G+ I need Your Help... One final time :)

My website(Girlfriend Social - http://www.girlfriendsocial.com) has just been nominated for being one of the top friendship websites from about .com. It would be a real honor to win this.... but Im currently about 10% behind... http://friendship.about.com/b/2012/02/22/vote-2012-favorite-website-for-meeting-new-friends.htm

You can login with facebook or put in any generic email you use to vote... It wont post to your wall or anything (remember to remove the checkmark), You dont need to be a girl to vote and you can vote from anywhere in the world... :) Just select Option 5 Girlfriend Social. You can vote once a day till the 21st.

I know everyone is busy so I really appreciate all of you who take the 2 minutes out of your day to support my website.

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