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Can IE die already??

Really Interenet Explorer... you make my webpage coding life very miserable... Even your new browsers... just stop.. Microsoft please just continue making xbox games and windows and cancel all your other products immediately.
They are all fail

Thank you.

#chrome #firefox #iesucks
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We may need to create +1 billion button just for this post.
Sadly, IE is the only browser I've found where flash doesn't crash randomly when I'm playing Castleville. Er. I mean doing important things in Flash. Work related things. I use Chrome the rest of the time, but I'll bring up IE just for that.
I do not build web pages but, I have to support the computers that use IE... UGGGG I have to lod Chrome just to REload IE.. lol lol SAD!!!
Elisa T
The only use IE serves is to test whether a web page is going to break in IE.
How to know if you're looking at HTML or HTML5... open up the page in IE. If the page looks like crap, it's HTML5.
Well, as the picture shows, IE is still just a small kid who eats glue. If MS just gets their thumbs out of their asses, they could probably turn it into a really good web browser.
Nate Cook
Actually after previewing Windows 8 I would suggest to M$ that they stop making Windows as well.
crohme es un ecxelente buscador y de verdad me gusa esa imagen de google crhome vs mozirella firefox y yo creo que la pusieron por que de verdad google se ha vuelto una amenaza para firefox pero en cambio me da risa por el niño que se come el resistol con el casco de internet explorer
+Calle Lidbom going to have to disagree on this one... they been doing it since 1995 and its constantly making up its own rules on how the internet should work... IT DOESNT PLAY NICE WITH OTHERS, at all
Amith F
IE 9 also forces Bing on you!!

Still have not found an easy way to change the default search option to Google.
Bing.... i hate when i end up on bing some how.. and my search results are garbage and then I notice.. ... oh.. yes... im on Bing.
Amith F
Chrome actually offers a drop down of major search engines. Microsoft is not just lazy but still evil.
I couldn't tell you how long it's been since I even opened IE... what a complete disaster for Microsoft.
BTW... cool graphic used. :o)
IE9 is very great
By the way, if you have enough money to try Microsoft windows 8, I suggest you to try the next version of IE.
You cant even believe that how great it is
I don't make my own pokemons fight each other :P
I use both! Firefox and Chrome!
oh and me too +Amanda Blain , I Love to say crap about IE :) (damn f$@*% Bing! argh)
Amith F
+Stuart Williams The problem is that if you buy a new computer with windows loaded, it will have IE as the default with no easy way to opt out of Bing making it incumbuant on the user to use an alternate browser. I think IE's market share of 50% and not declining is mostly a result of people just using the default browser that ships on the PC.
I dig IE but the hassles with it drive..,me..,nuts
I <3 ie and all the headaches that it generates. Long live ie....Hahaha.
I'd say; stop windows too.
Can't remember the last time I used IE...HATE IT WITH A PASSION! Firefox and Firebug are all the body needs.
+Amanda Blain Please tell me... exactly what programs are better than Microsoft Office? Don't answer with Open Office or Libre Office, because although Open Office was almost as good BEFORE the project splintered, both of them now are kind of shitty and don't offer nearly the capability of MS Office.
Just use IE 2 download a new browser. Thats what I do. Then I disable IE
I got a good chuckle out of this. I avoid IE like the plague!
"IE"? Is that the new name for Microsoft Firefox Downloader?
IE 9 isn't that bad, Chrome and Firefox are so much better.
IE (internet explorer), that is funny!!!
Actually the one that sucks the most is Firefox it literally does not function the way it should and probably has the worst track record IE is just really a bare-bones explorer for people that have a very safe and utilitarian approach to the system, and not so much the Green consumer idol trendy or basically Stasi observe the citizen approach but most of it still sucks compared to the friendliness of Netscape..Never hurt the OS.
How many different ways can they steal free ideas and license them?
come on guys we all have their owns taste you don't have to compare this three awesome browsers
UGH even if I have windows installed(i don't at the moment) IE I use just to download another browser. Safe? Being safe is subjective to the user and how they use the Internet. Firefox not functioning the way it should; Why do you say this? In what way have you found it not to function?

I have found on Linux(ubuntu11.10) Google Chome seems to be the best browser at the moment.
When I think about the person-years that have been spent fighting IE's non-standard behavior, I get depressed. Surely it must actually be measured in person-lives.

