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Lennon or Potter for you? :)

P.s. I didn't make it... shoot someone else with your grammar rules.... :) and why is no one complaining about the 'dis'.... :o Caturday posts are notoriously incorrect grammar... its part of the meme... It makes this picture no less funny... ;)

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Huh...I saw Mr. Fuke, my grade 12 English teacher. 
I can't get past the incorrect use of 'your', so I think I must be over 60.
wolfi e
hm if you are around 35/40, it may reming you on a teacher in your school
I didn't make it... shoot someone else with your grammar rules.... and why is no one complaining about the 'dis'....

blah to you
hopefully if you're over 40 you'll spell it "you're" (sorry, the pedant in me can't help it). :)
I just finished drawing Lennon on Drawsomething and this post came up..creepy :)
hmmm I thought of the Big Bad Wolf wearing g-ma's glasses...
What's "my over 40" ? :P Do I really have one? :P
But but but I'm only 39

I see a cute cat wif specs on hims fayce
If you are sober you'll see a cat wth glasses on.
When i look at the cat, i see a cat wearing glass's. That is all.
That is funny!!!! Love it!
That is Brilliant and so true- I am 36 and see both!
uuuuuaajajajajaa que gato mas loco se ve intelectual jajajaaaa
Just looks like da kitteh with glasses on to me. Maybe it's other 2 guys that are the wannabes.
see that kitty as s poor cat who's owners aren't very nice.... ;-)
I just do not think the round glasses are enough to make me think potter because they are not even the same color. If I am not mistaken Potter wore black round glasses?
in the last movie and the last like 2 mins he wore gold glasses
wops srry forgive me..... im obsessed so....... yaasi said...srry
I'm 31... when I first glanced, I saw a cat with glasses, when I read the first line, I saw John Lennon, when I read the last line, I saw Harry Potter... maybe I'm still an impressionable youth :D
I only see "you're" being mispelled and it greatly annoys me.
I'M 11 person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's fine, = john lennon <>-<> garry potter =
I'm not sure 40 is quite the right point of divergence. I'm 30 I've never seen a Potter movie or read the books, and it didn't bring to mind Lennon either  Maybe early millenials like me fall in between.

