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Do you relate to this? I do.
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Finally after 50+ years I can sleep, because I learned to turn off the hamster wheel in my head and truly accept the fact that all that shit will still be there...tomorrow. One Benadryl at bedtime helps, too.
Youhave another YOU inside YOU. Not everyone has it (I do).
I agree with this coz I do this sometimes..:-)
thinking is good but if u think too much it will kill u.
Unless you think about how to defend yourself from thinking yourself to death.
yep, makes going to sleep near impossible
one might go crazy... but the hard part.. is turning it off..... without meds, sleep aids etc... i find reading helps :)
Just took some Benadryl and watching 1138 THX on my iPad
yes if am away from my husband - i think of him. Also i think of solution for next week's tasks....
That happens to every middle aged person. Not sure about oldies or children.
Yup, but I try no to think about stuff a lot because then I can't sleep
Take drugs. I mean...sleep aides. Trazodone works great for me. Also, if you are 1/2 serious about over-active bed brain, take 10 minutes before hitting the sack and write all of those little bits down...on paper. It really helps to get those top of mind things out and frees the brain to work on the deeper stuff. Good night!
Yes, so nice. it's was so practical and true !!
Hi, try to avoid thinking of the ones u hate, and just concentrate on the ones u miss. This way life gets more beautiful and u get more positive vibes....
I used to, now I just go to sleep.
I was just wasting my life being tired....
i really relate to this,its common for me
i meditated in memories of the day
sometimes i fight with some else & then after laughed on it ; bla bla
i wrote my thy fictions & characters....
and this would usually result to stirred thoughts and sleepless nights. I know. I'm feeling you.
Sometimes even when sleep eludes me when I most need it, I just 'go with the flow' of sleeplessness and better use it to do relaxing things that will make sleep come easy ... :-)
Plans are always in mind, its need to circulate. you look very sexy.
agh!!!! isf! the most cruel thing of man kind!
I wants to talk with you. My contact Number. : +919504307669
Well I'm supposed to wake up in 2.5hrs for my first day back at work after having two months off.

So +Amanda Blain, yes... Yes I can and do relate to this!
mostly i do that,

but sometime i'm forget it,
yeah and i fly off on idea tangents
why is your post on my wall tell me i don't know you
Every night this is same thing that's i doing before sleep
I use to do that. Not for years. It's a hard habit to break.
Don't waste your time and energy hating people, and certainly don't waste time thinking about them. (I do the rest of it though)
keeping yourself wondering every night
ur thinking is appreciable.we lost many times 2 think about others but he doesnt caring
Sounds like my thoughts, LOL
I am thinking only to how much the balance to climb.
nice ....... but i dont think alot caz it reduce the skills
Pretty much, but not the "Make my plans for the next day"
What! you do this reflection-thingy instead of some ipad surfing with ipod playing to your ears? :)

BTW, to be effective you should start this reflection 2 hours before you go to sleep. You should also sleep before you get to last two steps - remembering hatees and creating question list, instead just imagine that all hatees have reformed and all questions have been answered. You will get better sleep and a better tomorrow.
how upload imaqe on google ?
im first timmer
-_- I sometimes the same thing night after night.... I have foud that it really helps to meditate, do sleep yoga, or change my exercise/eating habits. That's just the tip of the iceberg though. Not to say that it doesn't do A LOT OF GOOD.
Totally agree with most items on the list, except the hating people part... just don't hate anyone, not even my enemies! Prefer to remain thankful for all the better things in life.. and there is plenty ..
i do that before i go to sleep i wonder if you could feel yourself going to sleep like how i never remember when i wake up when i went to sleep but would you stay awake if you could feel yourself going to sleep like you can feel yourself closing your eyes :)
yes i do all such things.... not think abt people whom i hate....!
mostly i think abt d poeple whom i miss...
