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*I Hate It When This Happens*

Silly IE.. why can't you conform to standards better!

Edit: I am a web developer I have to test websites in IE.. "deleting it" is not an option. Thanks.

Ps. IE is no longer 80% market share.. those stats are from 2008. Lately its more like 30% with Chrome being 28%....

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LOL yea I hate it when that happens too.
I can hear the sounds of floppy drives in the background....
I've removed all links and icons from anywhere I might click on
Now it's only used to check how my sites look in that browser.
You can't remove IE, but you can at least remove the icon & menu entry to prevent this kind of tragic accident. ;^)
Heheh Tragic accident :) ... But but i need to check webpages in it sometimes.... it has to stick around because the internet has not upgraded... *shakes fist at random internet*
Brilliant! Think I'll print this out!
IE, only good for downloading the best browsers!!!
+Amanda Blain I have to keep it around too. My job requires me to develop pages that are cross-browser compatible. Sometimes I even have to support IE7. *SHUDDER*
Yep, it's like so much wasted time......ugh.
"Do you want to navigate away from this page or remain on this page?" "Yes or No." I spend more time trying to figure out the right answer to yellow bar questions and interruptions than actually reading content. I also tend to use quite bad language which gives my students quite the wrong impression.
I hate IE, I'd rather use Chrome or Firefox
pretty much sums up my entire use of IE :)
LOL!! Honestly though, I'm a web developer which forces me to use all browsers and IE9 is pretty nice. Browsing is smooth, windows integration is the best, and I use the PIN bookmark feature to use some web pages like desktop apps. I still use Chrome for general browsing but IE9 for launching pandora and ironically Gmail through the pinning.
+Donnie Strompf although a nice link/idea.. its only for browsers to w3schools listed there.. which makes sense that the majority of developers will not be using IE... same could be said about G+ :)
+Chris Phillips I'll take your word for it. I finally switched completely over to Linux the day that my copy of XP Pro stopped working because it claimed my 100% legit license was pirated.
I prefer Chrome, but just in the last week I came across three different sites that insisted on MSIE. Two of those sites were non-Microsoft sites, the third is the MCP site. So I still keep MSIE around.
+Amanda Blain Yes you are correct. internet explorer is still losing users everyday and becoming less and less popular. they went from over 60% of all browsing users to a little over 30%.

Basically anyone who is somewhat computer savvy (our growing generation) is going to steer away grom IE or at least wait for it to open so they can close

Unless your a webmaster and you need it for testing a site across all platforms. In that case I would test the top 5 browsers.
Snap! I have done that so many times!! :@
Wow ... i do this a couple of times a week .
I accidentally the internet.
I do like G chrome, I also keep my browser very thin: the Tabs row (bar), the Back and Front button row and the Bookmarks bar. In that way, I have more space to see what I want to see in the screen.
Never make it "Default" will became Headache.
same for wont even open for a few seconds
i'm on OSX, i don't have this problem. :)
You can't wait 3 seconds for it to load?
I am subject to use that crappy thing at work >.< At least it didn't prevent me from installing Chrome to do unrelated work things. Although at home, I've just deleted all quick links/shortcuts for IE so that doesn't happen to me anymore xD
hi i like your things in the profile.
hello to chrome and firefox, goodbye IE
+manish kothari I don't remember that because I forgot completely about IE the moment I closed it, after the very first time I opened it, only to download Chrome.
add/remove windows features or turn features on or off!
I don't always open internet explorer... but when I do, it's to download a different browser the first time I boot a new computer
Firefox beats Chrome and Internet Explorer combined!
i shud so post that on fb
Man, how many times has this happened to me,,, quite a few!
So not true. Look at the start up times for IE. They aren't half bad.
Because it has to re-load the entire operating system. After all.. windows is just IE :P
You KNOW a browser sucks when Linux's FireFox cousin IceWeasel that hasn't been updated in Lord knows when is more stable.
I'm not an IE fan by far, but to be fair IE 9 supports standards much better than previous versions. There is now a clear choice for which version of HTML to code for rather than falling back to 1997-vintage HTML V4 or trying to accommodate all the different browsers.
firefox is retarded its just a copy off of explorer
As a web developer, IE and Safari are the bane of my existence. I'd be perfectly happy if they both vanished from the face of the earth forever.... or... you know... conform to the friggin standards.
Microsoft has clearly got on board the "Standards" bandwagon. However, in our development, we are still finding IE to be the browser most likely to break our designs, and this includes IE9.
firefox beats chrome with structure, but chrome uses less memory.
Get Rockmelt it's the best browser out!!
For some reason that is the same exact thing that happens to me. Microsoft needs to work on establishing a better web browser.
I plainly hate IE among all the Browser under the Sun!!
All they have to work on is the browsing hanging problem and quicker load... else they are in par with chrome
IE 9 vs Firefox 12, which browser loads faster?