btw, this meme has bad grammar when it's the cat talking, when it's the person who made it talking about the picture, it just spoils the fun.
Im 19 & i see it as John Lennon lol. But i still love me some Harry Potter. It's muh childhood.
If you've nothing of use to do, regardless of age, you make generalizations concerning pop culture and forget about the boundary conditions.
well either way its cute and dramatic like harry potter
lennon's in black and white. potter always has that scar to go with the glasses. sorry, this is just another lol cat with glases that might blind it if it keeps it on for too long. :D
what if you are 40?
I am over 40, and I see le chat as Potter.
But, +Amanda Blain I think we've talked a little bit about the level of Nerdy I have, too. I'm definitely an outlier.
I just see it as a cat... what should be my age??
:D Hahahaha. They are always good!
It's a cat with specs and in need of an editor
can't be harry - missing a scar.
so obviously Lennon
Looked like a cat wearing glasses to me.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute
both... im an 11 year old who fucking loves classic rock...
and harry potter :D
This is stupid but true it's totallt HARRY POTTER
If your are 40 you see that guy from that college sitcom that was a spinoff from the Cosbys....what was his name again?
hahahahahaha thts funny i LOVE caturdays!!!!!!
I see dis kitty wearing glasses :P
I'm 29, I saw both without trying almost at the same time....
Dwayne Wayne
Was his name from a Different World
Lol what does it mean if I'm 15 and I see John lennon? does that mean my mental age is 40+ which means my IQ is 200+?
that cat scares me
Ryan G
John Lennon
I love Harry Potter more than anything- but I see John Lennon... pretty sad xD
i c a cat with glasses
i hear about Lennon,but who is Harry Potter?
I'm 38. It looked like Steve Jobs to me.
I'm 34, so I'm just confused why there are glasses on a cat.
Amanda, the grammar in your comment about the poor grammar is ironic.
then i must really be old.. I see this kitty as one of the ex presidents.
What happens if you are 40 and see both... does something magical happen?
im 13 years old so that does not look like harry potter but i get it. hahaha funny!
Guys, it's as if a cat wrote it, so of course the grammar is going to be off. If you can't get past it, shoot yourself.
It just depends on what generation you're in.....60's or 90's?
i think she is nice. Do you? What about Lennon or Harry Potter it's oniy two peoples who so beautiful likes in this picture. Too much for one cat
thats not harry potter thats just a cat in glasses thats just weird for a cat to were glasses. but still it looks cute!!!!!
How old do you gave to be to recognize grammatical errors?
i think that kitty is blind myself and so are you kids, lol
i think that is so not cool thing to say about some that old i think you were talking about your grand mother not your spelling grammar thats how it sound on my end that okay i know you don't mean that sweety
Imagine all the people
Living for today
I think it looks like both John Lennon and Harry Potter. :)
And if you are over forty and trying to seem cool, you use, "dis" instead of "this"...
I'm over 40, and I'm having difficulty seeing it at all!! ;)
Actually, neither one occurred to me but I'll take John Lennon. When I see pictures like that I presume the cat is thinking, "God these humans are annoying but so easy to amuse."
'dis' is within the excepted grammar of lolcatism. 'Your' as opposed to 'You're' is just stupid.
harry Potter!! and i like the incorrect grammar:)
Look it's Harry Lennon or is it John Potter...I'm so confused, oh wait it's a cat wearing glasses how clever is that
do this cat know what we are righting? I just want to know
A kitten with gasses.
Poor kitten.
umm, seriously, not either
Oh, man. The sad part of this is that the word "John Lennon kitty" ran through my head even before I read the text. I'm OLD.
My over 40! My under 40! My don't understand your silly.
i like da kitty picture...narm
and what if I see it as a stupid picture of a cat wearing glasses??
If you passed 3rd grade English, you'll put the apostrophe in "you're." Sigh....
I actually agree more with the John Lennon thing...
John was a singer,Harry is a hero,and what do you like to see?
I see John Lennon, not over 40, and when i read the harry potter part, now i see neither, looking a second time.
>Grammar checking a Lolcats picture
" You may say I'm a dreamer .... but I'm not the only one !!! " Definitely over 40 here :-)
Actually looks like a scary cat !
Dont care for either...I see a cat with glasses.
cat is thinking only about a milk. And nothing else. If you think that she is a hero, you can have only picture of that hero. Because life is life. Stupied lie
Oh-oh! I'm over 40!! I was enjoying 29... :(
harry potter and john lennon for me and im 11
who is your mother? I'd like to see,cat thinking. It's funny,but i think she is simpatiska. O ka primena tai uzdekit skarele ir jau kitaip atrodys. Only joke
apparently i am 27 years older than i thought
Harry Potter... :( I hate harry potter
What does it mean if you see it as a cat with glasses?
Ya, ya, and if your dead, or not born yet, you wont see anything....;P
Oh dear, I'm over 40, over 50 but not at 60 yet and I see John and Harry - maybe young at heart??
cute but i dont really like potter
lol! ppl r so mean to older generations. :D
Harry Potter cat is missing a lightening scar.
nada 9
hahahha nice rick ;P
my sister is gonna get mad @ u if she hears u say tht!
I'm under 40, love Harry Potter and still saw John Lennon.
Well...I'm 33 and I see a cat who is wearing glasses....Harry who?
What does it mean if you see both?
lol yea but he really just looks like a weird kat
Im twenty-five, and i see Lennon... then again I hated harry potter.
im 19 and i thought of john lennon and Elton John first
im 14 but i see this as both. harry potter and john lennon loooool
What if your a Harry Potter Fan and remember John Lennon?
yeah you can totally see harry potter i see the facial haha love Harry Potter <3333333333
Xo Xo
I'm 15 and I can see John Lennon.
What does it mean if I see Jhonn and Harry at the same time ?
Definitely Lennon, and I'm 19.
What if I saw Ozzy Osbourne? Yes, I know they're not tinted, but still...
Let me get my eyeglasses first, dear.
under 40 and more of lennon...
I see a cat that someone put glasses on.
I see both Lennon and Potter! I am 39, but will 40 in a couple of months!!!
Ayden S
lol i see as both and i'm under 40
lolx saw harry potter + my agriculture teacher mr mazoe
I'm under 40, but I see him as BOTH
If you've got better things to think about, you won't care.
I'm under 40, but I see John. I also see bad grammar.
Haha. Yeah, for me looks like Harry. So cute though.. ♥
Lennon....or myself in the mirror in the late 70s.
+Harry Summers If you really have better things to think probably shouldn't have wasted your time posting that comment.
If your IQ is over 40, you'll see a cat in glasses.
Over 40.. Harry Potter, John Lennon, and Benjamin Franklin
I see it as both.
I'm pretty sure that's just a cat with glasses
mostly John Lennon
I see both, but the glasses and the eyes remind me of John Lennon.
this reminds me of a cat with glasses
more like jhon lennon, oh and how and where can i get these glasses
Wow okay Amanda, I'll complain: Why did they put 'dis'. Now no one whose 40+ will want to do it.
Under 40 and saw as John Lennon
that's true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I see a creepy drunk cat
i just see a kitty with glasses that could be harry potters cat lol xp
I think it looks more like a John Lennon !!!! lol
So true! I saw Harry Potter.
i like it...harry potter look a like
under 40 john Lennon was actually my first thought.
Hahahaha...that is a riot! My cat would never let me do that to her! :)
I just turned 40 and all I see is a kitty with spectacles. No more, no less.
Hahaha, it does both!
love it even though i see john lennon and im only 30! i love the beatles!
Well, I see Lennon. But i'm 14. But I love Harry Potter. It's just that this kitty has a john lennoney look to him; I think it's the face shape.
john lennon because i'll be 40 in july. 
I see him as Harry Potter too! hehehehehe!
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