yet, hope springs eternal, as symbolized inspiringly by the "Halftime in America" ad in the Superbowl.
There aren’t football teams from anywhere else that would come close to competing at this level. I understand the wording could be better but to blow the idea out of proportion like you did is ridiculous. I have never heard of Team Canada football? The Ontario ____?
Woah woah woah,.. HOLD THE PHONE HERE PEOPLE... as already previously stated although some of you couldn't be bother to read the comments.. this was just an observation and not meant to bring about ANY hate on anyone. You don't know me.. and just cause this made it to 'whats hot'.. do not come by with your random drive-by comments of rudeness... just keep on walking. I will block any racist or rude people on this page without hesitation. Continue.
That could not be any more true!!!
Real men do not have to wear padding to play football
I guess whoever wins the European Soccer Title should chant "USA Champs!"
+Brian Johnson Umm re-check that. I'm pretty sure you've never stepped onto a football field before. Do you realize the massive about of force those players cause? i'd like to watch you walk out onto an nfl field without padding for one play. just one play! (at center)
There are no othe leagues in the world so they have every right to say "world champions"! 
Ya I'm with u on wearing pads he would get killed
Real men are smart enough to put on protective gear as not to get killed :)
its sad, but that's about all our kids know these days.
If China is just "making your stuff", then who's "more evil-doers" then?
OK, I found the answer. Looks like the "more evil-doers" is a bloodily wrongly-placed North Korea.
thank you.. this doesn't speak for americans.. just the ignorant fuck who drew it.
lol the real perception of our.... its time to change
This world is coming from our stupid American minds. It is sad that a lot of people (not only kids!) from America don't know anything about the world. Some Americans don't even know popular places IN AMERICA. I've been in almost all of the states, and one of these years, I'm going to go out across the ocean for vacation. I'd love to see the world. The cost of everything is holding me back (and school...). :/
now why doesn't that surprise me.
The Dumbest and most ignorant country in the world......
Yeah, ( uninhabited ) "if you don't count Sasquatches" : )
so true, you american gringos :D
I will quote a friend of mine, as I tend to agree with him. He hosted a Super Bowl party at his place and had this to say,

"American Football should be called Egg Ball, because you kick it only once, hug the ball most of the time, and its shaped like an Egg. Soccer should be called Football, cuz all you do is kick it."

Soccer takes far more skill, there is more running involved, and is far more dependant on real-time strategy that changes on the go, they don't take breathers to discus the next play.

Plus this post couldn't be more accurate, America = Mostly Football, Canada = Hokey, While the REST of the WORLD plays soccer.

America, your not # anything, your just alone...

... and if your wondering, my sport is baseball FYI

The way I see it, in order of popularity by the number of country's that play these major sports like a religion...

#1 Soccer
#2 Baseball
#3 Hockey/Football
Well, people ARE welcome to challenge us on that... ;-) But keep in mind, if there are no other leagues, then "World Champions" is 100% correct, just do the math.
Actually, in most countries, Soccer is called Football, and our Football to them is American Football.
damn those evil doers
Jay A
lmao! this made me laugh :P ... guess we do have kangaroos :P
Baseball: there is a Canadian team, the Toronto Blue Jays. Also, the Washington Nationals used to be the Montreal Expos. So there are other countries so it is a WORLD series.
Technically, the Super Bowl winners are "world champions" because since no other country participates in American Football, the winners are literally the world champions of the sport. This whole fuss about it is imbecilic, in my opinion.

Yes, most Americans are retarded. That's a given.

EDIT: If you didn't want hateful comments, then you shouldn't have submitted such a biased and inaccurate post, +Amanda Blain. I am not condemning this post - I did +1 it, after all - but it's ironic for you to be so defensive toward those who ridicule and openly disapprove of it, especially considering you are a +Google+ celebrity who would naturally attract a large audience. Perhaps you could be more considerate with your posts, or at least clarify next time that this was meant as a joke, rather than a direct insult at the United States of America.
In Base Ball too it is Called World Champions(Series) :P but i doubt they even have a true All American team in Base Ball which won the "World Series"
The argument that they should be claimed "World Champions" because the sport is only played in America, is not a valid one. The sport is also played in Canada (and possibly other places as well). In fact the CFL has been around A LOT longer than the NFL. The NFL just had it's 46th edition of the Super Bowl. This November, here in Canada, we will be having a milestone 100th edition of our football championship, The Grey Cup. Yes, there are differences between the 2 games (NFL & CFL), such as rules, field size, balls size, etc., but the basic concept and the way the game is played is essentially the same. You could argue that because of these differences, perhaps the Super Bowl champs DO reserve the right to call themselves "World Champions" because the game is (subtly) unique. Then the same token, the Grey Cup champions could also make the same claim, but they don't. They just call themselves "Grey Cup Champions"

