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*Social Media Monday*

Starting right now... Promote yourself on Social Media Monday! This week is Twitter

Post your twitter url and a quick line about what you tend to tweet about. Everyone is welcome (except obvious advertising spam)

When you add someone send them a quick mention or RT... This not only helps everyone's social media "scores"... but is an even better way to get noticed by someone you just followed! :)

Spam will be removed.

Won't you join us?

Please post in this Format: - Women, Positive Thoughts, Social Media, Humor

#socialmediamonday #twitter
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51 comments - web load testing tool in the cloud. Low cost, high volume. Lots of articles on web performance optimization and how faster sites make more money. - Another "free tweeter" like +Melissa Thornton here... I tweet on a variety of topics from web development (and the various programs involved), Dreamweaver, Wordpress, organic SEO, hot tech news, some current events, and I help host a budding new Microsoft Excel tutorial TwitChat for a few Microsoft MVPs every Tuesday called #ExcelHelp . As an ex-corporate Internet Marketing professional (upgraded to Mommy), I can get caught up in new & effective trends in marketing and promotions, too.
this is cool so I'm come check me out mostly tweet about funny stuff, real life situations and solutions to lifes not so simple problems, gourmet eats and funn things to do and places to go.
+Cameron Meek, do you know @RikerJoe, a.k.a. +Joe Williams? Highly recommended if you don't! (Space, NASA, science, plus an inspirational management/leadership blog.)
...that'll teach me to read the directions :)
(all set, above)
Their hands look like the gesture you see when people are getting quizzed hard about something and say, "What? What?!"
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