Gecko, Webkit, and Opera seem to have much less difficulty following standards. Is it Microsoft's arrogance that makes them behave so anti-socially? I don't believe it is technical incompetence.
para que son bobadas internet explorer 9 los supera en todo, lo dicen los ingenieros de sistemas
I agree completely, IE needs to die a horrible horrible death, and be forgotten to time.
lol! but thx for this i know i hate I.E.!
MSIE has been dying a very long and ugly death, Thank God :) The latest stats from W3C Chrome is poised to rise above Firefox some time this month.
hate IE, actually wish firefox was slightly better as it is playing second fiddle to chrome and I prefer mozilla to google. but anything over microsoft internet exploder
Yes, I'm a web developer and I totally hate coding for IE
Firefox 4 ever ! But Chrome got better Developer Tools !
Long live improved my online experience more than any event since I've been computing (1980)
+Jon Mabbutt I agree, i prefer firefox, but it became so CPU intensive and buggy a few versions back, that I switched to chrome... and now, the only problem I have in chrome... is G+... G+ should have some garbage collection method running damnit... it eats almost a gig of memory alone after a day of being open.
What are you talking about??? It dies all the time... But I found a fix for it, just don't click on anything and IE runs fine.
I don't always use internet explore but when I do its usually to download a better browser cough chrome cough
Tom Baker was the best Dr Who. .. /justsayin
All I know is that though my IE is really slow and sometimes drives me crazy, Firefox just crashed on me for the second time in a week, just a couple days after it got back from repair. Maybe it's my computer. But IE has never done that.
i liKe the pIc. it is so cOol lookiNg Like.
IE may not be top on the list when anyone wants to surf the web but at least its an alternative. I'm a Firefox guy, my mom uses IE9 and my sis uses chrome. I just love competition as it pushes competitors to innovate and compete for consumers. Even if fewer people are using IE9, I still think Microsoft should continue to make a web browser. Maybe someday Microsoft might actually put more effort into their web browser and make it more relevant.
IE is just a waste of time, energy, money and characters, the I and E letters are wasted on such a browser, it should be nameless.
IKR, it's like you're making a great web content, and then you view it in IE and it looks absolutely TERRIBLE -_-
I've had all browsers crash on me.
well said, and ty for including life sustaining video games
Yeah, I know what you mean. It's so annoying to find workarounds to things that IE doesn't support.
With Windows 8 we will see a re-popularization of IE, it's embedded into their Metro shell so I don't think it's going anywhere
Or just xbox would be fine.....
IE should only be used to download other browsers. Chrome is great, I use it for work, but FireFox is still more mature and can handle the 50 tabs I always keep open and with NoScript I don't have to worry about nefarious sites nearly as much. Ad blocking is now identical in both Chrome and FireFox.
It is time to occupy the world wide web. We need campings and demonstrations that internet explorer is a bad idea. We need pictures of us with hand written messages for our cause.

We don't actually do anything about it. We just make lots of noise and be generally obnoxious. Life goes on.
I feel like ie should be represented as an old frail man...rather than a baby.
Seriously, when you get right down to cases ... what are Microsoft's core competencies (as much as they can be said to have any)? Windows and Office. That's about it.
And I bet all you wouldn't believe its the worlds most used browser. Keep in mind I said world, not 5% of the world's population.
Does IE really have any other function than allowing you to get on the internet and download a real browser when you get a new computer?
And Office is not the only thing that Microsoft does well. .NET framework? Visual Studio is also a masterpiece.
I love the kid eating paste out of the jar analogy for IE. :-p
Chris M
other than the fact its tied to your windows operating system and everything not really
Firefox and Chrome are both cross-platform. I like having the same plugins available on my mac, linux/windows laptop. (Sometimes I have to use explorer because there still are sites I use for work that don't navigate/function properly in firefox/chrome. But I can't wait for the day that I can use cross platform browsers exclusively.)

P.S. You're absolutely right IE does suck. ;)
DirectX 11 is a Microsoft core competencie. Try running @ 5992 x 1080 out of the box without it in simulation.
IE is my friend, good to have choices----
IE is a waste of time and I agree the Kid eating the paste is a prime example of what IE represents.
Chris M
and netscape sucks just as bad as ie thankfully i use firefox or chrome
ie sucks and runs so damn slow
IE does suck... but you still need a default browser to download firefox and chrome. heheheheh.
Tell Microsoft to come out with a handheld gaming device... like the XBOX 360 version of the PS Vita
this status was updated from, windows....
Competition is always good :)
People are talking about Netscape still?

