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Video games .. . How do I love thee.
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No lies girl gamers are always the sexy ones hahaha
Mike G
I miss Super Mario Bros. on good ol' SNES!
Funny how Sony has not changed no?
360 has the best controller hands-down (see what I did there?). It fits most comfortably in the hand and has the best sticks and triggers for FPS games.

Sony's Dualshock 3 doesn't compete in the sticks/triggers/comfort department but it has some novel features like pressure sensitive buttons and 'sixaxis' motion control. Unfortunately these haven't been put to particularly good use.

The Wiimote is easily the worse of the bunch with a non-ergonomic design that requires you to rotate your hand into an uncomfortable position while pointing it at the TV; the only time that it actually points at the TV naturally if if your arms are at your sides. You can rotate it sideways to use the D-pad as a basic gamepad (reminiscent of original Nintendo), but the B button becomes terribly strange to press with this hold.

Thoughts, +Techni Myoko?
The PS pad is quite nice ergonomically. That said it was originally designed for Nintendo, until Sony fell out with them.
Mike G
Sony controller: why mess with perfection?
Love the nintendo wii remotes. Especially when I am playing Skyward Sword and can hold the remote as if I am holding an actual sword, slashing back and forth.. How more epic can it get?
Need the first ps control without joys
Mike G
Best PC controller: Microsoft Sidewinder Dual Strike...unfortunately the D-pad kept breaking.
+Martin Goudie the first dualshock had L3/R3. the first XBOX controller was awesome.

+Glyn Myers no, dual shock was not designed for Nintendo. playstation | neotechni was

+Amanda Blain Sony's went through lots of change. Theirs was the first to get ergonomic handles, Sony brought us dual analog, clickable thumbsticks
The first dual analog controller had longer handles, concave thumbsticks, dual shock was shorter and convex, had rumble built in
DS2 brought us all analog buttons
DS3/SIXAXIS brought us bluetooth, USB charging, USB HID compliance, the convex triggers.
Sony Dualshock 3 is for me definitively the best pad ever.
It is lightweight, very easy to handle and all buttons accessible without any pb.
I loved the N 64 pad too, it was really great :)
It's not broke but not getting much better.
Gotta love those improvements.
Too many risks. Loyal following. Never appealed to me.
Mike G
I only have one complaint with Sony controller: Thumb fatigue when using D-pad for hours on end.
So when so the various companies start suing each other for copying controllers?
Are you in for HHHIRL Thursday?
Wii controller has so much potential Take away the motion controlls and it's a very comfortable, versatile controller. You can itch your freaking face whilst playing. With conventional controllers, that requires removing one hand from the controller.
All the 3 consoles are great, the ones of the past... and future... If you love games, you play everything...
I had a PS3 until just over a year ago and when I swapped for a 360 the first thing I noticed was how much more comfortable and easier to use the 360 pad is, I also played much better online FPS games with the 360 pad. Nintendo are always poshing the boundaries with some aspect of their console design, which despite being occasionaly risky keeps pushing gaming technology forward. Microsoft are now considering having some kind of tablet with their next console, essentially copying Nintendo's idea.
PlayStation is the best with the slightest changes.
lol never im a proud xbox 360 owner own 3 but still love playstation more since is the best
I love the PlayStation controller and I hope they keep the same controller for the PS4.
Playstation > Nintendo > Sega > Colecovision > Atari > 3D0 > XBox
I own every PlayStation and Every Xbox model plys dreamcast. started playing in 1998 almsot 14 years with gaming.
Awesome! I personally think the 360 controller is the most comfortable. I use it with my PC and my 360.
+Ivan Yglesia Nice, I have had almost every console since Nintendo Entertainment System. I have had the old Pong system and then the Colecovision then moved on to NES then Sega Genesis, Game Boy, Game Gear, Panasonic 3D0, Atari Jaguar, PSOne, PS2, PS3, Nintendo 64, Sega CD, Sega 32x, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii. Only thing missing is the paltry XBox and not planning on getting one soon, not even gonig to get the XBox Dung, oops I mean Durango lol. I will plan on getting the Orbis and the Wii U, if the Wii U does look good and impress me.
personally i loved the original xbox controller, dreamcast controller also rocked. never liked any of the ps controllers
+Raqeeb Lewis The reason why the Playstation controller never really change much cuz it's the best design for all of the controllers ever! The xbox controller is very bulky and uncomfortable. I swear when I picked one up at a local Best Buy at a kiosk, it almost gave me carpal tunnel syndrome after 5 minutes of game time... Screw the xbox, most ridiculous design ever! Even the Nintendo 64's controller is better than the xbox's!
I love my Video games, for they are still the one thing in the media that can uphold some kind of major and innovative creativity. Hell they have the advantage of being able to make a 50 Hour Movie that you can Play (Mostly.)
I like ASDWX and C for Crouch.
Glad you have an open mind Amanda...all consoles have thier good qualities
What about the Wii U controller?
Me too I'll. Play them with a fox
I'll play them straight. Out of the box
I'll. Play them while receiving. Spam
and yes even when. I'm. Eating. Ham!

