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For those who don't get it... - "Space.. the final frontier" is the first line of the star trek opening credits. ಠ_ಠ

#geekhumor #startrek
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Their are so many good posts today :) :) :)
To boldly type what no keyboard has before!
Hhhhmm #hastags not working :(
I believe you are required by law to include a "Wocka Wocka" after that joke
Would look more interesting with a Dvorak Simplified Keyboard. But the 'Final' frontier may be voice recognition.
what u is whu u be nigga
Star Trek's intro line to the show.
Oscar Senior ....... it's the "space" bar .....
Star Trek starts with this line, "Space, the final frontier..." :-)...get it???That's the space bar.....right???:-)
can i just ask dat question
Those (most of us) with black keyboards are going to create a run on whiteout pens.
Updated... so more of you can "get it" ... ಠ_ಠ
I don't even like the trek and I got it lol
the line is space the final frontier, and its written on the space button
Anyone who didn't get it without an explanation needs to have their geek card revoked.
Do you know how to add a pic on gmail
So it' s A-S-D-F The Final Frontier J-K-L-Sem Space(;)? A lonf time ago when I learned typing i don't recal we had the Gene Roddenberry reference!
ummmm...should I care?
If anyone didn't get that, I'll throw myself off a cliff
+Amanda Blain can u make a funny about 'deep space 9' and the 'next generation' hehe
God that's so original I have never seen anything like that!
That's one of those: "If I had to explain, you would not understand...."
As my iPhone says sometimes: "I don't think I could explain that in a language you can understand."
haha how is it gay?? It is one of the largest grossing shows ever. It has made networks more money than you will even see in your entire life. btw.. it's "trek"
I <3 Star Treck!!!! such a geek!! facepalm!!
my mom used 2 be a total fanatic of this show. i mean a couple of years ago watchin a family movie ment watchin a cuople episodes of star trek. i totally love it now still because of all of the good memories that come with it. like eating pis in a blanket wile watchin spock
look at it its flowerific get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lets do all keystrokes
1... the loneliest number that you ever did see
Hey! That actually makes sense.
This is like a cheat code.
nice, thanks random-poster-on-my-homepage.
any who don't get it should be transported on to a Borg ship...
In this case, 'boldly go where no man has gone before' is not valid. I hit space a thousand times a day.
I AM AN ASTRONUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I use 'The Final Frontier' button for forever now!
It's also track 10 on Powermad's 1989 album, 'Absolute Power'
From the keyboard to the keyword, it's time to jump into the realm of 0 and 1! In arithmetic 1+1=2. Amaizing to learn 1+1 in electronics! I couldn't get my 2. How about you, Amanda?
Mikaela, then why did you forget to capitalize the first letter and didn't put a period at the end?
divide 1 in half and you 1/2. the inverse of 1/2 is 2. 1+1=2. ya
+Alexandra Maureen that wud be the negative of 1/2 and the negative reciprical of 1/2 yielding -2 lol
I love this! #trek yourself before you #wreck yourself!
I bow to your wit and am one of the thousands who are kicking myself for not thinking of it first( and am now wondering how long before ThinkGeek has it for sale )
I better find myself some Vulcans and klingons with that Final Frontier Button!
i have to give u a thumbs up its veryy funny
no outer space is cyclical, inner space is relative and time is the intersection of the two
wow i just got tht but it took me acouple seconds...... space as in outer space 4 people who dont get it?
I do not understand. Who wouldn't get it?
Urbis et Orbis, the space frontline is the imaginari line to the pacius esteis know her
Where r the photos of Peggy & her Grandkids 
oh cant find it to blonde oh well......ctrl....alt....Del
For those who got it.. it's still far away.. :)
1. cover your mouth with your hand
2. whisper a wish into your hand this on three other comments
4. look and your hand
smart lady I date u now!! Its class is like a glass of H20.
And the world's most famous split infinitive, "To boldly go..."
I may have to do this to my
I thought the space "bar" was on Tatooine.
Haha cool one!

These are the voyages of the g-plusers, to explore strange new posts! .. to seek out new friends and new circles .. to boldly post that no man has posted before! :P

I so much loved that old Star Trek series!!
The Yukon Territory! :-)
You should have let the non-Trekkers just scratch their heads in confusion. A joke loses its humor when you have to explain it.
First seen on Kriesler Black and White TV 1964 Star Trek released Across the Universe and first aired in 1964 when the Beatles toured Aus. Wish I had thought of that Amanda Space 1999 Barbarella Bain.
me too

Overall rating
All you need now is the Enterprise...
If they didn't get it... Then they should just move on.
And its also the name of the fifth Star Trek movie called, believe it or not, "The Final Frontier".
very nice girl .. i am boyka from iran thanks
Chern M
All Space Bars should should have this printed on them! 
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