This is based on my life. Im up at 4:00 Am thinking all those things just trying to fall back to sleep for school. Efff. 
i just pray before i sleep
Yeah I can relate to that I do it myself and not just before I go to sleep.
I do all of this... Then promptly forget about it the next morning. O_o
did u know if u think 2much more than ur skul can handle down 2ur spine,the thingz can acualy appear b4 ur very i hav ur attention nw? 
I just need/ want to stop my mind...
yh I am like that. it makes me feel weird.
Self evaluation is good for healthy being..............
all that .... ? do you sleep anyway after that ??!! really . :)
nope... i just pray then close my eyes...
the post perfectly describe me.........
Yes i do sometime but not regular.....
i think the best time to do this thinkin is...........................when u wake UP.................. ; {]
why worry/think about it? all the stuff listed is in the past, you cant change it, learn from your mistakes and move on. Thinking like that gets you nowhere.
It is better not to think about anything when going to sleep, so you can sleep deeply -- the mind will solve all the problems and acting well as soon as it will woke up !!
i can't remember what i do before going to sleep... i think i just sleep...
hahahaha this pic is funy where did u get it
pretty much this is what i do! oh hi! um you know harry botham? well I'm his cousin Alexandra, just ask him
No, but can you really sleep after doing all this before sleep?
Hell yeah..!! Nowadays iam trying to avoid by browsing or watch tv till I get sleep:)
No, I just imagine something & (dont remember when) sleep.
When u do alot of work and u know that yesterday you have to do same stuff again . Then u get hell tired and when on bed u don't have time to even think what you ll wear tomorrow :p
it's good but it just dreaming of flower, how am i just it question........
i think it helps to think u sleep so u can be able to correct all the mistkes 4 day
i am sure you musn't be getting a good sleep
So true... I think I can safely say that a LOT of people can relate to this...
Am I right?
and of course I think about BILLS
I think most females like this.. But males, they start zzzzzz in one second after jumping on the bed to sleep! 
Like I said, pray before you sleep. Play good music after praying. You won't think so much again. Good luck
thinking doesnt work out it should b implicated in real life..
That's why I don't get to sleep till 5am.. Lolz
i can relate to this, what ever happened to leaving all your worry's on the landing and having a goods night's sleep
i wish i don't think of all the ones i hate...
no i dont because i want a peacefull sleep ,
I can relate a little to that. Not to that extent, but I can safely say that switching off my head before bed is very difficult.
I harder I try to stop thinking , I more I think about 
i think that is the best time of the day to think about life
Seize the day Love, what if's are no good to anyone!!! ---[] +
and when do you have time to sleep after all this thoughts
OK at least I know I'm not the only one now...
+Amanda Blain you should try drinking vodka, you could replace all that with "I wish the room would stop spinning"
i think it is only natural to do so since there is no one beside me while i lay to sleep.i either talk to God or think of myself and life.
And this is exactly what you shouldn't do if you want to actually sleep.
walking before sleep helps me but it is 321 am
We are but humans. We reflect on things we did, and plan on things t0 d0. This m0stly take place bef0re we j0urney t0 the dreamw0rld. 
I think of how I got into this life am I gonna die like this ? This is it this is who I'm with. I don't like it..
Yes, I do all that and more, just in a slightly different way perhaps ... I pray!
this is why i listen to old radio shows while going to sleep... i dont like the things my mind comes up with while i'm waiting for sleep
I ask myself a lot of questions. But I can't really figure out why is this mediocre post in my "What's hot" stream....
yes i also do that but perhaps afterall quit dissapoint
That's what a normal person should do before sleep 
Yeah me too.........mind just goes into over-drive and I just can't switch off.
