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*There are two rules for success.....*

:) Shhhhhh...

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gotta keep them on the edge of their seats :)
yuan yu
what's that point to?
maybe.....don't know exactly 
Then  you have nothing to say. 
“Gift of knowledge is far higher gift than that of food & clothes; it is even higher than giving life"
yuan yu
oh,i understand what's that mean.hehe
what is the other rule? never say anything you do not know?
Uyen Vu
A, I see it. it is fun hihi. there are two.... but just one in there. haha
Uyen Vu
You bring smile to evreybody, good luck to you.
never reveal everything you know!
yuan yu
That not a good view in my opinion
Ah the chant of the protectionist crony.
yuan yu
haha :-{   +Hassan Mohajer, it is a funny symbol.
Amanda Dear! U r very beautiful. u have good chance to be popular.
you think it is for life or work?
Where is the missing one?
The 2nd is..never give trust to anyone..!!
2. Trust no-one (I am 1/2 way through watching the US TV series "revenge").
amanda i like ur 2 rules & i already success this 2 rules hint 
The first rule has been revealed & the second will not be revealed as per your rules of success. Thank u.
i agree with this dear! do not disclose your secret recipe to mr.plankton ;-)
Nice, that fit perfectly with what i was doing.
The second advice>never listen to such advices!..
I used to work by this theory... all it does is to ensure you become an expert so you can never be promoted!
Always pays to keep those aces up your sleeve. Especially when it comes to having space to move politically in your business.
2. When u r peaceful,happy,joyous & doing what you love to do, u r SUCCESSFUL!
You're right but the rule cannot apply if you have to prove your innecence
make sure that guy dont leave a package!
Take credit and blame someone you can fire.
Second rule; don't blame your boss :lol
THIRD RULE never trust your girl friend coz you never know what she'll do to you...I've just been disappointed big-time...yo!
the first rule : never reveal everything u know
so cant be a second rule coz he never reveal eveything so u must concludes that :)
what is the second rule for success?
If you can't be successful after revealing everything, then maybe you're not actually that good. =/
I was in Toronto in 1997 and I loved, I have close friends living in London (Canadá) my mind is always same one day return to this beautiful city
laro.....2nd rule is, "i ll not tell"...
2.makes many frends ..whos knows with one ll give u his or her support when u need so-much..
what are ya doin man ya broke the first rule! your goin nowhere now!
My two rules are (1) Share all knowledge you have (2) be more innovative in what you don't share.... reveal all, don't die with knowledge!
There are two kinds of people in the world: Those that can extrapolate from incomplete data...
boo Jay
2nd Rule is, you DO NOT talk about Fight Club.
That slogan /advertisement is a selfish man!
Success is not beyon what you reveal - How can you succeed without sharing and team working!
Be more gentle to get rid of headache!
2. Reveal to the right person, right time, right place
Thats so true... Its always better to have a Plan B tucked up your sleeve... hehe... ;)
I like the "yeah but what's the sec... aaaaaah" effect ^^
2nd is pretend to know what u don't know( good way to deceive)
Its already told in the line...
Never reveal everything you know so that's why not revealing second rule
i dont think so if a person have great desire for some goal he or she should tell it every one :) ,,,, these lines are outcome of fear 
2nd rule is a secret defined by the first rule (hence, it isn't written) g'day
the 2nd rule is, the first one!!!!!  read it again and you'll get it
...And the second one is secret because of the first one. ;-))
2. Repackage the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.
This is the problem of Chinese and Japanese, and hence that's why Chinese cultures, traditions and skills have been losing so quickly in decade after decade......  

This is a ridiculously selfish 'rule'!!!  
i think second one is 2.never hide totally every thing you know ...
iam just expecting ahaa ....
the second one is applying the first one :)
File no 2 .. If some1 ask, refer to rule no.1 
And 2) don't mention fightclub ... oh d@mn! Just mentioned it!!
There are no rules of success there are principles of success u stick on it u will get the taste of success.
If the knowledge , whatever it is helps that person on on life, it's a nice thing to share.
second rule: never follow the rules of someone who never reveal everything he/she knows
ho where r your city name?
nd i m frinds? i m student
this is anti rule of first one
If you understood the 1st rule, you wouldn't be asking for a 2nd
Thank you. (Danyavaadagalu), Amanda Blain
Tony Lu
pfft, really? I wonder what this is advertising. 
There is this popular saying that the best brains are at the grave! How do you reconcile it with your post?
i understand the joke, but bugger anyone who takes that seriously, or actually thinks that way. we are social creatures, and should be looking out for each other, helping each other, and ourselves and our species by extension, to new unimagined heights. we can do the impossible, if we work together.
Brilliant. Where did you see this? Toronto?
being successful is not everyone's cake.. 
People who are worth of , never bother....
equally, a teacher who teaches all, teaches ill
Who can help you if you don't reveal your secret .
Who can help you if you don't reveal your secret .
it is not only two rules, it's the book of rules !!
where is second????????????????
Does anyone here never get the 1st rule?? lol =3=
Those who keep their own council are the ones who succeed in all walks of life.
I don`t.think so..!!
I guess something not every thing
2.have prospering friends around you
i am not agree with your success rule no. 1. if it is true then what do you think about teacher, parents.
lol like it but what is the other rule
He is not revealing the second rule.. and he thinks its his success...
do not tell another rule to any one! is it not.
Easy to preach but very hard to practice

ohkay! it took me a while to understand it ;(
Amanda you are absoloulty we friend?
Never give things you know??... save a fortune & die sad and lonely?.... NOPE.. share your knowledge and experience and be happy.
I can't believe I rolled down the mouse looking for the next pic... doh!
Rule no. 2: Never forget rule no. 1
that is what i have been planning to do.
                   to ask what is that second rule?
errrrm thats 1 only...but it is good advice
i think its true bt how many does not do it
Thats greedy we must be happy when we share what we have because everything here in this world will comes to an end and if we shared something thats better
That's is a big deal. The post will change me a lot!  A good advice. Found it useful..........
Selfishness will block communications and social isolation in the world. Certainly there are things to be silent like our personal lives or personal lives of others (gossip), but the concimiento not, should be free. Some people apply the rule (also selfish): you give me, I give you ...
2. Ever try to unveil everything others know.
Right! The rule # 2 is even more breathtaking!! I like it even more that the first.
Bs roro
What are they? 
Lol Ellery Tan
there is something to understand there.
I think there is Just one rule to Success ... If you are good at something never do it for free ...
anyone who can say the second rule?
Dang. Now I need to know. Badly.
Okay, so if there are only 2 rules and the FIRST rule is to never reveal everything you know, then we can safely assume that EVERYTHING you know is in the second rule because it is not revealed. So if EVERYTHING you know is in the second rule, why is there a FIRST rule?
Revealing something is allowed, that's what the first rule is about, I guess.
that is one successful sign
So similar to:
Imam Ali (god bless him) has been said: 1) Never say what you don't know 2) even, don't say everything you know.
It's like be professional or practical. 
rules is rules ...............
O.K there will be no more invention in this case.How bad that will be!
:) Completely true for the guy who stopped trying !!! :D
And moisturise, moisturise, moisturise darling........
Yes.... i also believe on that
That is bs--that is how u create a toxic environment!
Where is the second rule dear!
it depends who were telling it to!
-_- don't really believe this , the more you teach the more you learn
true share your knowledge and experience 
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