And what about Baseball and Basketball? Both are played internationally, and quite often athletes from across the globe are sought after, sometimes for big money, by MLB and NBA teams to help them make the claim of being "World Champions". The USA, in recent years, has been defeated on the global stage in these sports at the Olympics & World Championships in each of the respective sports. They were bested by teams consisting mostly or entirely of players making their living outside of North America. Yet the World Series champs and the NBA champs continue to hail themselves "World Champions"

Sorry if I reiterated any previous comments, but I wasn't about to read through over 200 postings just to be sure.
There are plenty of NON Americans who play American football in the NFL. Also note that the Superbowl is the MOST watched single television event on the planet. Americans may act superior, but the Superbowl IS a worldwide event and the winners ARE world champions.
What about the Philippines as the Word Boxing Champion? Whew
What a dumb post, I can't believe this made the top of Google Plus. The NFL, as well as every other major American pro sport, draws the most elite players from the entire WORLD! Which is exactly why players who can't make it in the NFL go and play in the CFL. Players that can't make it in the NBA, go and play basketball in Europe. However, Europeans and Canadians alike come and play in the NBA and the NFL if they are good enough. Ok, so that isn't always true, since sometimes there are politics and exposure issues. But the truth of it comes down to the fact that the most elite football team in the world is the New York Giants. There isn't another football team in the entire world that could have played with either of those teams. And yes, the United States number one and is king of the sports world. There are some minor exceptions, such as soccer being played everywhere else, and hockey is pretty huge in frozen parts of the world(Canada and Russia). So joke or not, go WORLD CHAMPION GIANTS!!! Oh, and +Jason da Silva, the NFL players definitely play with larger balls! LOL!!!
wow... i think that all you can say
Still mad over that Doug Flutie thing I see.
What about the Phillipines as the World Cock-Fighting Capitol...Don't limit your claim to fame with Political Correctness Jose !!!
+Russ Bliss ... umm sorry... The superbowl is the most watched event in the USA... with 111.3 million tuning in for this one... but other events like.. 530 million for the walking on the moon... 2011 cricket match between pakistan and india reached 400 million... An estimated 1.5 billion to watch Elvis play in Hawaii... 2 billion ( or 161 million depending on who you ask) for Prince William and Princess Catherines Wedding.. and countless other examples far surpass it World Wide.... and that view exactly why .. i posted this post in the first place..
+David Greene The comments i am talking about are flat out racist and rude remarks that have been removed.. some against USA and many from americans to various other nations... Please stop your judgement.. You don't know me.. Google doesnt pay me to be here.. and i will not accept rudeness from random strangers.. when its VERY clear this post is meant as tongue and cheek.
I can't believe that a post so obviously intended as a joke is actually offending people! Can't you guys take a joke?

Super Bowl may be big in the US but it is certainly not "the single biggest event in the world". And even if it was, it is, like anything else in this world, as open to ridicule as it is to praise.

Besides, ridiculing a sport for something someone thinks is silly doesn't mean that the comment was intended as an insult to an entire nation.

Life is too short to be offended by everything...
I think it's funny that the New England Patriot wide receiver changed his surname to match his number (Chad Ochocinco; 85). US Football season is over. It's time to look forward to the summer Olympics in London.
It's fine to remove racist and blatantly hateful comments, but you seemed to have implied in your original post edition that you were removing any comments that were deemed "rude" in any way; I was actually expecting for my comment to be removed, as well. No, I am not judging you, so please don't try to sound like the victim. I am aware that I don't know you - that is irrelevant and unnecessary information to state. I also know that +Google does not compensate you for your posts and considering I did not even suggest that, I'm not sure where you got that idea from.

