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Do something.... remarkable today.
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I should print that and put it on everything.
been there, done it, got the t-shirt, now on hiatus...
I heard it long back. Since then I am thinking what is remarkable that I can do and keep doing every next day. I will do a remarkable once I get it. Easy said but ....... done. Ho Ho Ho Ho Ha ha
Does anyone know where that image was taken?
Every day I try to do something new, and some of them turn out to be remarkable, and some of them turn out to be tacos.
+Amanda Blain I thought it might be Canadian. I hope someone recognizes the area, seems iconic enough that it might be possible.
Every Monday I ask people "What did you do this weekend?" and if they say "Nothing" then I feel a great swell of sadness for them. Its one thing to relax, its another to waste a chance to live life more fully. So what did you do this weekend?
most mornings just waking up alive is pretty remarkable in too many places in this world
God creates us to be extra ordinary, to stand out!
helping people without pay is also a remarkable, not asking in return...if it is comes from your heart....
me too... it such awesome things to do
I thank the Lord every day for the gift of life, for good friends, good advice, and honest dealings with everyone around us.
most mornings just waking up alive is pretty remarkable in too many places in this world,especially in china
Bacon. Lots of bacon.
Judi K
Define remarkable.
That is great advice although, I am only in 3rd grade and I am collecting advice from older and wiser people[and not my 96 year old grandma who sleeps a lot!]
This is FAR TRUE!! whats the point without taking risks or exploring untapped areas.
give us some time we can't do it today
Yi Yao
what's the point of being remarkable?
remarkable : worthy of being or likely to be noticed especially as being uncommon or extraordinary. --- I find this whole image and statement strange. Why do we need other people to notice us to feel like we matter? I mean it is nice to have people notice us but I think so many people are driven down by trying to live up to other's expectations. Yet from the photo it seems like we are encouraged to get out and see the beauty of nature and experience remarkable things - this is really different from trying to do something remarkable every day. Anyway my 2 cents...
I'm training to run a marathon sometime next year. I assume that counts, right?
Nigel Morris you are right . i think if each person worries about that he should be extra ordinary among the peoples other wise he have no right to live is a rubbish thought....
Awesome! What's the point in being alive if you don't feel alive?
The point of life is to be. The fact that you exist is remarkable enough.
anywhere to get that wallpaper sized?
There would be no point...
i love this. and may i say... DIGNITY!!???
So true unfortunately my meema can't understand that
life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, and forget about the ones that don't and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said it would be easy. They just promised it would be worth it. - Eminuhh☮
Everyday life can be remarkable when confronted with awareness. You don't have to stand on the edge of a cliff to experience remarkable :)
i think we should do something remarkable every day
When you do then you can look back and say the day has been rewarding xx
U don't know what to you are going to do something remarkable...ehhh
+Nigel Morris Hi mr literal man.. live your whole life that way? :P but thanks for googling the definition for everyone :)
doing something remarkable does not mean not knowing what to do it means knowing what to do and to make it the best
He jumped didn't he, because he felt guilty about not doing anything remarkable and called out on it, on the internet? Shameful.
That is a wonderful John Green quote taken horribly out of context.
Oh my gawd .... This is a quote from John Green's "Abundance of Katherines"