Didn't Netscape die years ago? Isn't it just a rebranded fork of FF or Seamonkey now?
No..... don't die, I still need it to download other browsers.
+Gareth Cook Internet Explorer isn't competition. It's like Newt Gingrich in the Republican Nomination race. Kind of there but mostly useless
This is funny. I use google chrome.
Microsoft should just create an IE-style GUI for either Chrome or Firefox and help support open source!
Just today I ran across the "our IT people won't let us use any other browser" line. Central has recoended anything BUT for 3 years but departments are too lazy to support amything that wasn't pre-installed.
lol babies always eat glue its not even cute but it is rally funny
Now, come on, some pages have 100% IE usage. Like, for example, Chrome's and Firefox's download pages.
I rolled back to IE6.............
sorry but if i dont know you can yuh can you like NOT comment on this wall please GOD
Adel O
Where's Opera browser ??
Max Lee
The dell i got came with ie9
I used ie for about 15 secs to download firefox
I don't use IE except for certain circumstances (such as when I used to play club pogo games or when certain fb games do not want to load) Majority of the time I use Chrome..Now my hubbie still uses IE and my son .I find IE crashes alot on gaming..
the problem is IE can't die because everyone system, Windows (IE), Mac (safari), Android (whatever the hell it comes with), Etc. etc. Has to have it's own proprietary web browsing software right out the bat so that people who buy the OS but know NOTHING about computers can get online immediately. It's designed by people who are also designing ALL OF WINDOWS and don't spend a lot of time on it where as people who design firefox and chrome focus ONLY on that one thing and really make sure they get it right.
Elisa T
1. Make compliant web page
2. Test in Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari: Pass
3. Test in IE: fail
4. Hack website apart to make it work in IE; no longer compliant.
5. Hate IE even more.
I'm confused, you think Windows isn't full of fail?
I don't know, I use Opera. The rest of the bunch looks like unfinished products in comparison to it. No idea why it's not more popular that it is.
Netscape... chuckle. :) I have a copy of Communicator around here some place.
You know, IE is my favorite browser to use for downloading Firefox and Chrome onto new PCs...
I use IE... just to download Chrome...
IE is one of the few programs whose only purpose is to enable you to replace it.
Office is pretty neat.
ah now its not really IEs fault it would be like people refusing to use Firefox 10 because they dont want to leave Firefox 3.
IE, the best web browser for downloading better web browsers!
continue making xbox games and windows
IE-9 and windows 7 home premium are fine with my comp.old is gold.
IE fathered all browsers.still competition is good for development.
I disagree Joe, Safari is a little more usable as far as downloading better web browsers.
+Andre Amorim Got to tell you dude, I majored in CS. My first year in college I was helping my C++ instructor write her masters thesis because my level of understanding was higher. I've spent the last ten years honing my knowledge of all things computer... and IE is so full of fail that it can't contain itself and pukes it's fail-vomit all over W3C specs.
Anyone who has ever tried to write a standards compliant webpage hates IE. Period. MS thinks it should be the single authority on how web standards should be defined and totally ignores or supersedes what the rest of the community has agreed on. They are singularly responsible for slowing the pace of global web development to a crawl because of their massive egos.

Also: Opera is really great (dragonfly totally rocks), but I always find myself going back to chrome.
IE doesn't suck, it's just 4 years behind the rest of the explorers. never-mind. It sucks.
God I hate IE, what I hate even more is that corporations still rely on IE 6.
I believe that the correct term we are all reaching for is "Internet Exploder"?
+Amanda Blain I just sat down to get something done and lost 10 minutes reading your G+... To quote a line from one of my favorite movies "Yoouuuu... fascinate me." [Clooney to Zeta]
I for one, welcome our new robot.. err Chrome overlords...
Iron -- the discerning user's Chrome. With Adblock.
chrome, firefox showdown!
Windows 8 ie is good for browsing. But win 7 chrome. #chrome4life
easy, no Windows, no IE. delivered a nice adaptive, css3 html5 site to a customer. apparently their government customer have problems due to xp and ie6. even microsoft wants them to upgrade. what are they going to do in 2014?
too absolutely true
they should just give up the whole PC thing
it's over
IE's purpose is to have one consistently crappy browser that wont change to build for in corporate.. as sad as that is.. chrome has a habit of breaking existing work arounds when they get around to fixing thing.. which is good.. but a pain in the ass in the corporate world..
I felt this way a few days ago too. So frustrating to make pages compatible with Chrome, Firefox and IE. I wish we could get one standard, but still keep Microsoft around for some healthy competition.
Nelly T
Agreed. Microsoft can't do shit right
IE: Downloading other browsers since 1995
"all other products"

Their OS is decent these days, Vista was a sloppy/silly mess. But 7 is pretty solid, i'd take it over Mac OS's restrictive mess any day.