Good point Scott...also needs Playstation Move and Kinect to be up to date...
i have another one :Try new thing to to to*stops typing*nvm i don't have another one
In the context of the Wii and body mechanics of its play (pointing at screen, etc.) the Wiimote works wonderfully. Yet I can't help but be sad that the 360 controller isn't more like the Sony one because Sony has achieved damn near perfection with that style for traditional handheld controllers.
I used to think the N64 controller was the bees knees lol when it came out, but I played Goldeneye just the other day and the controller is atrocious, don't mind the game cube controller though, great for Mario Kart and still passable for first person shooters I played Return to Castle Wolfenstein on game cube, but when the Xbox came out with real trigger buttons I was sold, I do have large hands and find the playstation controller too small, the xbox revision controller was perfect to hold for me, and now the 360 has the the 2 shoulder buttons
Its awesome, but I only play first person shooters and the odd racing game, my only complaint about xbox, the digital pad, it sucks big time. As I don't really use it, so it don't bother me, but in the past when I played excessive amounts of 2d fighting games like the early mortal kombats and streetfighter and side scrolling shooting games like R-type it was snes and then ps1 all the way, but never like playstation for first person shooter, I hate the analogue sticks on them
ehh you know xbox controllers are a bit better because you have better grip on it
The Xbox fattie wasn't too bad, actually. Very similar to the Dreamcast controller. The PS3 controller was a nice controller in the early days, but it is just terrible for FPS games. The 360 controller is awesome.
yah i agree
i played PS2 and alot of third person shooters nut FPS now suck
Ahh that gray PS controller takes me back to the days of playing Resident Evil 1 & Final Fantasy 7..
Xbox 360 controller is easily the best. For comfort, build quality and ease of use. Need proof ? Just ask the military
i like xbox controller better in fact i like xbox better xbox just confort my hands better
i'm a girl into games and this thing's just awesome
Personally old fashion is hotter ;)
i looove video games and im a girl i love any game that involes fighting monsters
OK this is E volution. I love this shot:} Ditto for the awe of Invention.
Oh Maya McGill, can you say Diablo III?
I'm right there with you...
Okay now where's the PC evolution (just kidding we know that's up to the owner of the PC).
PS and X-Box are great, and Gamecube controls are okay, but whoever thought up the Wii wands needs to be slapped. Don't even get me started on the Kinect, which I have but never use. Big waste of $.
Illustrating the reason why Nintendo is the only console maker I have any respect for. Sony and Microsoft are just in an arms race to see how much useless shit they can cram into the console or completely stealing Nintendo's ideas.
Need to play 2k12 right now cause they cheating for MIAMI
+Josh Saunders My kids love the Wii and Kinect, but I prefer old school controls. I never liked steering wheels attachments either. Rock Star instruments are very cool, but I can only play the drums. LOL! To each their own.
You want the worst controls ever, check out Intellivision. Looked like a cell phone from 1995 with a touch pad at the bottom.
I ever had played "Taken ",battle game.
Like it ^___^
I think that joy stick is designed to play the battle game,sometime the PS game been pulled follow the joystick I tried to control game jumping , hahahaha ^^
I love the feel of the 360 controller. And with the mini keyboard to boot!
I love my xbox...#madden 12 online is the best
Lets make shoulder buttons
Lets make analog sticks
Lets make rumble feedback
Lets make a freemotion gyro control.

Double that
Double that
Double that
Double that

I prefer to move forward. So thankfully I have.Nintendo for gameplay/innovation. For the rest of my needs I have my Steam PC, which makes your horsepower consoles look like Fisher Price toys.
Go the xbox!!!! Fits better in hand ;)
play station has always been elite in my opinion
(I really cant find ANYTHING wrong with it...)
hi amanda is me moses do like video games
Playstation controller is the best fit for me.
Hahaha PS so cool they've never had to chang
IMHO, the Nintendo GameCube controller is one of the better controllers of late. I just like how it conforms to my hand.
I just hope these companies/designers are not making ad hoc decisions for there own personal gains, without public input.
I don't know what I would do without video games! :)
You gotta admit, though - the 360 controller is the best controller ever designed!
Well, they are targeting a certain demographic. Nintendo will most likely be had by a new generation of gamers, not acustomed to any previous controller and will adapt quickly to any new shape or form, whereas the playstation is an expensive toy for seasoned gamers and we all know "old people" fear change :) That said, i would love to see the ps controller a bit larger and sturdier, something between the xbox and ps in size.
+Scott Bazeley being a current PlayStation owner, I obviously love their pad. That said, I used to think the SNES pad was the best thing since unsliced bread, and I love change when it's warranted. I'm pretty sure the Boomerang controller was just a demo pad that never made it to production anyway.
I LOVE Playstation so as You
+Dexter Dunbar They've each done bits of innovation on their own. You DO know Nintendo was not first to introduce an analog stick on the controller, do you? And that Sony was the first to venture into motion based games? How about moving to disc based media, something that took Nintendo several years to understand?
I've played every single one of these. This is my childhood. Although the Sega control is missing lol
i like to play ps2 and i love using wireless pad
Played them all, Love em all, Gotta catch em all (Poke'mon) <.< What?? lol
wheres the super nintendo and sega?
i seriously played it at my grandmas and thought it was better than any games combined except skyrim
PlayStation owner: "Don't change the controls. We want horsepower and a lot of it"

PC gamer: "You are cute"
Nintendo nd ps. Got design nd control both. :)
love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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