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What it sometimes feels like to be a developer

You Against the World :)

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I can't help but think that poor little guys last thought was: oh swEET GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Where I work, switch the developer with tester and know you're talking! ;)
Your picture fails to show the cliff in the opposite direction.
OMG!, that is exactly how I feel. It's hard to be a developer.
LOL, looks like a wet rat...hope they enjoy.
Sean Patrick from the picture, I am guessing a snack.
(funny).not always easy but a lil more effort can bring a good result.
Thanksgiving came early this year guys
+Dennis Reed That is soooo true! I was supposed to have a build today....guess what?! It's been postponed...imagine that. I wonder if it will be ready by tomorrow at 5?!
economic developer in today's climate? same thing! LOL, thanks.
Even though I'm sure this isn't the case in the picture,  I kind of saw the tester as trying to get to the developer and save the day by letting them know all the bugs in the software so that they can fix it before the managers and clients get to them.  See +Amanda Blain , the helpful tester to the rescue. =)
Yep when something goes wrong its the devs fault, if the project is successful the manager gets the praise
I try to be nice to my developers but sometimes they lack in the communications department
Noted.. high amount of vocal testers following me here :)
I'm hoping to move into business analysis soon
I do have all the respect in the world for my devs
+Alvin Quidem the testers are trying to be the first to the scene so they can tell everyone about the DEFECT!! When the bug makes it into production (ie the tester didn't find it) the picture will show the testers lying down asleep and the managers and clients in the lead.
Honey badger don't care.
The Developer needs to go independent and get a backer (an Elephant).  Tigers don't match up to Elephants.
Very true, of course -- but i always thoht of myself more as a tortoise.. proud, very calm, very patient, always analytical, confident, wise, tough shelled (impervious to all the hype, and teeth? what teeth?), intimately aware of everything that trips-up everyone running around, always accused of being too slow, and very nearly always right.
Yeah, I was throwing testers a bone there +Daniel Mitchell .  Most of my testers are pretty much asleep and don't seem to find easy to spot bugs.  I rely more on my automated unit tests to save me.  When a bug is found after release, the testers are usually right with the clients and managers complaining to me on how could we have shipped with such a known bug.  I've learned to just take the brunt of it and just SMH.  As a developer, you will rarely win that fight.  =)
Add anyone creating something. There's no patience for creation in the business world. Even though that's one of the most essential parts of business.
+Alvin Quidem all so true. What makes it harder for me is that we are still 10 years behind in the land of .Net 1.1 and visual studio 2003 and our badly written software (written well before i was there) has no automated tests at all. Every minute change is potential for new bugs.
lol well Nelson, aint the developer the one creating?
It's not the easiest job in the world, that's for sure.  I just took a year off from burn out.
Where is the designer, sitting in the tree, safe from danger, laughing himself silly?
All I can say about that +Daniel Mitchell  is RUN far far away from that project.  There is no way to know what ripples a small change may make.  My guess is the designer didn't document the design flow much and isn't accessible to ask questions to because they decided to try other "pursuits".  To relate your situation to the picture, the tigers have already eaten one developer and are looking for seconds. lol
the tester isn't a tiger its internet explorer 6.  much more horrifying than a tiger.
oo shit see i told the rabbit wrong turn dame it 
Not just developers - publicists, graphic designers, actors, the list goes on . . . LOL
What is it? a rabbit? I can fend off tester easily... but others...
I'm a tester but I don't like squirrel.
+Alvin Quidem haha yes very true. No docs, nothing. We are currently working on a project in .net 4 to re-write some of  it (it's like heaven being able to use new tools) there have been many misunderstandings about cost (budgeted for before any estimates!) and delivery time frames and the constant threat of the project being cancelled and all our development being outsourced to India as a result.
+Daniel Mitchell Yep when something goes wrong its the devs fault, if the project is successful the manager gets the praise...Amen to that!
It is probably thinking to save them from death!!!
I just shared this picture with my fellow developers. They agreed.
One at a time or all together!! I'm not scared!! (stupid bird)
(Aaand this is why I'm going for analog and power systems instead of the more digital side of the situation xD)
Playin possom won't work this time I smell blood,l Let's gettem!!
looks like a turkey now, wait til ya get closer...
And where is the cm team in all of this?
if you are working for google its the other way around... thank god :o)  ( so i have heard, don't quote me on it )
He he he, try to be freelancer, you'll be the developer, the tester and the manager ;)
I think it's a lot harder to be a tester than a dev. Being on the QA team is notorious for being God-awful.
LOL, I say get rid of the middle-men and just have the client eat the developer right away. 
When it team programming there is another developer there to eat you alive.
Nothing is moving because scope is frozen.
 Very Good!
Typical - no customer in sight!
Shouldn't the developer be riding a broken bicycle called "Development Environment"?
oh this is so true... try it with one foot in the UI pool and the other in the developer pool. You get torn by the tigers on the developer side, and scavenged by the marketing hyenas on the other side...
