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*Trip time... Charge ALL THE THINGS*

Sooooo.... who lives in San Francisco? Available for some +HIRL time? Yup. I'll be there saturday for about a week. Let's get together if you are in the area.

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Ha, that was me a few weeks ago, fearing I would leave everything hooked up to chargers instead of bringing them with me. I hope you have a great trip, I wish I was still out there!
Solar-powered battery chargers are the way to go!
Charge it on a mountain top or on the dashboard while you drive.
And always, always take a camera everywhere you go. You never know just what might present itself!
+Amanda Blain that's exactly why I bring a power strip with me whenever I travel....too many electronics not to have on these days!
Blame the guy for causing a fire : forgot to unplug lol
+Amanda Blain It won't do much good for today's charging, but on Amazon it is Prime eligible so it can arrive where you are staying in SF by Friday.
Arrive at your destination, realize your electricals are charged, but you left the charger itself plugged in to the wall at home. Run to Best Buy to purchase an additional charger. Curse paying $20+ for a charger you could have gotten for $5 from Amazon if you had planned better.
Why not NYC? The weather is awesome right now, if you enjoy extreme humidity, rain, and heat; you'll love it!
Kaka Li
yes it is very important
/me Loves how each one of you mother frugers are acting all serious WHEN IT'S A JOKE. MEMES ARE FUCK.
+Amanda Blain People do that and then forget to take the chargers with them , half way to destination they are left short for the rest of the trip----- Don't charge electronics and remember the chargers works for me also keep plug in chargers for the car in the car using a matal camera bag for the trunk
Chargeable items are increasing every day, But one should shorten the list on vacation, although it is difficult.
Lolz learned something new today, never knew what a "hirl" was :)
lol for me it mostly make shure i have my camera gear ready XD
Hangout in Real LIfe... (ie.. hangout with people you may have met in hangouts or on G+ and actually go meet them for food drink fun) +Jack Lambkin
Mike G
Missed the hangout yesterday...impending deadlines. Enjoy your stay in San Francisco.
Don't forget to charge your power
So ,go ahead to bed!! ^__^ hahaha
Oh my, how we, society, has changed due to advancement in many ways.... ;-) Thanks for the reminder...I'm going on a trip soon.
I thought camping was to get away from all of those things. At least the ones where you can read your emails from work have got to stay at home..
Is this anything like Human Advancement/Achievement Day, which is the totally opposite to Earth Day? If so, I am totally for this!
That is what I doing tonight! leaving for 5 days, much needed and long awaited.
So close! I'll be in Irvine all next week.... Two lost hosers, Amanda and I...
Have a safe and eventful journey Amanda!
Hey +Amanda Blain!
Lemme know how your trip goes. I took the first week of July off to drive to San Francisco and hangout.
Amanda heading to SF Tuesday next, thru June 4th....Wine Jar on Fillmore Thursday at 6pm for HHHIRL
FWIW always bring a power bar
Priceless! That was me last week..
Client meetings SupraComm, Cloud Slam for WebActionHero, early bday celebration HappyHourHIRL just in case you thought otherwise, actually come to think of it I can think of others
I live in silicon valley, an hour away and would love to meet you
San Francisco. Awesome. It's been over 7 years since I visited there. I really liked it. Except for it being freezing cold.... Though, I'm guessing that won't be an issue for you...
I just checked the weather network for LA (where I'll be next week) and they're calling for 28C and sunshine all week.
We will have to make plans! Are you staying in SF proper or somewhere on the Peninsula?
So much interest - looks like you need a Peninsula #HIRL as well as a SF HIRL. There is a great train that goes from SF to Palo Alto (home of Stanford) and Mountain View (home of Google). Come down - if you have time there a couple of great, short walks that could help you see the area.
Hahahahahaha btw that is some darn good advice
Fly safe. Weather calm today (very windy yesterday ) but still cooler than usual in May. 
I know about a great beach party in Santa Cruz tonight although +Thomas Hawk photo shoot sounds too good to pass up
buy an universal charger it will help :D
bump totally just this the other day >_<
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