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*G+ I need Your Help*

My website(Girlfriend Social - has just been nominated for being one of the top friendship websites from It would be a real honor to win this.

You can login with facebook or or put that newsletter generic email to use... but it wont post to your wall or anything (unless you want it too) and you dont need to be a girl to vote :)

Since being here since June I have posted about my website 3 times so I would really appreciate if you took a few moments to vote for GIRLFRIEND SOCIAL and help me out.
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woohoo, congrats on being nominated!
I read that as "it would be a real horror" at first... and I was like.. what am I missing?? Then I got it. I'll help!
You're at 46% of the votes right now! YAY!
Jim C
Done via Facebook. Good luck!
I just gave them my spam email address and voted for you. Even though I'm not a female I've interacted with you on G+ so I feel confident that your site is a quality product. I've even recommended you to my wife.
Just voted for you. Your site is now up to 61% of the vote. Go girl! Good luck.
Wow... i am seriously flattered... :) thanks everyone!
so I voted, can I finally get that honorary girlfriend membership now? ;)
Tried to log in with FB, but it wanted access and rights, so I said no.
Currently winning by 72% - reshared!
You're up to 75%... and shared. :)
Voted! 76%? Looks like you've pretty much secured that spot! ;)
Hey +Amanda Blain , a lot of my followers are complaining that your website says
Sorry the website is only available to Women located in Canada, USA, Australia and UK at this time. We are run by a small team so can only support these areas for now.
I am also getting this (since i'm from NZ) - unsure if it violates the competition rules or not , but it sure is annoying
Its a daily vote for a few weeks... so... well see what happens... :) But... wow.. G+ rocks
You've got my vote. Self-promotion is hard, and I think some women do not do it enough. Well done, +Amanda Blain !
Done, because you do so much here on G+. Best of luck!
You can go through your e-mail +Bret André, you don't need FB...
"To vote, log in with Facebook or OR enter your email address:"
good point.. updated... :) the world does not yet love G+.... mostly because of the lack of API... but I ♥ you G+ and this post proves it.. :)
Damn girl. Killing it! Your at 79% with 85% of the precincts reporting :)
She's done more for G+ than you ever will +Kenya Cason. Anyone can comment one word bs on a post and be gone. Block that fool.
+Amanda Blain send out a reminder tomorrow too, please. I would like to see you do well and tomorrow will be busy, so a little reminder will help. Thanks. Looks like you have quite a few G-plussers behind you. BTW - 80% now.
I checked it out and voted. Best of Luck!
I voted, but it doesn't look like you needed much help!
Rob M
As a male I can't vote because I feel that site discriminates against males. Perhaps a Nah, too many homophobes out there. I'm joking of course, I voted.
Wait, +Amanda Blain -- don't I have to be a female to say GirlfriendSocial is my favorite place to meet friends...?
Somehow a google+ rabbit trail led me to you... glad it did. I checked out your sight and voted for you! Nice to "meet" you.
I don't have FB but I wish you all the best of luck! Is it possible to vote from twitter?
Done. You totally deserve it. Happy to help.
Not in Asia start it Dear...please./
I voted for you, +Amanda Blain Thanks for all you do. And it appears that your Army of Google+ friends are mobilizing for a big win! :)
Voted! Actually, u're 75% on top now!
Awesome! Well done :D
Voted, and you're still at 75%!
Good luck in it, though it doesn't really look like you need it ;)

(I keep finding posts by you that I simply haven't seen in my stream, so I'm going to go check out my circle volumes =/)
Congrats +Amanda Blain even us Guys Love your "Girls Only" work! Well...uhum you know what I mean!
i can't use facebook here.
Congratulations on being nominated! I just voted for your website using my email.

Currently, you have 64% of the vote. Second place has 20% of the vote.
Done, +Amanda Blain! GFS currently has 53% and the next runner up is GFC with 26%. So far a pretty good stomping, but let's not get complacent.
Its a daily thing.... so if you vote every day you would be cool peoples... but im not going to ask every day :)
Voted! You're now at 49% and the one below is 31%.
Quick reminder to anyone who commented here... to keep voting! Contest is still going on.. and im behind a bit! :) <3
i like to be your friend please send me mail to me
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