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Commodore - The Most Complete MicroComputer Line

There was always an C64 vs Amiga battle in my family... Long has the PC vs Mac tech battle idea been around for me. lol

Tee hee. I adore my C64!! :D ♥

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This brings back memories of my Speccy 48...hangman was a real drag though, I always knew all the answers...
Aww... I so want to play Frogger right now.
LOL, they should put that up against that, "This is what developing for Android looks like" photo.
LOVED MY 64 !! But then the 128 came out....Oooooo Upgrades! :)
I wonder how many hours it took for those printers to print out one page. hahaha
+Amanda Blain did you see that commodore 64 someone converted into a guitar?  That wasn't you was it?
Never got the 64 but I do still have my Vic20 along with the cassette player and the 8kb memory expansion
+Cameron Silva well if you remember the days when printers were rated in characters per second (CPS), then you can imagine how slow they were.
Those printers took FOREVER +Cameron Silva im sure you are much to young for that... one line Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr one line ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrr 
Played the whole Ultima series and Bards tale on mine...good times
I was in college when these were introduced. So cool back then.
Still works although the power cord does have  a bit of a short in it... but if you hold it just right it still works!
hah. For us it was Cocos, model 100s, PC2s, and the model IV (which was just no fun, especially compared to a fully upgraded coco3)

Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure the trs-80 line was way more complete than commodore
There are STILL people running Amiga OS even to today. 
My C128 is easily the most useful computer on my desk
My first computer. I even had a floppy drive when all the other losers were using cassette tapes. Loved my 64.
I could copy one 150k disk to another and it only took like 5 minutes, hehe :)
i remember programming in machine code on C64..took forever !! Just to make a pong game.. 
I'm actually quite jealous cause my Trash 80 didn't have color :(
+Robert Butler - That's why I didn't like the model X series.  The TRS-80 CoCo2 plugged into a TV, and the model 3 could run a TV or an actual color monitor. It was very cool stuff. (but the disk drives weren't built in)
+Christof Harper I had a TRS-80 Model III but we bought it before it had the TV external connection.  I do remember reading about the color capabilities in 80 Micro (do you remember 80 Micro?) but ours was an early model Model III.
Heh, I have a box of 80 Micro magazines somewhere in storage. The color thing sort of paled for me once I discovered the handhelds. I do still have and use both the PC-2 and the model 100.
To this day, I STILL wish someone would re-release an Amiga OS compatible with current hardware.   Amiga was years ahead of Mac and more than a full decade or more advanced vs Window...   Unfortunately,  they stuck with the whole proprietary hardware and OS which almost killed Apple and were pushed out of the market.   Not to mention tons of other horrible business decisions.
I have nothing but good to say about commodore. I've owned a Vic20, C64, C64II, 128 and Amiga 500. Good times.
+Amanda Blain sorry to derail the commodore flashback with talk of Tandy products.  Is this supposed to be in memory of the late Jack Tramiel?
+Christof Harper that's funny because my Father was actually hording TRS-80 Model IIIs for a while because he thought they'd be collector's items.  He had two old models in the garage for a while.  They're gone now.
can you still buy these?
Playing in my head... "Are you keeping up with the Commodore?  Cuz the Commodore is keeping up with you!"
+Robert Butler A Trash 80 is what I learned on before the 64...14 years old taking BASIC classes at night... Those were the days
+Scott Logue same here.  I'm happy to say that I have had a long successful software engineering career because my Dad bought a $2000 TRS-80 Model III for us when I was ten years old.
+donald hakala I remember Ultima but my TRS-80 was more like in the days of Pong.  The PCs only came out years later.
I believe that someone HAD re-released Commodores with some upgraded hardware, but don't have any specifics at the moment.

