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Want. Want Now.

Please Santa... Bring me this awesome shower, bath, beach house. I've been a good girl.
But seriously, look at that view! and that rainfall showerhead. So awesome!
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wow .. that is breathtaking ..
oh its realy a creative idea awesome think how relaxe that when bath
My entire body would be wrinkled because I would never exit that haven!
Oh my God!!!!! I want to be there forever!
get in line Amanda....

I wonder.... where do you put the champagne glass when you're in that?
lovely shower &bath is it real? or is it photoshopped?
parquet in the bathroom? not a good idea.. a part from that, i'd like something like that ;)
How wonderful that would be after a hard week of work!!
Nice photo..............................
and very good shower.............
If you want it, then go and get it. Set it as a goal of yours, do not think you can not have towards ways that can help you achieve the things that you want. Also be patient when trying to achieve your golas. Beleive in yourself, and not let any one deter you from reaching your goals. Always think positive, now go and get what you deserve.
hope you don't have a stalker.
When Santa brings it, let me know, and I'll bring the wine ;)
No shower curtain? It's gonna look like the place played host to a pack of bathing seals when you stand up and wash your hair...which brings me to the other curiosity -- it's outdoors. Now I can understand a simple stall shower outdoors to rinse off after a dip in the ocean....but whole a bathtub? <LOL>
That showerhead is awesome --especially compared to the drizzler I am currently using. I wonder if Santa might have two of those in his bag.
This is beautiful...I presume this is in some tropical paradise? Lovely view and shower. Probably not best suited for winter but if you own that then I'll also presume you have a 2nd one indoors. ;-)
Amanda? Do NOT ask Santa. Didnt your mom tell you not to trust fat guys who sit young cutiepies on their laps to promise them a bunch of stuff they wont upkeep? I have done that at the strip club, but thats another matter.
adoraria entrar nesta banheira,que chuveiro bom,,,kkk
Wow, a shower that I doesn't require me to duck to get my hair wet!
Looks like paradise!
christmas is not for a while
Now I know which shower to use in dreams.
This is the perfect ahhhh moment...
I wonder how much water it holds? It looks cool, but it would consume a tremendous amount of water if filled and emptied daily.
work hard, that's what I want for Christmas
Amanda, its really cool. But i womt advice you to wait for santa to get it for you.. Just come over. 
Awesome..I would have lived in this pool without clothes whole my life.
Amazing! Now imagine it's raining outside. You jump in there, turn off the light except for maybe a few candles, and enjoy the view. Let the water fall on you as if it's raining on you.