As for their browser I am in complete agreement, it needs to be gone.
haha you made your bed...
vamos zorrita que te soy fiel.. prefiero fire que chrom
Poor little Internet Exploder, he looks so sad.
You almost made me cry with laughter with your comment. Thank you! lol
MSIE 4.0 actually revolutionized web application development.

This was the first browser with a rich DOM API, enabling DHTML and what is now called AJAX (via the MSXML ActiveX component on which the now native XmlHttpRequest object is based).

When XML was new and all the rage, MSIE tried some pretty cool stuff (data islands, anyone?).

I still remember my excitement at the release of MSIE 6.0. Really!

But... then MS stopped improving the browser for some reason.
And the use of the web as an e-commerce platform made security a top priority. The vulnerabilities in MSIE probably distracted developers at MS from being able to do much besides patch those holes, leaving no time or resources to work on moving the product forward.

Some of the issues are probably fundamental to the browser's architecture: the separation of the JScript environment and the DOM (OLE/COM) environments can cause performance issues and memory leaks. The Trident rendering engine is not Gecko or WebKit...

I am greatly encouraged by the progress made by the W3C and by later versions of MSIE to support the W3C standards, but... they are not an open source company. They have to hire and pay their developers. This probably slows them down compared to the folks that work on Mozilla Firefox or even Chrome.

While I see a lot of anger toward MS, I think it is misplaced. Users need to upgrade to newer versions of IE to interact with the more modern web applications and sites.
All I have to say about Google chrome and plus is thank goodness they're faster than Firefox and Explorer.
You're right. I think Microsoft is good at everything except internet browsers. Internet explorer is soooooooooooo slow.
Firefox was created for Google by Google. Chrome was created for Google by Google. "A house divided in two cannot stand."
chrome will win against firefox anyday any time
+Scott Bockelman actually Mosaic revolutionized the web... but let's not going back to the stone age as everybody pulled single bits over the wire for hours just to get a "Welcome!" page!
actually, on my machine, IE9 is faster than fireox... but I only use Opera and Chrome...
To say MS should stop making all their products is lame. Not a fanboy of any company but I'm happy with my 360, like Windows 7 over Mac OS and what MS is doing with the Metro interface is actually interesting if not refreshing. I'd keep MS around just for their R&D. So no Microsoft, don't stop making all your products. Maybe become a more focused, streamlined organization but still continue to exist.
Saw that pic without reading first and thought it was a Poke' Ball catching a Flareon -_-
didn't see a problem with IE9, however it lacked many features that are found in chrome, firefox
Something i'm really not clear about: i don't think i know anyone who uses IE, but is that something to do with the kind of people i know or does it actually mean hardly anyone uses it nowadays?
i just use the #iesucks to access sites that still think it is cool to code with ASP and CFM and required the #iesucks
IE is not a browser. It is a chrome and firefox down-loader.
Can't kill off IE. What am I going to use to skirmish down load chrome on a fresh install of Windows?
I use all 3, IE9, Firefox and Chrome.
IE9 isn't that bad, but I don't design websites.
I even have IE10 on Windows 8 beta.
yeah.. its high time they stopped making rubbish software that hinder development
Dot you know what is best use of ie? Download Firefox :)
google chrome is wayy better than firerox!
epic battle= MOZILLA VS. CHROME!
ironically, i use both browsers...
Come on, guys, IE isn't that bad... it can.. um.... help you restart your computer...
If the security is a big considering for you the EI the best 
Chrome for me. Firefox is cool too...
IE... sucks always has always will
The harder they try to make it better, the worse it gets.
That FireFox is sweet, but I am sticking with chrome
Windows is fail as well. Microsoft, just do games and Xboxes.
Interesting picture, but Internet Explorer is still the King!
Firefox & chrome don't support Active X so if you want to access web content with active x in it .. u are forced to use IE .. tho i hear u can force chrome to allow it but is not recommended as results can be very unpredictable.

Chrome is not faster than the rest despite the popular misconceptions being thrown around in this post. Without any extensions, it is very fast. Start adding a few in & the bloatware u add starts to bog down your browsing experience .. & is a memory hog at times. Add a few add-ons to Firefox & that slows right down as well.