You forgot one thing: "And therefore I didn't sleep at all"
Most certainly do. I often awaken with the solution to a problem right there in the forefront of my mind..
please ask a lot of questions again and again yourself, the think about it, then you should get the answer easily
pleas ask the quection dude
Wow...dude ...i does same thing bcsz it makes our mind sharp and we can have a good sleep......too ....;
I worry before i got to sleep lol
Dima P
I count sheep
+ i thank God for the wonderful day i had.
hi nice looooooooooooooooook
Its just like what i use to have! Until i decided to stop thinking and start acting, the moment i begun doing that the thoughts just faded =)
i do sleep like a baby, and wake up like a man
i also thank god for a new day in my life but besides thanking i also plan for next day.
Almost thought you were talking about me.....
Yup I used to do that but now I learned to turn off my two brain cells cause all they do is argue anyway 
Oh My god
U r just genious
Hi Amanda, great stuff. Yeah I do sort the same stuff
my head hits the pillow and that's it.... I zonk out...zzzzzz
I agree with some sort of planning for the next day. But if u think this much,generally may not help. 
hello friends... I am a new user... Please help... To use it....
hello friends... I am a new user... Please help... To use it....
Zein NC
Hi Amanda
This is very good job.
Those few minutes of thinking when I go to bed is when I can sort things out and it all makes sense
yes... as if I'm going to become paranoid predicting what would be happened on the coming days..hahaha...
I like that did you know that some people don't think before they speak and don't even bother to think about the effects of what they said
yeah girl my mind is always buzzing at night
each time i sleep,i get my mind prepared for d next day
.. interesting is nt it? coz by the time you may decide to stop thinking for going into sleep its almost morning approaching.. take time to sleep too.. :)
I absolutely do. That's why I couldn't get to sleep and I'm on my damned computer! LOL ;)
haha me to i go to bed around 9 and fing myself up til midnight just thinking
I tend to just stick with the sheep
I whack off sends me asleep straight away 
i am out before my head hits the pillow
That's what we called insomnia
today i am adding my name as one of the people you will miss before going to bed
I think about these things in the shower more than at night. 
yeah u knw.1 does not sleep straght away. but atyms i try 2 jxt imagine tins den b4 i knw, am sound asleep!.
Makes more sense than anything I've heard all day
optimistic Thinking always is always is our duty to thank god for still living ...that we can still move..breath and smile.....see people deal with them ...and make unforgettable happy memories....if you have a day that you felt cursed or had a bad luck....also think about it in a good way....and thank god also...because what to do if that situation got worse or something else...everything we do or event that we don't know about it good or bad is always good for us... i believe in that!!!.....before i sleep i always think about what good i did and be glad...and what bad i did and think about a way to change it to be better!!!.....
well .. i do all of the tings above but ... and let me tell you ... its bad for your health .... "we should expect the best and prepare for the worst" that my new MOTO..
also when we think about what is happening around us we don't get lost but find the truth and follow it ;)..... like ur PIC !! xD
and then suddenly realize, Oh I am getting late from office. :D
So much thinking will almost take whole night. :D
I take care of all the thoughts prior to bed. When I lie down it's time for sleep and usually sleeping with in 5 mins
lisa m
you just think
That's good things to do specialty if you play nice and positives scenes and if you add to that thinking of your big questions, so your mind will work on them when you
this is how I don't sleep!
Emily L
I can relate to that if you mean revenge plans? No jk
OMG... that is so true...!
same as me, except i never HATE. ?.
These are common thoughts , most are doing with some exeptions.
Ik what your feelin
I have those same thoughts
But if you pray to Jesus, he will help you rid of those thoughts
Nope, I just say thank you in my mind n I'm asleep in secs. Thank you zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Me, I'm thinking/coding till the point I pass out, then I go to sleep and travel to the weirdest places. Most of those things that you do before you go to sleep I ask myself the next morning before I get up and when I'm in the shower, and then I end up with a prioritized to-do list for the day (I have shower notes now)
Totally... I can relate I think sooo much it takes me an hour to get to sleep
hi amanda, have u ever visited dharamshala ? i think i have seen you
Try reading "Now I lay me down to sleep" in the book ' Wishes Fulfilled' by Dr. Wayne Dyer, it will change how you fall asleep and change your world!