Ans --> IE 9
I use chrome and think it's much better.
True! I think the e stands for easy going. So take it easy.
lol. why dnt you jz change you computer.
Amy Li
so true!!
Nice. Chrome is sooooo much better.
R Bee
IE has a 80%+ market share. By definition it is the standard.
Saying otherwise is like berating VHS video for not adhering to Betamax standards, or (more recently) BluRay for not offering "standard" HD-DVD features.
It may not be the "best" browser - in the same way that VHS and BluRay weren't "better" than their rivals, but it's the market leader and therefore sets the standards.
i think no body like
right click on the bouncing dock icon and select "force quit" ... oh wait, never mind...
1. Right click
2. Unpin this "program" from taskbar
3. Sit tight
Luckily this accident doesn't happen when running +Ubuntu
#apt-get install chromium-browser
In my house who uses IE is banned from the internet for 1
gawd, i hate explorer. thats why im using google chrome: whoop, whoop!
:)))))))))) i wonder if anyone who post here used this browser to do it ?!
+Steve Giller - not the perfect analogy this. Internet standards are not the same as (not even comparable to) those for storage paradigms. Not adhering to internet standards is like revolting against the ASCII. On internet , you HAVE to cater to EVERYONE , and that includes the developers , who are usually (and rightly so) too stupid to refer to the "standards" set by our software big-brother.
Jay Tee
Just to be fair, the reason why IE seems to hang at load is caused by three things. First, the stupid "Automatically detect proxy" settings under LAN settings. Second, all the dumb toolbars that gets installed with downloaded software by unsuspecting users. Third, large "hosts" files created by some anti-malware software. Fix those three and IE actually load pretty fast. What I really hate about IE is its unlimited number of security glitches that put my PC at risk and its unwillingness to conform to any new standard.
I see so many Blondes here .. ..
Well I have always had a problem with the speed, or lack there of on the lowercase e. (Which is what I call it. Just think, maybe it's in lower case, because it is lower grade lol
Why do you even have Internet explorer?
Never happened to me

running on #openSUSE ;)
same with me and iTunes...god is iTunes slow...
removed all shortcuts to IE...never accidentally click on it again..:-P
OMG, ALT-F4, die, die, die, you bitch!
Uninstall! Before it becomes self aware and destroys us humans!
I don't know why everyone hates on IE so much. I don't have any problems with it and it usually works just as well as Chrome, if not better.
Ain't it the truth. You have to keep it someplace to else, just in case you run into a form or program that is too lazy to run on Chrome.
Amanda and other friend you may use other browser such as operamin,&mozilla
It's like riding a skateboard uphill.
Anton R
i delete that garbage right when i install fresh windows! Like if you do the same!
I thought I was the only one.
yes but IE is also the program responsible for letting all of those viruses into your computer, that is my reason for chosing not to youse IE
It said to upgrade, so I installed Safari. :)
Wait, I can't even seem to find it anywhere in ubuntu....
I cringe at those pre-roll youtube ads for IE that have been playing lately to the horrible dub step music...
Rely on Firefox and tailor it the way you want with free add-ons.
thats wat happened 2 me
i.e service has gone to the drains,it must improve a lot
hahaha... that's so true... hate when it happens!!!
and +Andrew Hill, seems like it helps you to be more human in front of your students :p ;)
so for everyone to want to avoid a lot of problems like this, open software operating system like ubuntu is the solution for all the pain that windows and derivatives represent!!
even wit fast computers :(
Why is it even in a place you can accidentally click it?
I know. I hate when this happens!
lol it's funny because it's true.....
+APOORV KUMAR No analogy is perfect, but as I said - by definition the market leader sets the standard. Any programmer (web or otherwise) that writes something that fails to work on 80%+ of the end-users' devices but hides behind "it's non-standard" is a waste of space.
It's rather like me excusing my webpage's lack of colour by complaining that I'm spelling colour correctly, it's the "standard" that's wrong because Americans don't write in proper English ...
Added you here and subscribed to you on FB, however would love to contact you one on one, at least once.
Please leave IE alone. What he ever do to you
Since we moved to developing primarily HTML5, we've dropped support for IE < 7. 2 versions old, that's all you get. Not soon enough, XP will reach eol and we can let go of IE 8. that will be a blessed day. 
lol........ ya good question jacob :)
Well, at least I have time to get coffee.
wow!!! funniest thing I've seen all year!
Em M
i do that all the time!
Power User Problems...
I have to use IE for a thing at work. I HATE it and close it as soon as possible. Long live Chrome!
So true i am using google chroom
I think IE is okay... The all look and work the same anyways.
Love it! Who hasn't done this before?
one thing slower then IE on my pc is safari geez i ran a series of tests and safari might as well take a nap while it loads (i currently have 8GBs of ram) but mozzilla firefox and chrome are the way to go!!!!!
No problem for me. Already uninstalled my IE.
All you poor poor people with your super slow computers. :P
and this is why all IE icon are deleted from family PC's
I also use Google Chrome. Firefox is good too. I don't use IE9 anymore either.
You should probably get a better PC my IE loads just fine. I never use it though. Either upgrade or be a better clicker.
I hate IE... You know, they took a survey last year and it said that stupid people use it!
Better check your task manager after you click out and make sure it stops running too.
Kal El
every browser has its ups n Downs. ie just has more Downs. but when things in chrome/opera/Firefox/safari/ don't well then IE it is.
do you have to wait for it to load to close it again?
I didn't know that
Right-click, "Unpin this program from the taskbar"
IE - a good way to get viruses, malware, and spyware all at once
Always happens to me when will it stop
Anna, everyone doesn't have a windows computer, so on macintosh computers, there is no task bar, so apparently, Macintosh computer users just understood nothing of what u said.
K Arar
that's about right...
+Steve Giller i realize there are lots of comments but +Donnie Strompf linked us to april 2012 internet browser stats...