EDIT: but I think it was just the case but used a modern OS(linux perhaps?)
 I remember those times, I had my Sinclair Spectrum with 48KB ram and my brother had a C64.
I had a Vic 20, a Commodore 64 and a 128!
From the Timex Sinclair to the TI-99/4A with extended basic ROM and a cassette - I was busting the the basic programs.  JAVA what - that's too easy
VIC20 with the tape drive, Gorf was the bomb!
Golf on the Commodore 64 - the first computer game I ever played. Thanks grandpa!
My first computer Commodore what memories....thanks Grandma Jones(R.I.P.)
i started with a pc 386sx20 in 1992. But lots of my friends has had a C64 or Amiga 600/1200. We often played on it. And it was great in this time! Games like Grand Prix Circuit or Turikan was simply great! Now I own a PC, a Wii, a XBox360 and the PS3. Great systems!
My first computer was a Vic20 I won in a school math contest! Thanks for the great reminder!! Man, wish I had saved it! 
I have used and developed programs on c64
Ditto, Jennifer, a vic-20 was my first as well. We're showing our age;-)
I used to work on these. They were the third computer available. First, PONG, then APPLE, then COMMODOR. Of course in between there were several punch card type computing systems but I'm talkin' about what the average joe may consider a computer. Now, as soon as I learn a new system and tear apart the computer, there is a brand new one out. Hard to catch up nowadays.....maybe I am just getting old.
My freshman year in HS. All my friends were just hanging out at home... but not I! I was washing dishes at a Piccadilly and at an Italian restaurant. I was only 14 and Piccadilly wouldn't let me work more than 20 hrs per week. I worked 2 shifts for 2 weeks. My reward: a C64 with the floppy drive attachment. :)
:::Did it come with the drive or did I pay extra for it? Does anyone remember? Got it at SEARS, I think:::
I had commodore PET 2001.
Moreover, I had Macintosh plus.
But now I only have Windows machine...
I still have my C64 and VIC-20 stored at my old house, plus, the disk drive and all of the cracked games I downloaded from various BBSes. 5 1/4" floppies, baby!
Loved my C64 so much got an emulator on my tablet and wanted to get the remake one as well
Where do I start. Phew! +Amanda Blain your cruel. Let me clear something up now, well Amanda has ،left me with a massive tadk of wording the facts, enlightening you all and giving you all a defibrillator for a reboot.
Trs-80? Pls don't embarrass yourself with comparing to a c-64 upwards. I have copied 10 full 5.25 floppys with protection with the computer switched off while the drives ripped through 10 disks in 30seconds, correct I disconnected:the computer and allowed the drives to transfer and encode error sector protection. For multi file formats id code a multi accelerator amd re address data in sector sequences order. A 202 block file would go from 3min load time to 20 sec. Ea track=20 sectors:40 tracksbp/side then double side.
Amiga stepped up to superpower status. No commercial computer stood next to a base Amiga of any level. Fact! Speed, compression systems, memory multi rom devive compliant upgrades ment no defrag and optimal rpm with immediate address access using SCSII control cards and HDz ment simultamrous access to 6 quantum parralell19000 rpm optimized data input of any data from anywhere instant.
The speed of c-64 printers dependent on matrix nightmare:slow. Thermal fast. Top end dot: atrix printers could pish out a respectable ppm with color but a noise like a tracktor and a violent printer head bashing itself. I haspd a nice color 8*12 pic of a starship exelciar.
Ihave used all the machine you all mentioned. TI: yuk, nice name crap design. BBC lol, basic, pascal ampnd an OS that confused itself. APPLES iprogrammed in its OS sow:its evolution. My c-64was faster than a Mac and in 8bit could operate more color fadter with sprite generated images interacting:with the GUI WHICH had more options icons and interoperability than is hey uea. 16bit wonder. Only prob expansion via comm cartridge port was needed disconnecting hardware system enhancement tech. No device choking.
Finally to answer the big one if you want a computer that is the most powerful even as soon as you connect it and let it seek database conforming protocols you will have anything:you want at speed unseen. OS4 AND WORCKBENCH will upgrade without annoyance . Non native device and software runs automatic through shell system operations. Non system it can formats no prob, assigned mem and shell device handlers ran without noticing.
The guts are alien to anything you know. Ports upon ports with a special hardline port .
:e, I owned,c-64, Amiga 500+mem, Amiga 1000, Amiga2000, Amiga 1200, Microsoft clag with custom hardware, another hyper thread millennium card, sound sampling card , interlaced Microsoft crap nightmare. And another hear I don't bother with. My phone and tablet are my resources
Can I tell you stories. Reset switch mod on c-64. For hotstart to gain access to resident mem to map and decode using a ASCII/binary monitor.
No machine has had longevity and technology advancements close to the:64. Same guts 10 years. I had the first non acoustic coupler modem a sendata direct connect. Comm with anything in ASCII then some graphic stuff I played with on US bulletin boards. Lol did I run up a nice few bills. 300bit ps slower rx.
There that's brief, oh I owned and played over 3000;games.
C64 the worlds best 8 bit computer, DONT FORGET SID ,the C64 has amazing sound, even by todays standards, I still have a C64 ,C128 and an SX64, they rock !!!! 
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