Chuckles, why do I get the feeling that appetiser's last thought wasn't " you don't see a tiger all day in this zoo and then how many come running when I drop in to say hello?!"
i think its hard to be a devloper
danger is everywhere
as they come closer, will fly (change the job)
Wondering why there's no end user in this picture? --- they've been eaten already :)
Amanda que hermosa y delicada mujer que eres me gustaria tener una charla con vos me interesa mucho
Is that a honey badger?
They don't know what their in for!
lol i am the manager ... but this is soooooo not true!!!!
on a good note that's a Guinea hen they will all leave w/a full memory.
Amanda is kinda hot
tuan vo
hi Amanda. may i know you? i mean  can i make friend with you?
my email is
Rona W
Haha xD the food system 
gleya g
nicely put hahaha
If that's a homey badger, he's got nothing to worry about.
I guess it would depend on what you're developing! LOL
Amanda quite support your idea about the world but unfortunately nobody on this planet is concerned about what is happening around us and any time we lose our planet, beginning with the death of the animals.
@matthew That's a whole other NSFW photo (Rule 34)
Aww.. So True.. It's always like this.. That's my everyday life :D
I wonder which one is gonna eat him, :O
True, it's really how it is, stress me up just looking at it lol, nice one
love my manager for this reason - and I'm my own tester, stick that in your african pipe and smoke it
There are even more managers than devs! B-)
not a developer myself, but it definitely reflects how I felt this week.  Too many expectation, cannot breathe, just want to do something completely crazy and reckless.  :)
it shows the reality of life. always something is chased by somebody.
Again +Amanda Blain  you`re so ridiculously smart  and funny all at the same time ... What other talents do you possess : >)
Its the nature of the beast.
Its the nature of the beast.
Its the nature of the beast.
Z Jus Christ!! One developer is being followed by 6 clients, 3 Testers and 3 Managers.. how the hell Software Engineering is a very good profession.. :-) ... Somehow it is.. yes and of course yes.. 
A 'Pride' dictionary. term for a "group" and/or family of Lions newer acronyms. available upon request?
Really?. Not me. They have no option but to listen to me lol!. 
right happenes to developers .. but cool
all those tigers for that Lil piece of shit, yeah he is about to be develop into some food
oh Paleez my heart goes out to the poor little developer who knows it all and never gets it right the first time ... works as designed ... no S@$%!
the developer is the one that has to invest their mind into the given project and sometimes have to take in harsh criticism and brunt when surrounded by unsatisfactory individuals, however the developer is the one that can bring into any chosen project or anything.
I kow everyone feels like they get the short end of the stick, but really devs, when testers say your code is wrong, replying "Yer doin' it wrong" is not a good healthy response.
Talk about back against the wall
Excellent!!!! Hahaha that is actually very true!!!
The more I look at that pic the more i think that's just NOT fair!
can`t say anything but agree on this one :)
And somebody expects me to administer the system that results...
मैं 21 साल का हूं और 3 साल से रिलेशनशिप में हूं। मुझे लगता है कि मेरी रिलेशनशिप ठीक नहीं चल रही, जबकि मेरी गर्ल को लगता है कि सब ठीक चल रहा है। हम दोनों हमेशा लड़ते रहते हैं। कई दिन तक बातें नहीं होतीं। पता नहीं कितनी बार हमारा ब्रेक अप हो चुका है, लेकिन बाद में हम फिर साथ हो जाते हैं। वह बहुत बिजी रहती  है। मुझे बिल्कुल भी टाइम नहीं देती है,  । मैं जब शिकायत करता  हूं, तो कहता है कि मैं उसे समझता  नहीं। लेकिन इसमें मेरी क्या गलती है। मेरे भी कुछ ड्रीम्स हैं, जिन्हें वह नहीं समझती । सच तो यह है कि बॉयफ्रेंड होने के बावजूद मैं अकेला फील करता  हूं
Poor developers... I am proud of you! 
developer always caught from all sides. . . :( 
Most of the time exploring and testing, only sometime develop an opinion.
Where's your management / team lead etc. in the picture? You look quite exposed!
perfect baseness
and perfect team work
is called company
I Can't agree. 
The true is quite different. 
We call that an Agile Development Methodology.
That is one of the best developer "situations" I've seen yet.
Correct cent per cent...Innocent developer
lol.. What if the developer flies?
Yes developer will  fly ,  and     no one can do any thing,
who gets the most food (salary)
It's a pity we don't see the face of the "developer", it'd add much to the picture. Nevertheless, the picture is brilliant.
OMG three such managers ... I thought one should be enough :P
hahah i knew it... thinks about having iphone sdk on my mac
hahah....ek dum sahi bai....tu to hamesa hij sahi bata kare.....very good
not if you're nice to steve ballmer "developersdevelopersdevelopersdevelopppprrrrr!!!!"
LOL, exactly ! that is how I feel from time to time...
knowing that you manage and the boss is just the best
Feel hard to be a developer. . . .
I love it, to be a developer... .
hahahahah...outstanding! This is how i feel
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