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Thomas Edison... smart dude.

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You have to work hard to get somewhere every just needs to realise...
Sha Man
Then you surely don't know the history of Tesla and Edison. Albeit a positive spin for a better change.
fuck edison. im casting my vote for tesla. and edison did nothing but get in his way.
I'll take this as a good thing that I can weld, sweat copper pipe, wire an outlet, but also be able to run an xray diffractometer...and I own a pair of overalls, too!
Sounds legit. I know that's why I don't give it a second look. Not proud, jus sayin, lol.
Since this is Edison, it should more accurately be "Opportunity is missed by most people because they're not willing to steal the work of others and call it their own."
Seriously people? +Solo Shah +william gordon +Jeremy Mayer +Brittany Constable .. and more to follow im sure.. As +Devin Moore states.. he created TONS of items that changed every day life and is worthy to be recognized as a smart dude.. Not sure why you are debating this, some of you with swear words none the less! Tesla has just as many flaws, partly because he worked alone and didn't produce nearly as many records/patents. which is the point of this motivation for entrepreneurs quote

i apologize for swearing. i just prefer the idea of free clean wireless energy to the wire dependent money for lightning scheme we have today. i think with more financing tesla really could have made the world a better place. at least he gave us HAARP
Tesla was a great man too.. (notice how i don't mention him anywhere in the original post eh.. :) )... but his business skill were very much lacking.. especially in his ability to network and organize what he created.... Edision was a smart dude Similar perhaps to.. Bill Gates or will people debate Mr Gates abilities too?? :)
Sha Man
Hey Amanda,

You are misconstruing the difference between Genius=Tesla and Business acumen=Edison. Or maybe not, since you did compare him to Gates, ironically, very similar. Paul Allen and Dr. DOS invented OS and Gates sold it. Woz invented mini microchip apples Jobs sold them. etc....... Let us just be honest and give credit where it is due. Legacy should not be measured by how many billions someone's industry could fill a revenue pipeline for years, rather their legacy should be measured about how positively they impacted humanity. By the way, Tesla gave up all his Westinghouse stock options to help his friend George against the Edison, resulting in bankrupting both friends. At the end of the day, some people will have themselves convinced of things to be true when in fact they are not.Gates is coming around doing humanitarian things, maybe he is actually repenting! Sorry for the rant eh:)
says the man who ripped off Tesla... ;-)
I think it is a judgment error to think that those from the past are somehow wiser that we are now. Now we have more information and technology. In the city I work in the only people doing labor in overalls are the rodeo clowns and hotel painting staff. Times are different and more complicated, which does beg for more creative ideas and thinking caps made from old overalls. My neighbor, who is in construction, lets his immigrant workers wear jeans and tee-shirts. Just saying that times have changed. I read a quote that stated if someone is trying to over simplify something he is trying to use you as a pawn.
It is true for people as well, how many good people have been missed because they are dressed in overalls and working? Whereas the people who are seen many people as "this awesome person" are the people who just don't work and have all this extra time to just hang around
No I picked Mr gates exactly for that reason +Solo Shah .. seriously. He has the same amount of controversy... but i would be hard pressed to find people debating his abilities as a smart man ... The irony lost on most who could not be bothered to read this thread.
Edison stole most of Tesla's ideas?
i wish i could have made bulb to glow on my head...:)
Edison was a thief that brilliantly capitalized on what he stole. A lot like Steve jobs.
@jaime Totally agree with a lot of what you said, but dude, try to stay on one topic per post. You jump around more than Kris Kross.
Another good quote by Edison: "Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." :)
That's a great quote +Mike Guerdon and tells quite a lot of what type of guy Edison was... Tesla is my hero although Edison was great from many aspects. Regarding creativity my view is exactly the opposite of that Edison quote. I'm considered by many as creative, even though I don't think that myself. All I do is just to collect all types of good ideas, and then when a new problem occurs, then it's just like a puzzle, it's just to find pieces that fit logically together, but... it may imply a lot of work, to actually implement something of course.
Buy the way, regarding Tesla vs Edison as being the hero I just got this link, if all what is said here then Tesla was a superhero
The last part about free energy though I guess is still controversial
but in case that story is true then it is a catastrophy, we could have been a flourishing world today.
Pedro C Sanchez.I recognize him as the icon power man, and his full name was Thomas Edison de Alva, de Alva, that was his mothers last name, born in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico, it is good to know the great stories of short people.
work is begin to lose yourself...and you dont know what is going in your mind before you go anywhere..just go and enjoy your self
Just have fun and do what you love, you will make money at it.
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