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Thought id bump this out one more time to the "day time" crew...

Curious about hangouts? Check out my post of awesome hangouts I have experienced and a small sample of the people who have been part of them.
Amanda Blain originally shared:
No secret I've hung out a lot since the launch of Google Plus... So figured It's time for....

*Epic Awesome Things I Have Seen Done in Hangouts List... *

-Hangouts from Airplanes (+Alex Levinson +Doug McCloud )
-Hangouts through drive thrus (+Jim Alden +Adam Guerbuez )
-Hangout tours of peoples houses (too many to count here)
-Women Only Hangouts (+Kim Beasley +Krystyn Chong +Robin Menikoff )
-News Reports Hangouts (+Eric Chilton +Sarah Hill )
-Famous and soon-to-be famous people concerts in hangouts (+Mark Hoppus +Daria Musk )
-Coding hangouts (lesson and group collaberation) (+Mohamed Mansour +Stacy S +Robert Pitt )
-Toy collection showcase hangouts (+Michael Mozart )
-Cooking show hangouts(+Alida Brandenburg +Rob Grega +Lee Allison )
-Pictionary Hangouts (+Bobbi Jo Woods +Jake McCuistion +Mike Stenger )
-Hangout tour of Los Angeles and night clubs (+Cam Meadows )
-Meditation Hangouts (+Natalie Villalobos )
-Gaming podcast hangouts (+Warren Stanley +Mathew Hoy )
-Karaoke Hangouts (+Joseph Lee +Bobbi Jo Woods +Ben Huh )
-Bible Study Hangouts (+Aaron Manley Smith )
-Xbox mutiplayer via hangouts (with kinect dance games)
-Police Scanner hangout - 'cops style' drive around show... (+Adam Guerbuez )
-Photography questions and Answer Hangouts (+Trey Ratcliff +Thomas Hawk )
-Charades Hangouts (+matthew rappaport +Laurie DesAutels )
-Empire Avenue Hangouts (+Nitin Aggarwal +MichaelQ Todd +Matt Atherton )
-Google Employee feedback hangouts (+Chee Chew +Bob Cleveland +David Bennett +Natalie Villalobos +Loren Groves )
-Car show/motorcycle crash happened in a hangout(+Adam Guerbuez )
-Virtual Coffee Shop/Writer Hangouts(+Mary Robinette Kowal )
-Meeting hundreds of super amazing awesome people from all over the world... (+Your name here)

Have you hungout yet.... ?
If not, I hope you can see that you are really missing out!

Circle me (and all these awesome people here) up... Unpack that webcam and microphone (or order one from amazon for $20)...

Add a comment here and let me know you want to try it out and stop missing out on all the fun!

(Have I missed a cool hangout/person? Mention the person and hangout here! :))
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Hangout Hot Tub back flips got left out ;(
+Amanda Blain Did you drop in on the NASA Juno hangout I ran for a few days from Cape Canaveral? I left it open quite often and can't remember if you dropped in or not! If so, add it to your list!!
I actually meant to put that on darn it... :) this post was ridiculous hard to type out i assure you lol
I think i missed the nasa hangout.. but SERIOUSLY let me know next time! +Sean Cowen
+Amanda Blain I have an urge to call you Girlfrienddddd here haha. But I am definitely planning on hanging out with you once I get my new macbook charger in the mail! Consider it a plan! :)
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