As Microsoft have stated, they are not going to support html 5 for IE, which i think will be IE's downfall. Ideally we do need browsers to have a common ground & that's what html 5 will do. I do use chrome only but when they cant do the job of running active x .. i have no beefs to switching over to IE.

I just find it funny so many people are quick to jump on the IE hater bandwagon .. but really have no clue as to why they hate .. i guess its just cool to be ignorant these days ;-)
Well , for now , I can't find any satisfied browsers . I use Chrome for most of the time , but some chinese websites can only be accessed by IE (that's why I cant uninstall IE).
IE can die, but microsoft is working on some amazing things right now other than windows and xbox
IE IS THE BEST BROWSER! ..... to dl another browser!
Why is it I never have any problems with IE?
R. Pal
Kill it with, I mean Chrome!
wow!! thats so creative!! and insulting at the same time!!!
I have to use IE often with work and I agree. It comes to a screeching halt. Disappointing. 
all this hate for IE is not because it is bad it is because now a days it's not as cool to be using it, and people just wanna talk shit about IE to feel they r pros, I use Chrome and Firefox and IE, and IE just as good as the other and certin function even better, and just test the speed on IE and Firefox I bit u IE is faster. 
lol glad to see i'm not the only one who hates IE it never ever does what i want it to do, firefox and chrome for me... I swear if it wasn't for office i would never use microsoft
Derk JJ
The fire fox looks sick.
Chrome's IE-tab extension is the way to go. Quick access to IE when you need it, and only when you NEED it.
i dont give a crap what browser i use. i see that people hat IE cus of too many featurse, slow at times, all those extra crap that males the browsing page shrink. PEOPLE!!!! learn more. all browrsers slow down. main problems? too much data on the comp, plug ins outdated, horrible internet connection. extra crap? can be FREAKING DELETED!!! watch what you click when downloading and installing, as half the crap during the installation wizard is crappy advertised products and can screw up ANY browser. and options and features? meh, they can be ignored! btw, can anybody tell me what Opera is like?
Hey I'm using Google chrome. It is not that bad!
pffff heck no every body knows seamonkey is were its at...
oh, and idc what browser i use, IE is my fully customizable browser, though i really screwed it up and deleted an improtant file... last time i'll ever lurk in the System32 folder. Safari is my quick go to browser for fast access to apple related stuff, Firefox is... WAS a back up for when i crapped up IE and Chrome, and Chrome is my usual browser. as for Microsoft, i like the products, all really nice and customizable. and protection is easy, all i need is Norton. as for Macs, nice and cool, horrible customization though, but lesser chances of viruses then an ordinary laptop. 
I totally agree, mac browsers r way better!
Yeah...explorer wont hardly support anything i am doing on the internet. i guess they forgot to improve it and concentrated on the xbox instead.
For that matter...

