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These people have way too much time on their hands..
and electricity.

#christmas #holidays
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Losers. Get a life....there are other hobbies and last i checked christmas isnt a hobby...
TB;DL - Too Bright; Didn't Look
Leo D
Looks like they missed a spot.
I found a solution to the energy crisis...
Unplug that house... o.0
Oh no +Terry Davis There are a ton of pre 90's LED lights and animated things in there... Look at those dancing elves in front! Classic 80s! ಠ_ಠ +Dmitri McNally
oh man... I soooo don't wanna know what their electric bill is this month. Gorgeous though!!
Its a good thing unemployment benefits last so long. (just kidding, just kidding)
mei lan
wow very nice
yeah...thats a over kill! i can appreicate it but i cant do it.
Yes Artie, is world famous Brooklyn, the house is decorated every year but not by the people who live there but by hired professionals who bring everything to set up for a few months display...Their electric bill last year was around 10 thousand dollars. I visit the house almost on a monthly basis...cause I go by it on my way to shopping...I love never fails to draw a crowd.. This year is all decorated but differently but never the less still extravagant...Cost to decorate several thousand dollars....for a team of hired workers....
+Dmitri McNally *sigh* LED is from the 60s but it was only red and it was also expensive... They were not used in christmas lights until the 90's....
That is beautiful, I bet there electric meter is running big time.
Reminds me of the movie "Christmas Vacation" with Chevy Chase. Have you seen the Christmas LIght shows on Youtube?
Some are amazing.
I can appreciate it and the spirit it represents, but i could never do it myself.
I thought so. I live in Bensonhurst, I've seen that house. The neighbors try to keep up but fail.
Yikes you'd need a welding mask to view that in person. Even the picture has the potential for retina damage ouch.
So how come I have just one set of lights and it trips the GFCI several times a week?
One of those things that make you believe aliens are indeed amongst us... :-)
OMG! It's actually quite beautiful in an over done sort of way.
Funny you say that +Amanda Blain , every year i see houses decorated like this, and my first thought is 'wow that's beautiful' followed immediately by 'bet that cost a LOT of money, and then there is the electricity!"
Not sure I could ever do it and justify the cost unless i was richer than god or something :)
Ahhh, let's stop all the bitching and whining about the lights or led or 80s or 90s, the electricity. Merry Christmas everybody
and i bet THEY complain about global warming too, do i see a SUV behind those lights on the right?
and way too less on care for both!
its like HEAVEN .........................sperlyk
...I wonder what their electricity bill looks like o.o
I seriously wonder about the bill as well.
febulous!!!!!! i love that, beautifull!
+Ken Nagrod my advice would be don't. Don't approach, don't look, and don't open anything. Thinking of the original Raiders of the Lost Ark here ;)
ૐƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒツ♥ღThanks for sharing Amanda!
Yes...they might have time....but they have also built something decorations I have seen yet.
maybe you should create a jigsaw puzzle out of this photo & make
some money, what do you think ?? all these beautiful photos that you're taking could make you a millionaire, hey ?!
The house next door just has lights saying:

They like lights lol. Someone has some Christmas spirit.
happy happy Christmas.... enjoy.... it.....//:) :)
Could have been using LED lights? hehe
beautiful decoration but it's dazzling china.
LOL yeah.. I agree with that.. After Christmas, I don't want to be the one to take that down.. :)
i like the way they decorated it,i wonder how many days or months to do that,thats febulous!
one of the many things I loved growing up at this time of year...seems not many do this much any more....can image the power bill come the following January...
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