I am fine with you moderating your posts (I support and advocate for that, actually), but I was concerned that your moderation may have been a bit overzealous. I did notice any of the comments you speak of, so I do not know, but from your aforementioned edition of the original post, it sounded like you were removing comments with much less reason than you apparently are. I apologize for the misunderstanding, +Amanda Blain. As for your clarity on the cheekiness of your post, that's debatable. I, for one, did not catch on until you stated that it was meant for comedic affect.
lol so that's where coffee comes from.
Wt dz the call-centers gotta do here??
I mean wt do they do fr America??
Now THAT is the only thing funnier than the M&M commercial. As the red M&M says "I'm sexy and I know it"
OHHH!!!!! who saw the now famous butttouchdown!! soo weird!!! The guy just fell over!!!
Zac B
You forgot to label the great country of Texas. xD
and you forgot New Zealand :). I think most Americans can not relate to civilisation or events outside the USA
Map seems accurate least frum hear in Tennessee amurika
To Angus......"Bring on your teams and we will kick your butts.." The USA has a Rugby team in a True World Cup. But get their Butts kicked all the time. I must admit, if the States took Rugby to a more serious level, who knows what might happen. By the way, Rugby is a contact game Played with-out full on padding. Boxers do not wear their head gear during fights. I so look forward to the day when the States join true world Rugby and Cricket. Only an opinion from Cape Town.
i think you just about summed it up with this map.. LOL
AFL is way better
where is australia
Love the map! Please don't choose a teaching career ! Lol
they say world champions because people from around the world come to play in the NFL... same goes with MLB calling their championship the "world series".... because it (mlb) is composed of the best players from around the world.
... guess New Zealand even doesn't exist :(
I mean, let's be fair here folks. If Canada would like to challenge us to a game of Football, I'm sure America would be happy to oblige.
True!! true!! true!! Well done. Good thoughts
Well now... In the World of professional football, they are world champions. I do not criticize any other countries, but it seems to me there are a few ignorant yokels all over that always seem to criticize each other instead of fixing the problems they have...
well if other countries invested as much time and money into american football (and didn't split up its talent among 30 teams) then i'm sure they could challenge our claim to world champion
reminds me of miss south carolina's answer to Education reform in the US pertaining geography :) And I agree, please do not seek a teaching career :)
Kangaroos and DROP BEARS!!!!!!! All Americans know we have drop bears!!!!!!
Only Call Centres!! Swamis, Elephants, Rope tricks AND Call Centres!!!
Actually, I had a friend in college who was a German national who later played fullback/tight end for the Washington Redskins, and there are at least a couple of kickers currently in the league from Australia...
Well Said! FYI #StevenRobb on why its called Football is that the length of the ball is 1 Foot ! Americans are Creative, and think outside the box!
CANADA FTW!!!!!!!!!!!
If you win a championship you are the world champion. I was world champion in high school two years in a row. btw, looking at the map, it is about time to change our country name to United States of Middle North America
Your map is missing one thing, the place where oil comes from
YES Santa is at the north pole! You forgot one important part. That place with all the bad people has oil too! We love our oil!
Everyday I'm shuffling !! #partyrockanthem Chill !! Enjoy the game & music and go home relax .
BTW I'm a big fan of #LMFAO !! :D
+Bernard Irtz ever realize that the places where oil comes from are all places we regard as being full of evil, unless we control the land. We cannot even keep our hands off national parks if we think there's oil there. Money makes any one who wont sell out evil. History books often leave out all the trouble we cause trying to take over places with oil or valuable natural resources.
The America according to our Founders: Send us your poor, your Hungry, together we stand strong many peoples from all walks. Together we will show the world what can be.

The America according to 21st century politicians: America is the best and most powerful nation on Earth, she can do anything, any time any place, and you dont need to know. Foreigners, are all suspect terorists, or illegal aliens. We need bigger walls and tougher laws to deal with those who would come her to steal from us. There are to many poor we cannot help them all.

The America according to other countries: Those Americans they think they own, or can buy everything. Tell them to stay out of our country. -There are even countries you have to sign documents that say you are NOT with the American government in order to enter.

The America according to me: How we have fallen. For all we have gained. It is so easily squandered. When are we going to once again embrace the country of, come Join us. All peoples, all nations, stand with us. Show the world what can be when we stand united! How soon untill we can be That America again?
Hey, I didn't see any footballs teams outside of the northeast @ the Superbowl. So, I say not only to heck w/ the rest of the world, but anything south or west of NY. Canadian lady, redraw that map so our part of the US stands out more. Make Alaska & Texas really small.
- from the biggest little state in the union, Rhode Island
Us in Australia have had a laugh about the "world champ" title.
the day americans play cricket and rugby then they will be civilised!
real football is played in Europe.....that's not soccer
Awsum pik!