Yes I can relate I myself is a tinker I think constantly,my brains is prossessing info at rocket speed if I do say so myself at all times,not a good thing
Without thoughts we would have no memories. Without memories what would there be to think about?

you are very busy but go to sleep
I don't mind the good thoughts, it's the dark thoughts that drive me crazy..( can you say sleep aide ? )
I don't do any if this crap mentioned in the image before bed...I just GTF to sleep, ha ha....yes, +matthew rappaport, I do sleep at least a few hours per night. Don't tell +Louis Gray .

That better be a good response, because I had to flick all the way down to the end of this on my phone, to do it!
i just go to sleep because i am tired and that is what you do when you are tired :)
Hey Amanda saw you on here just wanted to say hello and say I am am a gear head and was wondering if I could get your gamer tag to add you so we could play sometime. E mail me if you do not want to post it on here.
I find that reading an interesting book and a warm glass of milk usually puts me right to sleep. Try it and let me know if it works for you.
imagine the world in your way, recall the memories and how you spent your day, forgive everyone, promise for a better tomorrow and smile.
The world is full of what ifs....You just have to remember what you want desire in life and never stop striving for it.
Before I go to sleep, while I am driving my car, while I am day dreaming, while I am on the phone waiting for someone to pick up or while I am on hold. Oh yes very much, Meditation helps, but reflecting on your mistakes and future possibilities helps you prevent the same mistakes from happening again. It is also very nice to dream of what if and work to make it happen!
can a person think that much before go to da bed..? specially hate ones.i don't think
yes I do relate to you except I do not think to hate any one. I suggest you too do not think this . only love all, you will get good sleep
sounds good but i would get rid of the "what ifs" total waste of time.
I try to go to sleep and link 20+ formulas and numbers come to my head its annoying!!! I want to sleep not review what i learned in school
I do exactly the same Amanda before I sleep, the problem with that is: I lay awake half the night.
That is why I don't sleep sometimes.....
Sounds familar. Sometimes I even get good answers/solutions to issues I am contemplating.
When I look at this it really makes me think about how I relate to how my day goes and what I do before I go too sleep... Love the way it makes you think about life and it's meaning.
what i do sometimes to shut down the mind is to imagine that i didnt learn any languaje so i play a little game where its not allowed to think any words, its like unlearn your languaje. Its not easy at first but im getting better.
wow thats nice i also do the same before i go to bed
I do at times,but I have learned that a simple prayer works for me.
I ask God to help me shut down my mind & may I wake well rested.
I do this all the time...also in the shower :-P
Probably your job is affecting you in this sense.
I stretch my arms and legs b4 goin 2 bed
hm ... agree ...
i listen ipod and dance with my bear in bed
u need some Ganoderma Lucidum it will put u to sleep without thinking about it.
these are the things that keep me awake at night until two in the mornin!! AND THATS WHY IM SLEEPY ALL THE TIME!
so busy... even when its time to is short.. enjoy it:-P
'crazy impulse' dat's what i call it. U cnt get board with fine imaginings, for eg: imagine a flying crock tking an air hangout with a super beautiful eagle n gues what they'l be discussing.
That's me every night, mostly ToDos and "I miss" over and over
been happy isn`t something that you can not find any were, is something that you find for your self ,in places that you can expectet or with people sometimes you dont care enjoy live.
No. I think this is why so many people have insomnia - they spend too much time and build up too much anxiety thinking about things while lying in bed. It's much healthier if you do your thinking before getting into bed. Then right before getting in, clear your mind. You'll fall asleep faster and have a better night's sleep.
By the time i put my head on bed i hardly find the time to practice the minimum amount of brain activity.

I do that all the time trust me (sometimes I stay up for ages!!!)'s food, the inventory of your own lil fort knotts!
if you engage somebody are you gone repeat these
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