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How To Turn Off What's Hot
(so you wont see posts from people you 'don't know' anymore appearing in your stream)

Google hasn't explained this one too well... If you are new here and you are tired of seeing these random pictures from people you have never heard of appearing in your stream.. no need to be rude.. you can turn them off in 2 simple steps.

1) Go to your home page and click on "Explore" on the left side...

2) Then slide the bar at the top all the way to the left so it says "Show nothing from What's Hot in your Stream". All Done

These posts are currently selected to be popular on the website and that is why they are showing up. People don't pick them, they are not 'spamming you' and now you know how to turn them off. Its a feature and I've found many cool new people from it. Google plus works best when you break the comfort bubble and interact with people you do not know.

This slider bar works for all your circles BTW...

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Hopefully Gmail isn't going to feel upset by being featured in your screenshot +Amanda Blain, haha.
For all the ones suggesting that the faces should have been blurred, just notice the post was "Public" from Gmail, therefore visible to everyone in the world. Also it is the April 1st joke from Gmail team. I think if they didn't want their faces seen they would have not participated.
There is always that... may Gmail forgive me :)
New people often think a whats hot post is invasive.. they dont know 'why are you in my stream when i don't know you'... sadly this post likely wont make whats hot.. so most people wont see it... not enough shares :) +saransh kataria
its a magical formula they dont share... but mass amounts of comments pluses and shares in a short time will generally do it.. :)
+Amanda Blain The helpful & instructive posts about Google+ very rarely make it to What's Hot... :-) But they really should.
nice little feature - thx for documentation
thanks 4 information ... *try learn and apply
Great. Now how do I stop the Google+ circles from invading my Android contact list. It's very anoying
+Debra Pearlman most have an option to unsync your circles... if its an HTC there is a known bug and you need to create a seperate new account. I posted about it awhile... do a search for android bug.
Wim Bas
I am glad to write with YouTube
Thanks for this - was getting so annoying and it's definitely not obvious to get rid of!
dan fox
Thanks. What's Hot is a totally and completely irritating 'feature'. It's like someone is shouting through your letterbox.
OMG Thank you! I use Google + because of the lack of fanboys/shameless advertising. Really wished Google would be a little more forthcoming about this feature, but thank goodness you're around to fill the gap. Cheers!
thank you Amanda. All these silly people posting silly pictures with silly captions... this is not hot. not even cool.
Great, now how do you do it on their adroid app.  What a nuisance.  
jeff m
Might want to update this info, new way to do this with new G+ layout
New way: go to Home on the left and look down at the options, click on What's Hot, then at top right, there's a medium size box "What's hot and recommended" and in that box, click on the small gear icon  at top right, for settings/tools. Uncheck "Show posts in Home stream". Thanks, Amanda, for giving enough clues to find the revised (improved? ha, ha) way to turn off these annoying additions to what looks like a very nice set of new features and layout for Google+.
I'm not even sure how this post keeps coming up in results.  Guess a lot of people are searching for it...  I guess ill make a new one at some point.