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I really really Like this.

must start shooting more photography with my nikon 5100
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nice statement, I like this too
Hey Amanda - we have the same camera! this is cute!!
+Sandra Parlow really? IM going to spend some time with it this weekend.. i still really dunno.. but people keep telling me to just go shoot.. so perhaps thats what ill do.. :)
Yeah - I just got it last summer! If you need any help with anything just ask - I don't have ALL the answers but I've got a good basic knowledge of how it all works.

And it's true - the more you shoot - the better you'll get. What lens/lenses do you have?
great thought to keep hanging over the head...
Are you related to David Blain...had to ask.
so u a gamer what games u play ?
A 'Nena
Thanks I really needed to remember that.
yup good one & wise advice also to everyone...................
Unfortunately one does not get second shot in life...
so our life to the fullest...:p
gazabbbbbbb........praisable quote............
i only shoot positives, higher dynamic range ;P
So true.. its good that you've captured that thought for us xP
very nice, just not loss ur hope , if this time may not for u, who knows
a delight ful day may wait for u ?
not everyone wants to sit through 9 hours of holiday video at 1080p XD when a few dozen carefully picked and well shot stills can say so much!
Anoop A
Nice thought!
Very apt. Now I will practise it this Easter weekend and Life gets better.
life is something wrong.....
I've a dream and also have a digital post.
Love is like a snap, just focus on, develop in good times, failure is just a negative take another lure for a positive.
Words are carefully chosen and put together with utmost talent. But the truth of fact is that every act in real life could only be played just once and there is no chance for a "Second Take".
the soul behind camera matters most......u must hv a guru to tell u hw to focus......
If only you could delete the bad pics then I'd be set for life!
When we take another shot,it says memmory fulll
Awww, but some people like the redroom, negatives, if it doesn't work out dodge n burn...

Happy Easter, egg hunters
if we go on taking shots the memory will be full
Life is what u make, say if u choose to live positively u will actually remain like that no-matter what takes. Happy Easter
Really nice thought, i'm going to remember this one.
fair enough,still wish things were that simple
life is not camra, becouse in camra u can select and delete whats u dont like, but in life u cant remove things around u or things in ur life
really nice nd true..................
thats epic so the kids say
There must be something about it.
I have not gone through them yet. 
Correct thought. I like
Very well quoted dear..It may improve a pessimist's life...
nice metaphore, it's true life is just what we focus on.
we do this but some times it too hard to pass some events easily
i love this so much can we chart now pls and u are from which country
Life is like a camera. Just focus on what's important and capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don't work out, just take another shot.
I like it. ^_^
The 'new'est tech for cameras is "mirrorless"
I prefer Life with Canon :)
very nice thoughtfull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That pretty much sums it up for me. Love it !
Nice speck Amanda Blain.......Thank u....
Am using 4 Nikon D40
photo capture is loveley moment.

i think life is like a room with 2 doors , you inter it from the first door and leave it from the second.
Well said. I really like
NICE QUOTATION..................
exactly right! if bad or not happy with it, who cares, just delete it, and take another good one.
your image is really beautiful
agree,bit now retired
Amen. I'm a Christian like you.
Everyone should follow it........:)
i just bought my nikon 5100 one day ago. enjoy my life more.
ok i am waiting ur photo graphic
some different , other wise same
That's all right its full by meaning so much
This is really inspiring 
Absolutely rite... the philosphy of succesful life !!
That's so true. I have been applying that method in my life
Just to play along with the semantics here; If I develop a pic from negatives, and it turns out crap, I take another shot? Or do I try to develop it again? Or do I take another shot "at it". :) ?
I still think that life is like a box of never know what you are going to get!
very true life is for enjoying not negative thoughts
Thanks to Advice dear
Reality .one must admit and practice. True...
amanda if you have the real spirit like that really great.............
very nice.....i like this type motivation sentence......
is really true. i like it too
camera is improtant my life good memry in past life .
This means a lot to me and now you've just made my day and I'm more happier. This text is SO true I have to face troubles a lot!
hmmmmmm very nice.....?
Can it be said any better? Thanks for sharing!
Life is like a camera but it is not a photo camera .... it is movie's camera with no software to edit what you captured ........ you do not have the luxury of throwing away what you do not like .......
hi! I ama italiano boy ha ve 29 old band you li ke me! Id a fantastic girl
ritesh nagar before i know that life is like a ice cream but now i know that life is a camera ....its great quote.
This is a great quote that really captures life's essence
Ya that meanz if u mess up u can fit it no matter wat
Thats really nice!
Where did you get it?
you have got to be kid in
But is the camera digital? Or is there a finite film roll in it?
That's some very inspirational and motivating.
yes..! this is true statement....!
Really it is trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
KIMOSOP ERIC YEGO June 2, 2012 I cherish you very much
i like it very much......................
ya absalutly dear
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