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After several blurred together hours of coding, yes on a Saturday.... this graphic is all me.

#coding #webdeveloper #programmer
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funny pictures losu.............mental la
syntax error behind the screen (from the other side) ;]
It's an APPLE. As everybody can see !
ha ha ha.........................................
I wish my computer would do that for me!
happened sometimes. and if it's done you have to go play some video games :))
Vlad VP
fucking lol. I need this picture!
From what I've heard that sounds like Electronic Arts hiring policy.
hi,i'm a chinese boy .
10 X=10
20 Y+X=Z
30 Gosub 300
40 No No No No..this is too BASIC!:END

That's great photo!
Possible to identify if you do not have objection
And that is why I don't program. ;) Hope you got some sleep!
This was totally me yesterday! I normally take it like a marathon and can go a full 8 hours, but I rushed myself yesterday and was done within 2 hours. I hate that zapped feeling of having no energy to think anymore
ha ha ha i like it.....!!!!!!
Hi, Amanda has not gone as your profile on my email, but it is a pleasure to meet you.
I'm from Córdoba (Spain), a greeting, we will be in touch.
That is exactly why I never got into programming. I would program in my sleep, while eating, while driving, it would be a constant flow of code in my head. It is bad enough that I spend days and nights thinking of ways to improve systems for my customers and for my co-workers. Building tweeking, manipulating and making things do that they are not designed for, that is my passion. Just like my role model, Einstein, "I have no special talents, I am just passionately curious."
Speaking of games, I'm a fan of resident evil ... And Amanda Blain too.
i think Amanda Blain is " " 
Thats was me earlier this morning at 5Am With no sleep
It's funny because I when too see comfupanda!! & it was!! SOOO funny! I laughted loud!
we should use better it(the brain)
Dear Amanda,Our brain cannot get sucked that day will not come.
Haha. I can imagine myself as the guy sitting in front of that PC. I work in an IT company and that's the best way to explain myself.
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