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*Free Tool to Promote Your Hangouts-On-Air*

This is the best hangout tool I've seen in awhile.... Super simple interface to create a 15 second teaser you tube video for your next upcoming hangout...  I'm sure many of you will be using this shortly.

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Great thanks!   Can you use this if you want to do a hangout that is not live?
I don't get this at all.  How is this better than simply recording a YouTube video and embedding it into a G+ Event?
Yup saw it and used it earlier .. It's cool for a start. Had a few issues with it picking up camera and remembering .. But worked with patience . Useful tool For sure
+DeAno Jackson it comes with a graphics template so you don't have to do your own overlays.  That's pretty sweet!  And we have our own graphics department but I will def use this.  Thanks +Amanda Blain +Danny Cohen !  :) 
+Sarah Hill: Ah, okay; that's actually pretty nice! I might give it a go for our next GotR.
Is it working for anyone else? A lot of people, including myself, are getting "Sorry! Your Recording Could Not Be Saved. Please Try Again."
+James Lawson-Smith I got that message as well the first few times I tried it.  On my 3rd attempt... got it to work.  Thought it was an adobe flash setting problem on my end.  Perhaps not...
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