The character being quoted changes there mind by the end of the book and thinks it a stupid idea.
That is a remarkable comment. You have peaked my curiosity I'd like to know more . Perhaps I'll have the pleasure of becoming better acquainted
do not defeat yourself with self doubt.
I look at that picture and you know what I see.....
The veiwe point from assassins creed...get reaady to dive off!
I've been alive for quite some time now, it's quite a remarkable experience, for me at least. :)
I posted this. Does that count?
Nice photo. But I'm not convinced being alive has something to do with doing something remarkable.
Well if you talk about something borring no one cares or they just tell you to shut up say something funny and everyones like it has got something positive to say
Is finding the percent you will succeed at being able to create chicken from raw pork remarkable?
See new people r comenting do you know what that means......?
It means that the same people airnt staying to chat just me and you that's y no one else has anything to say
by pissing on a rock?
So true, and doesn't leave room for any excuses!!!!!!!!
Damn every one got there own veiwe on what the rock means I want to dive off ans this guy is pissing on it XD
I love this! :-) It's my daily mantra lol
Mmmmm turning Google+ into facebook, one post at a time.
+1'd for awesome bold caption. Looks epic (plus it's meaningful).
More remarkable would be peeing off the side.
Well I got piece of advice for you don't ever take her for granted that's the point were things get bad
Maybe i do not like this
i want to put it on my living room i am impressed
Yeah I'm the kind of guy who could get pritty much any girl but that's not what I want I want one girl who loves me more then any one else
I've been talking to this girl as a friend she realy has changed me but she can't seem to see that I'm realy in love with her but she's realy in love with some other guy so idk what to do
I know what she likes she likes me she said so but I only started acting this way after I met her but she has been talking to this guy for a long time I think she feels like she owns it to him
For me that would be a doctorate degree...check back with me in two and a half years...see if I am still on the rock or have dived into the water.
Well I did consider another girl but she (minniee its her nick name) scared off this other girl with the quickness I mean this other girl was hitting on me then minniee shows up and tells her I'm taken buy her best friend so idk
I've been in this situwation before with another girl she's torn over me or him she is going out with him yeah but she still ain't realy made up her mind
so what's your point... we're commenting on the pic! lol
She almost broke up with him last night but I guess things turned out ook but here's the thing she almost broke up with him cuz of his age come to find out that he is 17 and she's 20 but I'm 18 and she was going to brake up with him cuz of hid parents so idk she can do what she wants I guess
awesome pic! this is what i tell peeps! have fun in life or die trying!
is the person in the image going to commit socide? if this this is the remarkable activity then !
I was thinking she realy wanted me she was flurting with me and she nick named me boo lol I nick named her teddy cuz she's the kind of girl who is gental and cute like a teddy bear <3
That's just it idk what to do every time I try n tell her I love her she just...well.....don't listen
loc ho
and this is why i should spend all my savings and go/do something/somewhere crazy.
"All men's souls are immortal but the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine." Socrates
I did something remarkable... I took a breath.
+David Bass "Every Monday I ask people "What did you do this weekend?" and if they say "Nothing" then I feel a great swell of sadness for them. Its one thing to relax, its another to waste a chance to live life more fully. So what did you do this weekend?"

Most likely "nothing" means "nothing that you would find remarkable".

There is a non zero chance that what you did this weekend would bore me senseless.
There is a close to 100% chance I would waste both our times if I were to tell you about mine.
I dislike the premise. Life isn't a pageant. Nobody needs to do something remarkable. Sometimes things we do end up being remarkable, and people take special notice of it, and that is fine. Life isn't contingent on impressing people.
if you don't at least try to being alive how can he or she do something remarkable

To Chance Jenkins
i had loved one girl and also i lost her but didn't do this.............................
i really believe in my fate and i expect a good faith.

........if this pic come to true for a girl. its an impossible one.Because everyone love any of them. if they do this there will be no man.
my point is girl don't die for their love most of the news came the boys are suicide for his lost love.
Yes true I'm trying hard here there's a chance I can look back on this after we get married(if it happens) and say that was a remarkable thing I did I changed my future when I could of just let it go
we all leave our mark in our own way
Don't be humble... you're not that great. (Golda Meir)
+Noble Six you have nice guy disease, see a love doctor quick before it becomes chronic and infects your trouser snake.
See I have someone here I don't even know and after a few min of him listening to me he says I'm a nice guy wow that says it all
You know what I think it it.......girls r used too being treated like crap they don't know what to do with a good guy who can take care of them
Why I think I'll go jump off a cliff, RIIIIGHT NOOOOOOW
+Rich Anderson, everyone that is living takes a breath.. Because if we were dead, no breath to be taken.. Remarkable?.. 
23 This is the LORD'S doing; it [is] marvellous in our eyes.psalms 118.
there is good one "do or die" by Ganthi
So about the quote now. +Nigel Morris made a good point. The need to feel noticed is the toxic search for external validation. Do extraordinary things only from the desire to experience the extraordinary. Then share it with someone.
Like jump off the edge of that Small Mountain?
This is so true, Motto for the Day...thanks
U know what's remarkable.. Bunch of people talking about it
thts right and i love that inspirational thought really its true....
like falling in a cliff?
Hmmm.... Point to be noted....
why not do something good like help people instead of seeking to be a hero?...for me being remarkable is to help and the first is your begins at home
+Amanda Blain, some people think being a mother and a father to raising a house full of children and working long hours at their jobs to make ends meet is a remarkable enough act in itself and I agree with them 100%!
very .very,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, nise i like you,,,,,,,,,,,
most remarkable thing I did today: still alive.
Something remarkable was losing 93 lbs in 7 months & now seeing my family lose over 110+ pounds in the last 2 months. Health changes make a picture like this a reality.
The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters. ~ Audrey Hepburn
Ken Dai
cherish your life is a kinda remarkable thing.
There's nothing to do if there's nothing in you
Love this picture, something remarkable doesn't exactly mean something extravagant or grand. Just helping someone out carrying there groceries or opening the door, sharing common decency is pretty remarkable in my opinion 
A Gift from God.

