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G+ I need Your Help... One final time :)

My website(Girlfriend Social - has just been nominated for being one of the top friendship websites from about .com. It would be a real honor to win this.... but Im currently about 10% behind...

You can login with facebook or put in any generic email you use to vote... It wont post to your wall or anything (remember to remove the checkmark), You dont need to be a girl to vote and you can vote from anywhere in the world... :) Just select Option 5 Girlfriend Social. You can vote once a day till the 21st.

I know everyone is busy so I really appreciate all of you who take the 2 minutes out of your day to support my website.
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done. (Good luck!) and congrats on your nomination! 
voted x6 again :)
Voted, with ALL my email addresses. Good luck!
Thanks everyone! You can vote again tomorrow if you like :) <3
Done. I left the tab open so I remember to vote again tomorrow +Amanda Blain. Good luck!
Wow, 3 out of those 5 are women only? Interesting. Not that I don't understand the need for it, but "male only" is usually frown upon. Maybe it's time to put an end to that double standard.

I voted for you btw. LifeKnot is in first place but it has such a horrible design.
Done. On the verge of needing to create new emails. That said, I am willing to.... ;)
I must have used like 6 or 7 different e-mail addresses =]

Speaking of that...I should probably go check on my profile and send more coffee ;]

Good luck!
Ok I voted for you. Go you! And Good Luck!
mama,nupirk man sombrero,as noriu buti kaip kabaljero,mama,prasau mama,as noriu valgyt puritas,mylet sinjoritas
LOL +jonita rimkute! whenever I see comments and/or posts in a different language I try to translate it. I often use as a tool if I can't pick out what someone is trying to say, or to solidify what I think they are saying. I did this with your comment, which translated to the following "mom bought me a sombrero, I want to be as kabaljero, Mom, please Mom, I want to eat Puritan, Signorina Afraid" I understand the sombrero part since +edwin enrique ramirez giraldo commented on the girl's hat in the screenshot. But that translation just made me laugh :)
if Signorina afraid,that means that her doesnot can to love. But if you wana eat Puritan,to love Signoritan that is a dream
Amanda have asafe n sound journey

it's a Canada,as i hear. She traveled aruond America
it is good feeling must be, when you know that you can win
+James Cordeiro i should have... travel made everything go nuts... you were super awesome supportive though.. thank you!
Basic natura! I like it! You are lovly! So. So. Wayt. A... You are fantastic wonderfull
How did Amanda do with the voting? The pole is closed now...
wont know until the 30th... might still win if that site was found to be cheating.. .:)
Oh great +Amanda Blain !! It wouldn't surprise me. the votes seemed to just shoot up at a ridiculous rate all of a sudden. Anyway I wish you all the luck. To be honest I'd be really surprised if you don't make it. :-) Thx
I still want to know where the F they came from, lol. They weren't there at the start. Or did I just bypass them almost 15 times?
how many dreams still dreamings,how many works are waiting,but years don't waiting,they flowing like river
i wish you happiness. The life is like ship in the ocean. Nice jorney! While the trees are grouing,while the grass are green,we'll be standing here and will be strong like walls
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