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*Techy Geek Reset Pillows*

Ok... Part of me Loves these geeky pillows to death.. and part of me cringes at the thought of having to explain what it means to almost anyone who comes into my house.

But not you google plus..... What do you think Yay or Nay?

#geek #decor #pillow
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That is absolutely devoted, I have been using computer for 20 year, someone has got it spot
Nikki C
hahahaah kool
to be seen on the show; two and a half men
I wonder how many people wonder about those pillows when they see it on "Two and a half men"
How do you press all three? Do you place them in a stack or lay across all three?
Awesome & Funny
I had a pillow that said ANY KEY on it, until my cat had a bad episode and tore it to shreds. Now I have a huge sectional and a bunch of pillows like that would be great, shame no one would see it.
I say YAH.! That is so cute I love it, but if someone ask to explain it just say it has a very special meaning...
I'm gonna have to say nay on this one.
Cute girl comes over and checks out my place... Somehow I can see those pillows becoming the deal breaker right there! ;-)
Keep them. They are a soft reminder. The power is in your hands. . Post plus button not working since the new updates. +++Group Hug!
I love how I am delusional enough to blame it on the pillows!
will this reboot your sofa?
liike i will grtind you the fuck up
If you got 3 matching pillows that said "Blue" "Screen" "of Death" to go along with these pillows, you wouldn't have to explain it to anyone +Amanda Blain . =)
That's awesome I'm gonna get that for my fiancé...then again he'll want to display then in our apartment when we get married...I guess I won't. 
It would be a constant compulsion to ensure they were always arranged in the correct order (it's even harder to explain what delete - alt - ctrl means). That's just more work :P
well not everyone cares or understands the "GEEK"
I have the « key »: it is « control », « alternate », « delete » as it is a place to « crash »; if there are no blankets, then « freeze ». That might be a difficult pill ow to swallow.

Thank You.
i wish i had those pillows D: definite yay!
its more the association of technology, evolution etc, not expertise!
don't invite noobs over ? problem solved. :D
Your such a geek but I love it. Only you could get away with it. might as well flaunt it.
this will lead to a new party foul saying, "go sit with the pillows" LOL
I'm facing this every day. Ctrl, Alt and Del. especially from my girl friend!
Oh, yes but, do you think it's easy at my age?
Ok Ambra I'll be glad to hear from you. It seems you are a nice and kind lady
I think someone made an easy button solution, it's called reset and in most cases it is a red button.
I once made a creative writing student run from the classroom in tears (or upset to the point of tears) after this directive: "I'm afraid I'd hit Control Atl Delete on this one." I felt terrible, but the directive was well earned! Needless to say, you're not doing anyone without talent or skill a favor by acting as if he or she possesses either or both when that's not the case. Of course compassion has its place, and rigor.
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