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Yes, I enjoy intelligent humor.....arghhhhhhh
I live in the Zombie Capital of the US, but even I was unaware of the level of honesty that zombies had. Zombies to tend to like girls. friend is addicted to zombies to...The Black Opp's kind...
WTF i love zombies
Ya, zombies has different perspective.
Why Zombies like eaten brains...?? very confuse...
+Zhaojun Zhang because they dont have one, and by eating somebody's brain they thought they can have it ;P
wowhh,, i miss playing plants vs. was really fun...well atleast these zombies likes brain rather the body of a bright...lolsz
very nise........................................
I like the way he lies. if he Change the "Dear Girls" to "Dear boys" then I belive him.
I found the story about zombie is such different between east and west...
In our story,zombies is more like the vampire,with very smart sense.
Girls realy wat up with u and ZOMBIES?????come on.....
Dpen K
Hey, I happen to be called the "g33kZombie" at the university, sometimes.
ren Yi
cute zombies,lovely zombies,
its actually the opposite Amanda...And i am talking abt Normal men..not Zombies
Un Por
thumb up!
Unfortunately for Zombies girls brains are hard to find +Amanda Blain LOL Sorry could not let that easy one pass me by!
lol im a zombie but took me a while to find a girl with brains but just so happens shes got the body to witch is a +1 for me but still love the brains more:)
well ... i live with zombies ...... just never took the job to get a girl with brains ..... guess ill try now
Hmmm,!!Cmon zombie..Leave d hot gurls for us,send letter to d brainy ones,aiyt. 
i like that zoombie ,i love the way zoombie' lie :D
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