I'd say it represents traditionalist/orthodox views, and doesn't really take into account revisionism or post-revisionism.
I always wondered myself why the Cowboys used to call themselves America's team back in the 70's when we have so many other teams!
+Steve Goble Uhmm... I was always curious to know. Why do you call it football when you mostly hold the ball with your hands?
Signed: One of those sissies that plays football with his feet... :P
Well, I don't think anyone would doubt that teams in the NFL are the best in the world. There simply aren't many other countries that play that type of football. I also feel like people who hate American football because it shares a name with what Americans call soccer is a little ignorant and the other way around as well. While the picture is super prejudice, people are going to make fun of The United States that's just the way it is.
And they don't seem to know that my country exists. :|
only one mistake there: SANTA ISN'T REAL! :p
-как пишется пол-Америки?
-так же, как тополь-М, через дефис и с заглавной буквы
I am a United States citizen, and sadly I think that is about as enlightened as many of my fellows are. To be fair I imagine that ignorance spans the globe. Unfortunate....
This is a map made from a hillbilly to hillbillies.
The real wrong here is not the word "World" but THE WORD "FOOTBALL"!!! Americans, hello : you are playing American Rugby. REAL football requires a "foot" and a "ball" - you use NEITHER!! Aint "football" when you use your arms and a FRIGGIN LEATHER MELON!!!! And calling it "soccer" only makes you sound ridicul... oh ok, whatever.
And Canada is not uninhabited - its chock full of moose and polar bears.
NFL = Little League of NRL :-)
Well now, lets play depose dictators and global annihilation No one can can compete with us... shame we don't get recognition for lets play feed the world anymore, oh yea that's becoming a past time instead of a current initiative. Well we do have the finest prisons... Ooops Canada has a lock on that one my bad...we just have the most prisons...That may be because we have the most drunks. But what do i know about that.LOL... well Then DAMMIT MAN we have Clint Eastwood ....I loved his commercial during halftime...
Personally i'm looking forward to china being the world leaders, america has had it's chance and has messed it up for most of us. So a change will be a welcome relief........
Somehow I don't think having China as the world leader will make things better. Different, yes; better, no.
the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, J-Leauge, La Liga Primera... all around the world, other countries aren't as self-centric as America. the European football championship is called Union of European Football Association Cup not World Football Association Cup, never mind if it's the highest club championship in the world. Americans think their country is the whole world.
Lol so true. Americans are just cocky. How do you become a WORLD CHAMPION of a sport that's only played in your country? That's been ignorant. Spain are world champions cos they featured in an a game that was played by 32 countries. When American football is introduced in the Olympics then the New York Giants or any other NFL team that wins it will be world champions.
What ??! ASEAN doesn't exists ?!!
but where is Netherland ?
lollll High Land !?
but can't see the harm in a change, it certainly couldn't get anyworse
Oh lawdy, people actually believe hand egg involves the whole world?

