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These are so awesome... :)

#beauty #geek
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Carrying around weapons in your hair is bound to cut down on marriage proposals/day. 
hrm. problem is, if I made some they'd be too rustic and functional looking. I may have a go at it at some point for the hel of it, though
Very cool! Great to have long hair! =)
I could never get my hair to obey any kind of sticks.
I don't have to see her face I'd date her in a second...either that or be really scared...
Dare you wear them ?what if it stabs into your head in an accident
Okay, whoever wears those they get my vote to being cool!
why must you always find awesome things +Amanda Blain!
They would go nice next to my katana letter opener
i liked it alot axes being sed as hair gramps makes you sexy...
Those are the BOMB! Cute and defensive... Me like
te quedaria espectacular ese peinado 1 beso enorme desde PERU one kiss saludos baby OLIVER
I agree with +Sophie Cannon, Dang is she a ninja? Och!
Good for hair lock or good for defence for lady............
i'd get in trouble for wearing these to school, but i'd do it anyway
what you choose, the accessories or the women?wkkkk
Where can I get a pair of those? LOVE THEM!
AWESOME! those would be awesome. Have any enemies? Use those! 
I saw an interesting new word tonight in Newsweek magazine "frenemies".
Are they commercially available? If not, I can make them...
Kim Li
I don't think you can buy them...
she scares me LOL
thats creative_________________
She is Beautifull ..................
wow!!!!!!!!! i would like to do like dis.....
Gahhh I want!!! Enough with the lightsaber pencil in my hair!
c d poe
those are awesome
Be Prepared for Anything!
priya k
Would like 4 ma hair 2
Its beautiful like a blend of Indo china style.
Mysterious but quite exciting
really innovative..............
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Nice picture. I want a life size one... not in my hair of course.
Now that's what I call a fantastic style Wow!!!!
nice hair pens...............
why dnt u appraise the so pretty girl?
mel .h
nice style lol
i love her design hair...very nice
make it into ur Christmas wish;;))
oh those are cute.... where do they sell them?
Handy, too, for slicing cheese or discouraging gropers.
If u get those, don't lay down, I repeat DON'T LAY DOWN!!!
If u get those, don't lay down, I repeat DON'T LAY DOWN!!!
I hate them so much like me or fallow me just thats uggle
like see ur face ..............!!!!
warrior princess... lel me know when she is ready for the war? :D
Always good to have accessories that are multi-functional
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