Why haven't they restored the menu bars to office yet?!? The sea of button-vomit makes the product insanely unfriendly.
that is a drawing ..... right ? if it is that is an EPIC drawing !!!!!!
+1 this commemt if you hate spelling errors that YOU make but love it when other people make them!
Yeah just saying that today, had to use conditional code in email template so outlook could see my email stupid is that!
This is amazing... Laptop Chrome, and Desktop Firefox.
I'm sorry, but without IE to download other browsers, I wouldn't know what to do.^
Yeah, Office, SQL Server, all of the dev tools, they're complete failures and should be discontinued immediately. MSFT hater.
No really I love to code twice for every CSS layout, It's so fun! IE is so awesome!
Wei Ye
Chrome is best now.
Hate IE, can't get along with Firefox and not fussed with Chrome either tbh. I'm a long time Opera user and can't see that changing any time soon.
chrome baby all day Android google revolution!!!!! ;-)
Wow I develop websites and I have no issues with IE9 or IE8 for that matter. Each app is different but you might want to reevaluate how you're coding. 
Chrome Vs firefox.............:P
how bout you stop bitching and try to except something you dont use
+Amanda Blain given what i've heard about windows 8...maybe they should just stick with xbox :p
Chrome and firefox r good, but i wud suggest trying some other browsers too. There r a number of good hybrid browsers out there.
Firefox is just the chrome pork chrome prefers not to use besides firefox is open so is chrome
:Paul ,
What is a good example of a browser that has a feature you consider good but Chrome does not have?
Couldn't agree more, is it just me or is IE9 much worse than IE8, just seems to work with less sites and be just broken in general
Weli A
are there people still using IE, uh.
yaaaaaaaa chrome works very well in all other aspects but mozilla works in programs executionssssssssss
yes. i.e. is the worlds internet back door. microsoft, give it up. you never understood the internet anyway... actually that was bill gates.
+1 for the countless hours of my past life spent reworking my W3C validated websites to look passable in IE. :(
lol so true+1 #thisissotrue
so not true... best office product out there... I'd commit ritual suicide if I Outlook was suddenly gone...
Being able to CSS and JavaScript my way around IE's quirks is about my only marketable job skill I have. lol
BC Cole
Yet it lacks the simple beauty of Netscape Navigator 3.0.
I want to search the web, read, I want it to be simple, easy. Can't stand IE world. I also support clinical web apps, IE makes it a pain in arse. Chrome!
I'm a Chrome convert. I remember when it first came out years ago and sucked donkey. But's simply awesome. Firefox is my 2nd browser. Working on a MacBook I also will sometimes use Safari, but only occasionally. Usually just to test functionality across browsers. IE can't go away fast enough. 
IE still has its place.
Most Windows users wouldn't be able to Google "download chrome" without IE :)
+Braden Gammon it's hard to see how safari could be in that picture.. perhaps they could be fighting in a safari? :p (very close is not beating.)
I like chrome more. fast loading.
I think Microsoft makes an excellent keyboard and mouse too! :P
Plus 1! Ever try 'base href' in IE? Broken even in IE9.
IE sucks...! Only reason I use it is at work. Chrome is good so far!!!
firefox is much better
we know who got the cyber power Machine,hahahahaha.
Chrome is not that good I have it on my Laptop every time my Laptop reprograms it self I do not get none of my programs back on Chrome I have too go through Google and reprogram them or go through my mail and find program that I can post something on it now Firefox I went through 5 6 7 & 8 this is what I always got SORRY FIREFOX IS NOT RESPONDING it would crash on all my programs even my mail then when my laptop would reprogram it self no more programs at all just a blank screen 
Powerful, yet all so dramatic. A modern painting that captures all the intricacies of modern day internet life.
Firefox is slower than Chrome but never crashes.
Whereas Chrome crashes easily specially when I play flash games!
IE no idea! lol

I haven't used internet exploder since high school....and that was ten years ago in the computer lab
How about the whole preposterous Microsoft exercise totally? It insults intellect and morality jut off the hop. Plus it is so faulty one must hire or marry a Techie just to keep abreast as to who is giving billy gates hand jobs today. b Rex:) 02
Is that the browser that some applications open by default without the ability to change it? I could be mistaken; I'm only vaguely aware of it.
Creative, but Chrome still has flaws, constantly restarting... Google will eventually get it right, until then I'll continue on IE.
oruchimaru vs nine tailed fox....
I have to use IE at work; it makes my nose bleed as my anger builds
Sam aha
Yeah IE is the standard and will be until others browsers can do formating just as good. Firfox has problems formatting sites and font issues and that goes for Chrome as well.
True.. IE sucks.. I have to put more effort just for running my webpage correctly. F*ck IE!
he he he..................................................:-)
JOIN THE DARK SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Vipul Thakur
step 1. create folder
step 2. name folder "Hell"
step 3. place all of IE's files in folder
step 4. realize IE just wasted yet more of your time
WOOOOT lets go Chrome!! :D
Hi Ryan,
if you are using IE you are already in deep hell of Microsoft.
IE is the browser used to download other browser. :)
Nooooo. We need IE for downloading Chrome!
... no that's what we have firefox for, so exssentialy we don't need IE...
i don't know why IE ,, very very bad program ,, just taking a space from the system ,, i'm with u
I used to use IE all the time, then found Firefox and its extensions, what a revelation. Moved on to Chrome now, never going back to IE.
IE is best used for downloading a better browser.
Chrome is not strong as shown in the picture, I left it and moved to Opera as I found it much faster and lighter, plus it sync the bookmarks with any of my mobiles while chrome sync with only android 4
Besides the fact that this is hilarious this drawing is really cool!
I'm happy we have two major open source browser that are forcing change! I couldn't careless which one is best. Only the one that meets my needs. It's depressing to see people who may be "newbies", gloating over "My browser" is the best". Get a life!!!!
Windows is fail too...perhaps the most epic of them all.
You might want to see what version of IIS your page is being hosted by. IIS6 is really bad, but Inte
rnet information Server 7 is much better.. Of course, if your using a Linux based Inet Server then never mind.  hehe
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