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Snow White and The Huntsman

This movie looks epic awesome. Going to see it today. Have you seen it yet? Review here from me later :)

+Snow White and the Huntsman pumped to see you using G+ :D

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i haven't seen it yet, but I heard it was good.  going to see it next weekend.
plan on seeing's intriguing to see the differences between the Disney version, the "Once Upon A Time" TV series version, and now this movie version.
I've seen it, I think you'll enjoy it.  Let us know later.
It looks awesome. Let us all know what you think of it!
about to go see it myself in an hour. can't wait. charlize theron looks epic!
Kim A.
I'm probably seeing it tomorrow. I expect good things.
Didn't like the ending. The rest of the movie I liked
Looks Good! Becoming a fan of Grimm and Once Upon A Time too!
Mike G
Rigbt behind you!
Just saw it! Two thumbs up! One review said a cross between Game of Thrones (with out the raunchiness) and Labyrinth. Totally agree.
Have to wait till mid June when it comes out in Sydney:-( I'll definitely be watching it. Too many movies to watch, Prometheus, The Amazing Spiderman, The Dark Knight Rises
ces images fictions cachent toujours des choses pas claires pour l'humanité, et c'est là le piège du monde.
I saw a free screening Thursday night!
Astounding visually graphics ,very violent !
Some will like this film many will dislike it!
My advice ... It's a rental !
Hope you enjoy it. Looking forward for your review ;-)
hey amanda, i herd u dont comment on victors stuff, y is that?
I've read mixed reviews. Apparently Bella has another movie and the acting is just as bad. 
totally want to see that movie! it looks so beast!
I want to see it but I believe this will be a Blu Ray purchase for me as my free time is taken. But I hope you enjoy it! It looks awesome!
+donald hakala couldn't hurt.....most of have a "baseline" knowledge from our childhood of the fairy tales, and IMO makes them much more interesting than a comic book hero we may or may not know.
woow i love this picture i want to see this movie so freakind bad, maybe i will go see soon hopefully!!!!!!!!!:)
Wil need ur review for this movie :D
Saw it this morning w/ the fam... It was ehh... Cool effects, storyline not that strong though... 3 stars out of 5 (and thats being generous).
sooooooo want to see it!!
We are going to see it today. BTW, Amanda, how come I don't see any other GOT-related post from you? I miss them. 
gonna watch this weekend! even more exited now..
The pic makes me want to watch it more then I wanted to!!
Allyn E
have seen it, 2 thumbs up! one thing i least lyk part in the movie is the end part, some what lacking something, ehehhehe, but over all its great :)
just a bunch of bull shit. lllllllilike walts version better
I really want to see this movie!!!
Allyn E
u have 2 see it, dont wory the ovie was freat, its not just about the story, its also about art, 'art appreciation' :)
gonna watch it today for Chris Hemsworth <3 but I also heard Charlize Theron's queen is convincingly soul-sucking evil, so it should be worth watching :)
OMG!!! i want to see that movie so freak-en bad!! 
bull shit movie. i like walts snow white better.
It was a good movie stayed close to the fairy tale good acting all the way around
Friends and I are seeing it tomorrow. I'll admit that I'm using my daughter as an excuse to see a "Snow White" film. :)
so want to see that, even if i have to see it on my death bed...I WILL see that!!!!!!!!!
this movie thinks it's soo cool. if it were a person it would wear aviator glasses and equally stupid shit as that.. hhahahahah
Awesome movie but Kristen Stewart just can't act. And she's not the fairest of them all.
Allyn E
yah, ur ryt kristen stewart doesnt hav an acting skills for oscars award wining type, but if u see the "whole picture" of the movie, it definitely one of the best cinematographic skills a movie could have this year. Kristen stewart act beutifully that it complement with other actors/actresses, specially the queen, :) over all the movie was GREAT!
Loved Charlize Theron, enjoyed the movie, but...Kristen Stewart...(sigh)...was there no one else they could have cast as Snow White?  
the trailer looks so epic, but i dislike the choice for the actress that plays snow white. beats me, i dont like how she acts, but thats just me
mirror mirror is about snow white too?wtf
Folks im all new to this google+ any1 fancy giving me a few pointers
We watched it about 4 hours ago. By "we" I mean my 19-yo daughter, my 12-yo son, my 47-yo husband and me (44). None of us cared for it. It was boring and too long. Kristen was as disappointing as ever.The only enjoyable part was the huntsman :-)) They should have asked the mirror, "Who is hottest of them all" and then it would definitely name the huntsman!  
omg this one look awesome cna't wait to see blu ray
Kristen Stewart took a great cast, a decent story, and awesome effects and killed it. She's more vampire then the whole cast of Twilight, they need to either quit giving her parts, because she can't act, or at bare minimum include acting lessons in her contract.
I want to see this, there's a 50/50 split on the reviews so far online and on TV. +Amanda Blain, have you seen it yet & if so what are your thoughts?
I haven't seen it yet. Gonna watch it maybe tomorrow. Excited to see this movie.
*MY REVIEW* yup... kristen tisk tisk.. i want to like you.. i gave you a chance but the whole movie i just kept thinking of your meme i've seen all over google that said.. 'does she have no other face expression' ... well she did not here either. 

Charlize Theron on the other hand... shines.. beautiful.. amazing.. evil..  The costumes were good... Huntsman is a good lookign dude who plays his part well... The story dragged in a few spots...  I liked it all in all.. Could watch it in the theatre as it was beautiful to watch.. sans kristen and well.. as others mentioned.. i didnt really care for the ending... but i still enjoyed myself .. and it DID remind me of Legend(Tom Cruise) Or Labyrinth(David Bowie) from the 80's in quite a few spots...  

Just try and get over the dull face of Kristen Stewart.. and you should enjoy your time :)
Thanx for the review +Amanda Blain, I will have to see it now.
Though maybe I should pop in my DVD of Legend to prepare myself ahead of time...
I Think I have to see this video right now. thanks for your recommend
Charlize looks stunnuing Great One and Best of luck with the Movie from South Africa
I loved the movie but I wished they would have picked someone else for snow white. You can't compare the beauty between her and Charlize. Charlize made that movie. End of story.
i want to see this movie pls help me ! i need time to see this one.
i thought it was awesome! Good story, great atmosphere, true fantasy movie. i def recommend
ive bet wunting to watch that movie it sounds good and isint the girl that plays snow white play bella in twilight
so what you all say the movie is awesome?
pls, i want to wacth snowhite,,,,,
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