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Amanda Blain hung out with 21 people.Ulf Hedlund, Mohamed Mansour, Cuprohastes D., Kim Beasley, Anderson Curry, Laurie DesAutels, Arun Lobo, Doug McCloud, Jonathan Harchick, MichaelQ Todd, Lewi Hussey, Robert Headley, Chee Chew, Saiful Islam, Tyler Gillies, Jake Kern, Dalton Metzler, Robin Menikoff, Jim TechFrog Alden, Adonis Deliannis, and Joseph Bleau
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Hello everybody. Add me in ur Circle.
impressive, amanda! you are truly addicted to hangouts! that's awesome!
intervention needed? or just another hit? :)
:) im just a social gal +Chee Chew It make web coding much better to have people in the room with you! <3 google+ hangouts!
Sorry I missed this. Sounds like it was fun.
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