A Cure for Breast and other Cancers
However I suggest that the Record be read first as it puts everything in perspective and gives the reason why I have it.
I certainly do something remarkable each day, little things, not big things!
Fine. I'll go jump off a cliff this sunday.
This is a quote from a character named Colin Singleton in John Green’s novel ‘An Abundance of Katherines’. John Green has said this about the quote: "A. I disagree with it, and B. even the character in the novel they are quoting eventually disagrees with it." Also: "For the record, I think there are many meanings to a life that is not lived in pursuit of the remarkable. Life is a series of very small gestures and that if you ignore those little gestures in pursuit of some ill-thought-out vision of greatness, you stand a fair chance of ending up really unhappy and also historically unhelpful regardless of whether you meet your constructed definition of remarkability."
If you had to go beyond means and give up humanity to get to that point, why fear staying unremarkable.
"如果你不尝试做点值得铭记的东西,那活着的意义又是什么呢?" 大概是这个意思, E文一般, 呵呵
Amen. Do something creative. Don't be a platitude; we already have enough.
That's what I always try to instill in me and others. Each individual is on this earth for a reason.
what's the point of typing a sentence over a photograph if every line is not justified with every other? It must be a big block of equal width. Otherwise people will care less about your words (it is just that important).
Also, "remarkable" is an incredible low moral bar. There's plenty of bad people who have done some "remarkable" things. But toss in a forest, a rock, and some justified text...
You can be doing something REMARKABLE by helping that woman walking by d road with a heavy load, you might be doing something REMARKABLE by just telling someone how much you love him/her.TRY SOMETHIMG 2DAY!
I agree with Lilia Goulding
Lying here with my daughters watchin kids TV reading the papers drinking coffee on my week off. I say that's fuckin remarkable! 
It's easy to say but........
I tried to do it but I heared what you want in return.
Ai Ying
i just don't know how to..
How to define "remarkable"?.
Fan Yu
good point.
sure hey am gonna present my 4 month internship experience today
I would like to live this feeling :)
i'll take a remarkable dump right now!
Well,im making ome made ice-cream with out an ice-cream machine,would that be remarkable
but being alive is remarkable.
"In the hopes of reaching the moon,people fail to see the flowers blooming at their feet."
what is more remarkable than "win a heart and stick with it till last breath"?
This should be the norm for everyone......
We live just once ..and there is so much beauty in the world to experience .
what? like jump off that big rock?
Oh so true. Sometimes though our great deeds don't have any significance to ourselves. Maybe because our own parents weren't dreamers
wow.. I really <3 that quote.. You made my DAY :)
I just tied my own shoelaces.
Try doing something actually valuable...
Chan Li
why this post so popular , is it because G+ User are not doing remarkable things ?
What Mark David Chapman did was remarkable but it certainly wasn't good or praiseworthy.
um ok. The post is pretty and inspirational... You people need to chill out and have a cupcake.
let's rob a big bank together~!
hahaha that was so funny!
Where in the world is this location? Can anyone help with that?
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