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*Foodies and Good things for you to Eat Circle*

There are some home chefs, cooks, professional chefs and food bloggers in this circle. Many recipes and tasty treats get posted through these fine folk.

I am also splitting this up into a foodies and then a baking circle... If you Bake more the foodie.. please let me know in the comments. :)

Circle has been cleared of inactive posters. If you post about food or know someone who does, please comment here and i'll add them to the circle. If you are in this circle - Share the food love around!

Nom nom nom
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Thanks for sharing. I'm curious, any wine lovers in the group?
I consider myself to be both a foodie and a baker.
If someone else outside of this circle adds me, if you don't mind... please let me know what circle(s) you'd like to be in. I don't post stuff publicly often and can't really go thru everyone's profile :)
Yeh.. but most of these people post about food often... :) recipes and such +Loc Tran
Thank you once again for thinking of me +Amanda Blain . You are certainly a doll! Or maybe a cream puff? You are surly as sweet as the ones I make! :D
How can i join!!!? I'm a home chef, I love new ideas and tips! :-)
Always appreciate fellow foodies!!
Foodie & Wino here...and I cook more than I bake. Great circle!
Thanks +Lisa Valdespino ! Yes - I am a food blogger (my site is and I do both recipe posts and restaurant reviews. I usually do 2 posts a week. I would love to be in the circle!
+Amanda Blain. I lv malen nw recipes
Wud lv ta join nr cooking circel ;-) x
Anyone been to a Cochon event before? Hiw fabulous is it? Anyone going to Cochon 555 in Chicago? I have tickets and am looking forward to it.
I am a l.a. foodie looking for people to enjoy food with
Im always interested in tryen new things with the family kid friendly dinners n treats have also been recently diagnosed with diabetes n dont like the rabbit food frustrated that cant do my baking n cooking like i used to do to carbs :-)
Hi Lu Ning,

Try this. Get a kiwi; handle it with your fingers for about one minute,
till it gets soft.
It should look really ripe…
Take a throwaway syringe and fill it with any sweet liquor:
(Drambuie – Cointreau – Grand Marnier – Your choice < ANY > ).
Inject it though the two poles of the fruit, where the skin is thicker.
Normally you can fill it till it gets hard again, and it shouldn’t leak.
OK, you have to try what’s above a couple of times to master the art.
Then shake it. Up and down - with rush - for 10 seconds
If you can’t hear the mixing, it means you did not soften it enough.
Enjoy with care when you cut it or bite it.

Wolfgang the Fruit Magician.
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