Stay classy America.
Whatsoever it may be but the picture made is good.
Well in my opinion is that when you have gotten so many concussions as those in the sport, the world seems to be a small place. Oh and ( just quoting here ) " America Fuck Yea! :( Please don't block me
I'm unsure whether to cry or laugh TBH. Should I think more of the hilarity of this disturbingly accurate status quo or the suffering of billions of my fellow humans caused by it ?
There is a rugby world cup. (For those of you who don't know, rugby is not unlike American football.) Does anyone know if the US enters a team for it?
...and before I forget to mention it, there are some really good American soccer players - the US team did really well in the last Soccer world cup.
si pido por favor traduccion esto me pasa a mi solo ?
Where's Britain - it it in with the European pussies??
Why do you insist on calling it football when you play it with your hands and you don't use a ball?!?!?!?!
Just priceless!!! lol "cruise ships go here" :P This has generated some interesting dialogue!!
Wow, you threw something out there, and then people commented on it. Then you had to tell them to be nice, who would have thought?
+victor melendez born n raised in the U.S, but have had the privilege of living in many other's a fact...its not 1940 one wants to come here...
ROFL funny pic. For us (brazilians) north america is where fat people live.
Let's do research before we post- 27 countries are represented in the NFL (National Football League - Not American Football League) - Yes, Major League Baseball is the American pastime, but foreign-born players have played a big role in the sport’s history.
Foreign-born players now make up 29 percent of 2011 MLB Opening Day rosters. so to call it the World Series is accurate.
Some is funny. One thing, Americans are not a shallow as most think. The 'active" Americans are ready for anything and anyone. It was all paid with a huge price and many of us know that. To that effect we will never allow ANYONE trample what has been built in America.
The state of our country is sad. So many people are uneducated, narrow-minded, and incapable of independent thinking. They eat up things like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom, but can't name the Vice President. I could rant for hours, but to summarize, something needs to change and soon.
Funny thing is We (America) are all of Them. Else We would not be US.
U.S.A. has not been the world champion of anything ever..far from number one at anything also...Bullies tell themselves those things when they feel afraid that the truth will get out!
"The World according to ignorant and uneducated people". Sometimes reading a book or going to school can do magic!
last time I'd checked America still was a whole continent
Dammit, Santa is NOT in Greenland. He lives in that green uninhabited zone (where I happen to be, even though it is uninhabited!)
No, +Liza Varela, America is NOT a whole continent, and many of us in the uninhabited zone resent being called Americans by people who can't get their geography straight. The continent is "North America", and I have no problem with the USA claiming the name "America".
Simple error in Amanda's post - the use of the word ONLY implies a unique exclusiveness. In saying only Americans play football, one must remember at least 2 of the Giants are immigrants from overseas, Jason Pierre-Paul is Haitian, and Lawrence Tynes is Scottish. I also recall there have been teams in Europe, and there is the minor issue of teams like the Argonauts in Canada. While there are rule differences between the NFL and the Canadian Football League (CFL), football is an international sport; mind you, predominantly American (last I checked, Canada is American, too, unless there has been a continental shift known only north of the border).
@Derek- US Women's Team has won the FIFA World Cup, for example, I think that qualifies having been world champions. Your use of "anything ever" is a fallacy, and invalidates your argument.
That's funny, football but playing with hands !! WTF?!?! is it football or handball with kick the others butt? Stupid game. the best part was Madonna feat bands
I didn't know that we were that good at geography...... I am still unsure of where our bananas come from...
I would change Hawaii to "Americans...with Pineapples!"
E Walk
Canada has bacon and maple syrup! They have Justin Beiber too, but I think that's a strike against them. And sadly, I'm one of the handful of Americans that prefer the world's version of football to America's pigskin crap...
Also "World Series" when all the teams are from USA.
You can't call yourself a World Champion when winning a National league (as in NFL)
I happen to agree with the world map....Your comment is ignorant!! The rude people live in FRANCE!!!!!!
+Justin Greenbaum Only rude people I ever saw when I visited France were my fellow Americans -- the ones who were loud, had a sense of self-entitlement and did not have the good sense to feel chagrined that they could not speak the native language of all these "foreigners", who don't understand that most waiters are very busy and don't believe they need to become your best friend.
i am proudly one of the few Americans who made a point of not watching the superbowl, not even for the commercials, or gag, Madonna, as far as "football" is concerned give me world cup soccer any day. :)
Plain and simple any other sport that the americans enter that is a world tournament they suck at!!!!!!!!!!!! but got to admit do love the superbowl just gutted my team hardly ever gets there
jojo well fuckins americans we do more like you owned us USA
americans must be pussies as well as european since most americans are descended from europeans. I rest my case!!!
Jon Lee
wow haha Awesome
as an american, i approve this picture as factual. because i'm #1
Rugby has become my new favorite spectator sport...watched the championship match and a player got injured..they didn't stop the game!
What a ridiculous post this has become. Yet in the start it was a nice discussion. Sad really.
I can't help but giggle at the Santa continent :)
+Jeff Godun that's way ahead of the Americans' thinking that they can save the world as shown in all the disaster movies !!!!!! I want to rule this world. Good Joke.
I think it is type of the post not many will understand. I like it - even with comments I read. There is also a huge misconception about Americans! I know that majority of Americans work their butt-off just to ensure sailing through the month, paying mortgage and similar - little do they have chance to know about outside world - US is so big (and isolated in a sense) except through adds.. and this picture is just nice.
In europe wi don't even know what superbowl is!! Is it like rugby (but with protection)??
Super Awesome!. While it is a nice joke, it has a ring of truth too up to a good extent which explains the rude comments you got.
+Jim Vakakis My understanding is it is huge pot of leek-onion broth with homemade crusty bread.
I've been wondering and laughing about it for more than 10 years (since the time I got here). America's fetish of gargantuanism, at times, seems ridiculous. Love the country, though. ;)
ehehehhehhehehe...wat's sOOOO cOOOOOOOOl bOut it??...
Korea doesn't exist. At least, please remember north Korea, your arch enemy now.
darn. i want to write something about this picture, but nuff said... anyway, 50%++ comments in this thread make me sad.. pplz are you serious? or its just fat trolling? guys, get a job alredy.
I am European, and I think pussies kinda make sense (looking at Italian and French attitude...) :D
For those who say we should play Rugby because your tuff with out equipment. The facts are your Rugby player has only made an NFL team as the PUNTER (! That's a stone cold fact not opinion! NFL players get paid more $ and teams will find the best talent anywhere they can (to WIN) and they are not finding them on Soccer or Rugby pitches. Both are great games as well but lets be honest. They could not handle a hit(s) from a 6'5 285 man running a 4.5 and they even come bigger. The best soccer player in the world (Mr. Messi) is all of 5'6" 150lbs. Really?! Best athletes are in the NFL! From all of the WORLD!
ahh the Rugby vs NFL debate :) i know for a fact that Bakkies Botha (6ft 7 1/2 in) (260lb) would take a hit any day from any player. "Some kids pee their name in Snow. Bakkies Botha pees his name in Concrete."
That's cute that you could find 1 Rugby player the size of the starting TE for the Patriots. A man who can run, jump, hit & get this he even catches the ball when thrown to him over 10-20 yds. down field. There is no debate! I am not calling Rugby soft at all but as a whole those athletes are not even close to to the athletes that play in the NFL. Don't take it personal, just remove your personal attachment & look at the facts!
Said it once I'll lsay it again football in England is played with a round ball
I am British and football is our National sport. We most definitely do not call it soccer, that is an American word. The rest of the world calls it Football, quite simply because you use your foot to kick the ball! In American football you only use your feet to punt or kick a field goal, the remainder of the time you cradle the ball in your hands or arms?
There are plenty of big, tough rugby players and there is nothing soft about the game of rugby. It is a hard, physical, brutal sport with no time outs, and no stopping for downs. There is no running on and off field to change up the offensive and defensive lines. When your in your are in for the long hall from start until half time, the only other way to leave is through injury or substitution.
I shared this post, curious if other countries have also mapped their own point of view about the outside world; anyway it will be fun to see it.
More FACTS! The origin of the word "Soccer"

