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*Dungeons and Dragons / Roleplaying / Fantasy Fans Circle *

I cast magic missle on the darkness! This circle is made up of people who love Roleplaying, Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Fantasy books and more... Some of whom I play a weekly pathfinder session with in a Google Hangout... :) It Rocks!

All are active posters and interact. If you are in this circle why not share the circle love around. If you do any role playing, fantasy posts, novels etc... comment here with some examples and I might add you to the next round. :)

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man, i haven't played in so long, my dice have dust. 
Awesome thanks for sharing....been looking to get back into playing with a serious group.
The darkness attacks you back!
no one to play with around here. haven't played in about 9 years. DnD, Rifts, Chthulu....
I loved d&d. Still have my 2nd edition rulebooks! Never could get in to any editions after that. I grew up with thac0 and I'll die with thac0!
almost sold my 1et edition books. but couldn't part with them. 
Just getting into 4e at the moment, and it's Post-by-post.
i haven't played in a long long time ... kids ... eh ... but i am working with a company to make a magic the gathering style zombie card game. 
anyone ever play twilight 2000 ?
I put on my robe and social media hat.
I've played just about every rpg out there...table top that is...and still have a RIFTS game on Saturday evenings I attend at my friends gaming store.  +David Hat 's Hat's Games
The things you learn.... We use +Tabletop Forge in our weekly session.. its pretty good... except for the table sorting part right now... Ie Initiatives :)
Wee! I'm both afraid and excited ... about adding this. :D Palladium's TMNT and Rifts were my first loves, then D&D whom I then rebounded with Pathfinder.

Now, I'm positively fascinated with GURPS. :D
Not quite dnd, but i picked up the Chez Cthulhu box set yesterday - going to give it a try with the wife this weekend.
Can you add my wife, +Carina Hunt to this circle as well?
Even though im not a big D&D player... playing D&D in hangouts? BRILLIANT
I once accidentally dropped a D&D reference while making out; if that isn't dedication to the D&D way of life then I'm not entirely sure what is! I wish I were joking; sadly, it was a very "proud/ashamed" moment in my life.  Anywho I grew up on D&D, and (more importantly) fantasy novels etc. 

Thanks for the work you do making these circles +Amanda Blain!
+Fraser Cain Wait, you are working on +Tabletop Forge ?  I didn't know that, but honestly am not surprised.

We still need to bug +Wil Wheaton after comic con is over to get hangout based D&D game going.  ;-) 
My favorites are Deadlands and Cyberpunk.  

I do enjoy me a good game of Mechwarrior/Battletech and the occasional D&D or Earthdawn game. 
I love D&D circles, they're great for looking up potential members of your party ;)
(incoming magic missle)
Jumping to the side
(rolling for dex check with d30.)
Damn. Failed.
1d6 plus the level of the caster and modifier
whats the best character you can remember out of all those you created?

mine would have to be a flamboyant bard, who hated to get dirty, and had a phobia of horses. it was hard to role play him after i got cursed with vamp fangs. They were to neutralize poison, but could be used once a day.

know how hard it is to walk in town in the middle of the day being a singer and try to hide vamp fangs?
i can play a striker and do some major damage
+Amanda Blain I have a healbot lined up, I'm even donating a decent camera for the cause because his stinks lol
I played an ewok once +Ray Sanders it was fascinated with shiny things and often "pushed the buttons"... it was fun to play :)
Our GM was a bit, shall we say... annoyed  language barriers and all that. 
I DM weekly myself.  I currently host 3 different groups with 16 people in my campaign using Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop.
We'll have tables sorted out in the next pass of Tabletop Forge. Now the Kickstarter is done, Joshuha and I have been hard at work building out the new version. My side is mostly building GM tools like map building and fog of war. I can't wait to get it done, mostly so I can use it.

It's worth adding two more hardcore social media users and D&D players to your cirlcle: +Greg Christopher and +Erik Tenkar. I also didn't see +Bruce R Cordell in there but he's awesome to play with.
Oooo Rocking +Charles Jaimet ...  looking forward to any updates! We really like the project... Our group was using google docs to start but your program makes things MUCH easier. 
Why am I not in this? I post weekly game photos!
Well then, I guess my Tabletop Games circle just got 5 times larger. I'm sort of obsessed with 13th Age and Reign (or anything ORE for that matter) right now.
My Tabletop Games circle is already well into the hundreds, despite my best efforts to cull it.
This circle should probably be broken down into specific categories... Fantasy and DND and  tabletop and others are too generic now... I'lll work on that for the next round... 
It's a Venn diagram / Google circle nightmare. Too much overlap. I have circles for RPG people involved in the app to varying degrees, circles for game designers, artists, players, genres. Every now and then I just dump everyone back in the same circle and give up categorizing them for a while.
+Amanda Blain About your Ewok, if you liked that, you should play a Kender sometime. I have NEVER seen a player not enjoying playing a Kender (not that I've seen a lot, but still...) It's basically the same thing, just in a fantasy setting (did I mention compulsive Kleptomania?)
+Amanda Blain for fantasy books have you ever read the Patricia Briggs books

Great series

I read now because I have got nobody to game with anymore.
I've never played in a game that the party never turned on the Kender and found interesting ways to kill them. Kind of like whenever someone plays a Dritizet clone.
Kenders are fun!!!
My oldest daughter is names after a character in my old D&D group.  A Elven Ranger named Dezaria
I play weekly 3.5e with a group of 5 regulars. We play in person, but hangouts sound fun.
I have been playing d&d for around 20 years, on and off. I refuse to go to 4e, but we'll see about 5e when it comes out. 4e was idiotic, imho.