Which shows IE is far from 80% of 2008... chrome and firefox, as well as mobile browsers have taken a BIG chunk of that share away... so although still slightly leading i do not call 2% over chrome.. something that should not be conforming to web browsing standards..but.. thanks for you input.
lol haha its why i havn't clicked in it for 6 months
deleateing all the ie links is one of the first things i do on a fresh install.
I prefer to use IE for normal use but I always put google use with chrome...If I ever use firefox, it is only for back up if any problems come up and I want to see if they are fine on it.
:)) i realy realy hate that disgusting blue icon...
ive deleted it from my desktop, task bar, start menu, aaaaaaaand everywhere i accidentally see it
Just delete the icon and remove it from your start menu. Problem solved!
Awesome... I know that feeling!
"What the hell is this 'Bing' Crap? Where are my results... This is all junk?" 
I wish I could run Windows 7 on my little net-book. If you can believe it I actually got a net-book that came with Windows XP.
I HATE INTERNET EXPLORER!!!!! That is why I use google chrome
It used to b a good guy once,take it easy on it:-)
Firefox beats all, but i hate it when some build pages only optimized to work on internet explorer
What's really bad is that some websites force you using IE.
Never happens on my Linux machine.
This is what happens when you press the "e"!
IE9 on my platform seems the fastest
I won't do it. I can use an IE extension for Firefox or Chrome but I refuse to open IE.
please respect elders .... :)
Used to luv Safari.. Now. Not so much. Slow downward spiral. Damn Shame. Used to be Designers/Developers needed multiple browsers. Now you need more than one just to function?
Lol i use IE constantly and it has never let me down yet!! :-)
lol this is so true! THANK GOD FOR GOOGLE!!
Keep well clear on iTunes then!
Haha... don't we all, web developers, love that IE thingie?:) That is exactly what I am dong though, accidentally clicking on it then have to wait... Sometimes it freezes. I had to unpin it from my taskbar.
What I especially hate about IE is that all of its versions - 7, 8, 9 - display things differently, so there is a huge list of hacks if you want a website look good in every major browser.
Nav H.
time to upgrade your 1gb ram xp.
Time to take a lighter and burn your PC down!!!!! Muhahaha!
Isn't that the truth! Google Chrome is better than any of them I think!!
haaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
This still happens! You would think by now they would fix this crap.
IE is the number one browser...for using to download a better browser*

*all other browsers are better.
Im not a computer whiz in any sense, but i still use I.E. bcuz every time i try to download Chrome or Firefox my computer crashes or slows down to a crawl and i end up restoring to factory specs... I.E. works for me, and I have no way around it.
i use a mac have no idea about this
IE blows ass, no question about it.
Now if you want speed you have to have wifi, always need some thing else, sag.
another thing i thought just happened to me.
Omg I know what u mean
omg YESSS that happens to me all the time
Sadly, Firefox takes longer to load any IE any more... I actually prefer IE to Firefox, but only if I can't get my hands on Chrome.
Hahahaha I love that it happens to me all the time!
Unfortunately even with Linux or a Mac, developers still need to test their sites in IE. One of the few reasons I still have a windows partition.
No love for Internet Exploder
yes so true,so i delete it from my desktop
lol so true, I uninstalled IE, then my Outlook could not follow links anymore, even with Chrome as default browser. So I had to reinstall it :(
Work with linux, I you don't have that problem
You better download FIREFOX! It is the best in world!!!
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