Nowadays, the word soccer is usually attributed to Americans,it was NOT the Americans who first used or invented the word, they were simply the ones that used it to full effect.

So where did the word soccer come from? I'll try to solve this mystery in the article ahead. You probably know of the slight dispute revolving around the word "soccer". The English will never agree to use the term "soccer" around what they call "football" for centuries.

Paradoxally, the origin of the word soccer comes from…you guessed, England. But in order to fully understand what I'm talking about, keep reading ahead as I'll share some of the beautiful history of soccer.

The date of October 26th 1863 is to soccer what March 4th 1787 is to the United States. It's the day that several soccer clubs all around England gathered up in London and formed The Football Association, the first soccer organization up to that date.

The reason I compared this date to the day the United States Constitution was adopted because the Football Association organized the game into a sportive "constitution" called the Laws of Football. The term "soccer" appeared shortly after, being an abbreviation from "Football Association" (from assoc.) and although not as heavily used as soccer, it was a short, light form to describe the phenomenon.

Reportedly, the man who stands at the origin of the word soccer is Charles Wreford Brown, an Oxford student who always preferred shortened versions of words, such as brekkers for breakfast, or rugger for rugby.

Soccer gained popularity in the United States later than in the rest of Europe and since the Americans already had a use for the world "football" in understanding the sport of American Football, a middle option was tried on in between 1945 and 1975, when the organization that controlled soccer in the USA was called the "United States Soccer Football Association".
Besides being long, the name was still confusing so after 1974 it simply adopted the name of "United States Soccer Federation" and the word "soccer" would define the sport in the US area ever since.
It's often mistakenly thought that the United States are the only country that uses the term soccer for what is traditionally known as football in Europe, Asia and other parts of the World. However, the new name was adopted by other countries, specifically those that associated football to a different sport prior to soccer being popular. Such countries include Australia, Canada, New Zealand and some parts of Ireland.
No coments where footbal or soccer comes from, or is the best, someone needs to tell USA that AMERICA is a continent and not a countrie
Im an American 2 south american, Brazil , where the real soccer players come from, real foteballers :)
That is your average American sadly.... I wonder what other countries think of us..... I'm afraid to say
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