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*Running Releases More than Just Sweat*

Things like frustration, fear, anger....Run run run! Get on it. 

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Sometimes you need to run as fast as you can, until you can't  run anymore, a la Forrest Gump.
High impact exercise, no thanks! Rather ride my bicycle!
Yes you are right and running in forest make you feel better
so good for the heart infact the hold body
now if only my knees would hold up for more than 20min. <fail>
Its also a good prescription for future knee surgery...... runners = retards
KC Khoo
Run Forest, Run!
I run when I have the right motivation. Like flashing blue and red lights.
I'd prefer Bikram yoga, but I do hear a good run definitely gets out some stress! :)
Maxx D
Having spent some time in physical rehabilitation, I saw a fair few runners in there. Running is extremely damaging to the body, and habitual/frequent running even more so. Some of the running addicts there were facing permanent disability due to knee, ankle, and other joint injuries due to running, and still would not stop running.

If you run, be sure to check out how to stay safe:
well, what we can say is that running does release more than sweat. It helps you physically and emotionally.
+Justin Rogers , as someone who had to spend a day in a orthopedic surgeons waiting room for a work-related injury, I can tell you that 95% of the other people in there were in-shape clowns trading stories about their running injuries and showing each other old scars because they are running fools.

The human body IS NOT designed to run for leasuire. It is the least effective way to work out in relation to the impact and damage caused to your joints. 
EVERY "professional" runner will have knee surgery..............tell me how the body is made for it again?
As with so many things in life running is likely a trade off. Being out of shape can kill you even more quickly I'm sure.

I started doing a lot of walking about eight months back and have slowly gotten back into running over the past couple of months. So far, so good. I'm planning on doing my third 5K in three weekends this coming Sunday.

I do most of my training on a flexible treadmill which cuts down on the amount of stress I put on my body. I've been told avoiding concrete is important as well. 

Overall I'm feeling much better. Exercise is great and setting and meeting reasonable goals is a big boost as well.
O_o  I'm not a professional runner... and its better than sitting on the couch when done in moderation. ... life is moderation...
+Tim Beilfuss The problem with your statements and perception here- You are assuming every runner is "doing it right" when in fact most of them are doing it wrong.
Everything in moderation.
I run. I have run marathons. I have never not even once felt a twinge of pain in my knees. Never lost a toenail.
Why? Because I crosstrain.
While I was marathon training last year, I was more focused on running, but I swim 5 days per week, ride my bike 2-4 and run 2-4 days. 

If you balance out your fitness, you wont have problems.

So- "Runners = retards" is not true.
Runners that are stupid about running? Yes... maybe so.
Just have sex. Better in every way.
I agree...It's hard to get back to it when you have not done for a while, ain't it?
It certainly does for me too! Can't wait to work out later
I certainly agree with that. And fat is gone too :)
Try running with "zombie run" best app on store!
This post is very true.  I perform music for the same reasons as well.
I agree....its so refreshing & I'm lovin it :))
hay whats up/like your pic/deano
Don't forget the cleansing benefits of sweating.
And don't forget to take care of your feet as they are the ones that keep you running high
What am I running from? Get a bicycle! When I get there, I will practice Kung Fu, stick fighting, and throw my boomerang.
+Tim Beilfuss good point. The human body was made for guzzling beer and eating potato chips on the lazy boy couch...seriously though, aren't we being just a little extreme about running? There could be worse things - smoking; alcohol abuse
Countless benefits to running.
Its right.... But as far as running is safe or not....dont know :(
Getting motivated when I have an XBOX in the room is my problem!
Skateboarding does it for me. 38 years old and I still remove all frustrations of the day in good bowl doin some kick turns and my iPod.
Mindless Repetition Rocks, Sweat or not.
Sadly my fused right leg does not allow for this.
a lot more...specially if you you eat beans
Yep... I started running in my teens just so I can escape the war zone in my home. 
I wanted to make a simple friendship with you
whats up its fun to run when you are made or upset
I love running that's my hobby 
I already start running, day after day it feels hard in the first week but then it's all good feeling and it totally releases all the stress in the body!! I recomand for everyone
More important thing warmup before running.
When we start running we have to warmup slowly slowly
it releases my anger and frustration.
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