Who wants some?!?! Lol
Oooohhhh.... O.o.. I wannnt... yes i do..!
I might give up my husband to have that bath! lol
How did you get a picture of my bath?!?!
Just one question: Where's the shower curtains?
Se nè gradisce una anche da queste parti, con mare a vista. Grazie
Hi, santa pls help me and her with the same bath tub
Looks adding a dash of salt to a bowl of soup
If there's something that keeps the water at your desired temperature, that would be the ultimate win and ultimate WANT!@_@
Hi, santa I want one too. I have been a good boy.
I want this for my birthday!!
and it doubles as a great punch bowl for a crowd! :-)
I sure hope that's a cautioned off private beach...Imagine the reputation it'd get amongst the horny locals!
Geez, wouldn't that just SUCK? You'd look like a PRUNE from spending so much time in the water--and there goes your social life...down to 2, max! I could live with it!
Indeed beautiful I belive no santa can give you this but Jesus.
Oh WOW........ I need one of those........ It looks so relaxing.
Pity about the apartment just out of shot on the right...
the small faucet pumps java from *bucks too...thats all i need..and no more jonesing (never really thought to spell that word!) for me, pun intended.
awesome looks so cool but u probs need like a million dollars to own 1
God will help you to take bath in the beach house with your nice dream
This is amazing. Now I'm thinking...what if this was a hot tub instead of a bathtub, but still had the rain shower.
It looks like an onion soup bowl. Maybe going to make a huge meal?
I would want it! It'd be like sitting in a giant tea cup.
John Ek
Wow! That's awozing! Yes it's a new word. smashup of wow and amazing. Feel free to use it. Agree on Vance that it should have a hot tub option!
One problem. Where does the soap go?
coool!!!! i want a thing like that
wow,,,i like it,,,where ist,,,,
I'm not a bath person but I could become one with that tub. Be great for nice romantic evening with that special someone.
Blissful yes, but hard to look at this and not also think water torture
I bet that tub gets a lot of gritty sand in the bottom of it.
I would love this view from inside the tub.
Tina A
After you are done visiting Bobby's house, please come to mine pretty please, I SO need this ! !
what a luxurious bathing tab..enjoy 
it is very nice view for shower give relax and new mode
Where is that?
I mean, building something like that into a Hawaiian timeshare wouldn't be too hard, but I want to know where this is to see if I can book a vacation.
But after the ocean level rise couple of feet and the bowl bobbing in the wave that will be really awesome.
Until somebody else walks on the beach.
Man imagine that warm rain when it's cold and rainy outside...
Amanda, you might get an invite to visit Santa for a bath :)
Ren Zen
seriously, what is the # to book it for the Mother's day?
can i please come and live there with that kind of bath!?!!
I can picture me and the missus getting cosy in that! Or even just myself with whoever wants to join me.Just keeping my options open...
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its very vvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wow
Shower Tub Next to Beach = SHUBNEACH
I don't know about the shower but the beach.......I tell you I had this holiday in Srilanka's Trincomalee Beach (Marble Beach) I have never seen anything like that total empty beach with a waist height water, absolute paradise.You must forget the shower and take a dip there next Christmas
if everyone here put a little money on the place. i bet we could all share.
I will take two - One for the Wife & One for the - - - -
I'd live the rest of my life on that. 素晴らしい
ive already boght it so yeah you cant get it no more
Sweetheart, that is absolutely, 100% amazingly beautiful!!! But I guarantee you that it is approximately tooooooooo expensive, correct??? HELL YA. YA, it's one of those fukin products that just simply made for the "Rich snobs" that can afford and enjoy it!!! Must be nice!!! Maybe in my next life we'll be able to afford it, but ya never know, just keep that beautiful smile on your face though cuz ya never know if you'll win the lotto or something!!! ;) - Love ya, Dee
Boy that's some tough living for sure!
you must share (only the tub)
Love It....every girl needs one of these!! Lol so breath taking ^_^
wow this is very nice... ..i shall put this is my house...
thats nothing like a view from alaska
This is nice but wouldn't it be timed? lol I mean you can't just relax for however long you wanted because it would overflow and ruin the wood.
Yes that's my idea of bathing/showering with a view! <3
That's so awesome, but I'd scare the beach goers.
Adam G
I wish i could take a shower in such beautiful place right now!
That is the most fabulous shower I have ever seen. I hope santa gives you it indeed.
that is my ot tub hahhhahahahah i wish lol
I never knew Santa was into interior decor and real estate. Looks like that bags gonna be heavy this year.
i sssssssssoooooooooooooo want that!!!
is this a pool or a bath or a jacuzzi?
why I don't believe that you been a good girl ;)
Look like giant cup o noodles. Bring more shrimp.
Gorgeous must cost at least $20000.00
Wao, it looks like a swimming pool!
This could be a paradise on earth if we'll all got it!!! Its beautiful!!!
What a view, I could definitely get behind this idea!
Me too - followed by a great massage...
wow!!! this is awesome!!!! :-) i want one too
I will if you want me to. I know a guy who builds those
i want 1 there cool but i have no were to put it
:( so but maby i have some were to put it ya i do but my mom wont let me how much does it cost
i fucking want that right now :)
If you want rainfall shower head check my "room with a view"
WOW that looks like a indoor waterfall NICE :)
if i had that i am sure they would miss me a cupple days from work
Bathing in that shower tub is like to take a bath in heaven....

Can get relief 4m all tensions and could be relaxed for the time
ahhhh i want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
awesome....i have never anything awesome like this..:)
OMG Can I have it
That is massive
Simply AWESOME ................................ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not one to be impressed with "stuff," but this IS awesome!!!!
am invite you ----------- come ghourgada egypt
Unfortunately that showerhead is now ILLEGAL.
the DoE will not allow it. and if you have more than one showerhead in your shower, well, they can only use a COMBINED 2.5 gal / min now.... say goodby to that handheld wand.
But where is the temperature controller
прэлестно. Санта, я тоже такой домик хочу!
munju s
feel like diving into that big tub of milk for a milk-bath a'la cleopatra
Amanda Blain from Toronto by chance do you know Simone Hamilton
in Toronto ?
Please Santa.. Bring me this awesome shower, bath, beach house and toss this hot girl name +Amanda Blain inside of it.. I have been a real bad boy! No seriously....
Just the beach house would be enough for me!
This is beautiful, cute it 'll probably fit in my dream Home. Baba show me the way
i see me naked in that!! hahaha! needs more headroom for casting the fishin pole!!!! way cool photo! agreed i want one too! is really awesome..don't give up hope for this..
All I can say is Wow!! Talk about a dream image! Thanks for sharing. :-)
I want that tub! That would be like taking a bath and a shower at once! LOL!
Looks like a giant mixing bowl where's the giant. Love the view.
ahhh wish i was there right now turning all pruney!
You should create a kickstarter to help you get one. There seem to be enough people here that like it.
Very  NICE  n  REALLY  BEAUTIFUL .  LOVE  u n  MISS  u  a  lot  too .
Amazing, such a relaxing experience
You can find this type of beach house at OBX!!
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