I am a computer programmer by trade. Java, jsp, javascript etc.

I played one campaign of Pathfinder. I liked it better than 3e in many respects, but it's hard to convince my five compatriots to keep going on Pathfinder. Probably due to inertia.

I am going to GenCon next month. I'm pretty stoked for 4 straight days of gaming and no kids to watch!

Novels: one of my favorite series is the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. Sanderson is going to be at GenCon this year, btw. And of course +Will Weaton.
I am currently playing an Elven Ranger/Scout. Not the likes-animals-kind of Ranger, though. He's never used Wild Empathy and doesn't have an animal companion. At some point, he will be a Deepwoods Stalker if the DM allows it.
DnD is the best thing to happen to humanity since the powdered wig.
If you like D&D, especially old school D&D, check out some great new spins on it: Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Dungeon Crawl Classics, and my favorite Adventurer Conqueror King.
Playing in our monthly game tomorrow.. I should be prepping, but think I am mostly just going to wing in it instead so I can spend time tonight playing GoW3 instead.   I with I had time to play far more than I do though...
I think the only nerdy thing I don't do is play D and D, I really need to start...
Played way back when and I would love to play again!
i run a weekly 1e game, play in a weekly actual play skype game, and mod on a forum
Please add me. I've been roleplaying since the late '70's. My wife and I used to run one of the largest online guilds back in the day. 
I'm all about the role-playing part of RPG pencil & paper gaming. We did a Game of Thrones d20 system that is no longer in print, but it was very similar to the 3.5ed rules. However, all classes were modified for this new world. Fighter was now a Warrior. Ranger was a Hunter. Mages were now Maesters. There was another class which was the Noble (like a superbard). No magic or monsters, so all encounters were with animals, people or enhanced creatures. All the players had to really get into the role-playing, and when we did, we really got the flavor for using things like influence, misdirection, and things like that. It was a blast, and I've been jonesing for more since that campaign ended, +Amanda Blain. I'd love to be added if you have room. :)
+Jake Kern no magic or monsters? In what way was that based in the world of GoT?
+Cliff Roth That's the beauty of Game of Thrones is that it made you forget that magic even existed & seemed more like a medieval melodrama... until it started showing again. By doing this, Martin did something I really haven't seen in Fantasy before: he restored the sense of awe and power to Magic.

I'm sure if we had played long enough, we would have faced a wraith or a dragon or something like that. However, for all but a tiny minority of people in the Game of Thrones universe, magic is simply not something they faced & definitely not something they controlled.
I'll be honest with you; I've never roleplayed outside of a video game.  But I'm curious about how it works, so I added your circle.  Looks interesting.  =)
I can't add your circle, I wish I could. I would love to learn more about playing D&D and maybe find people to play with. Any takers?
Ahhhh i played a game on thursday night. A gold dragon and force dragon at the same place at the same time.........yea not a total party kill. But still what to do was so much fun!
Gotta love D&D. I'm looking to start up a game via G+ sometime soon.
Well I'm alil embarrassed to undisclose this bout myself but I still like buying costumes and dressing up for Halloween! ;-)
Ben H
could i join in on next session i am experienced with pathfinder,dnd 3.5 and dnd 4.0.
Was in a pathfinder game with some friends, then the DM joined a band... Guess those hours building BA character sheets in Excel to auto calulate stats for different situations and abilities was a waste. My d20 needs to roll again.
This is probably one of the only places in the world where I can confess to being an award-winning Dungeon Master and not expect derision! Rad.

If anyone in your circles is interested, there's a site called Obsidian Portal which hosts campaign websites, and advertises games looking for players in whatever area the campaign happens to be happening, including online games. 
+Amanda Blain, I am a TOTAL fantasy fanboy- See my profile banner! 
I love Skyrim,  play D&D thrice a week, and if Eragon didn't exist, I'd be a vegetable!
+Doug Buck Twilight 2000! That game needed a slide rule to play lol. I worked for AEG for a while loved 7th Sea. John Wick was a real innovator at the time.
Me :) Gamer of all seasons, geek of all worlds
Thanks so much for sharing this circle, and for including me! :-) Nice timing, actually - I finally got a chance to join a tabletop D&D campaign this past weekend for the first time in at least four or five years. It felt so good to use my dice again!

And BTW, if any of you haven't seen the following video, you'll appreciate it: Roll a D6
D&D fanatic and new to google+. I would love to play more, but there isn't anyone I know in my area.
So Cal peeps should check out Strategicon at the Gateway Sheraton LAX this upcoming three day weekend. I will be running Conan, Solomon Kane and Battletech. RPGA, Pathfinder and a whole bunch of other stuff there too!
Gamers? YEEAAAHH!!!!!

I added you folks to my gamer circle. Fell free to do the same if you haven't already.
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