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Dee M
Yes, but replace drunk with High
Yes. Been there. Done that. Burned the damn t-shirt! I'm now happily sobered.
Just the opposite, that's why I am banned from Facebook :)
For one or two of my exes, its not even a question - yes, I really was drunk for pretty much the entire relationship. (they were pretty short relationships though!)
Nope... my exes have all been very easy on the eyes :P Won't make any comment on their mental faculties
its It sucks to be Amanda Blain's Ex Day - ouch
I have an ex nick-named "Vanilla Sky" for obvious reasons. So, yes.
Definitely... or at least under some influence that wasn't cognitive...
Thankfully none of my exs are on G+.... at least i dont think so.. ;) lol
+Amanda Blain thank you, Now I understand everything, I should have been drunk. Then I may have understood her 17 year old mentality and all the cash that vanished... live and learn, now on drink and be happy, joy joy
'Drank whiskey, woke up on Tuesday in Kathmandu with a new wife, four new kids and some very old tattoos.'
I never wondered... I was damn sure I was drunk the whole time..
Woulda, coulda, shoulda, got a prenump!
Nope...but my ex-wife was drunk during the entire relationship...and high...which is why I got a divorce...
Yes I wonder because my ex was the biggest cheater and liar know to man...David Hartless.
and i was only drunk for 2 hours
Naw, not drunk just a woman in a relationship.
Who looks at ex's ?? Who needs to looooook at ...????
yea then i realized i really was drunk the entire time
OH Yes......and when she sobered up 30 years later she dumped me!!!! but it was a hell of a thirty year party........
I'm to young to have an ex. I'm only 11. I'm only in 6th grade.
you were not drunk, just did not make the right choice, but may be you were drunk since you met him for the first time, and never stopped drinking lol! now the effects of alcohol have gone away, and you ask yourself; "what hell had I been drinking all that time" lol
Seem We all have exs ;) well except for the 11 year old.... what are you doing on google+ +Amanda Chau There are things here you can't unsee! ಠ_ಠ
The fault is all yours, blame your poor taste (at the time) if any.
I think my last relationship which I`ve been in for 1 year there was nothing but physical stuff and to build around that you have to be either drunk or a little high.
Jack Daniel's is my best friend, I always listen to his advice.
Yes, and I was. Not cuz of her looks though. The drunk made her looks make up for the rest of her.
It's quite hard to say for me atleast!!!
Yep been there done that. Sometimes I was actually drunk and the ones that were the worst but made me think that I was the drunkest were the ones were I was the most sober. My second fiance was one of those where I was completely stone cold sober and know that I look back I'm glad that I broke it off because she was pretty insane. She also got married to another man within 2 months and pregnant with his child within 4. So I totally believe and agree with this.
No... I just assumed that my taste evolved and I started caring about the little things like looks and brains. :-p
Nope she was the best but now i got better then the best..
LOLLL this is so many different levels of awesome~
Looking at will make me think : "damn dude, how could I have ever broken up with such a hot and classy lady,must have been drunk!". Listening to her for a few minutes than snaps me back to reality.
No man he was the drunk! lol
yes I have and did try to stay sedated in some way to make it go quicker.
Yeah...! Nice one.. :D... ROFL!
Good one.!! n the expessions are real ! lol.
Like being drunk is a bad thing. PFFT!

Wait. what?
I definately must have been drunk
Do you ever look at someone's google+ post and think "Why the hell doesn't this person give the who ever came up with this joke credit?"
Not drunk. Severely depressed and in need of therapy or medication.
not drunk but i thought i would had some eye, ear and nose disorder.
Actually, most of my dumber relationships were in or before college before I started drinking in any substantial way, so I can really only conclude I was stupid.
man i'm think that right that be some crazy stuff tho
muhahahaha..... is this situation really happening or its just for fun
its supposed to be the other way u get the girl drunk and the u get drung thats life especially if u want to get horny lol
in some acations its true
Man I know I was, for 7 years!! I was drunk when I asked her to marry me and did not sober up until the divorce was finalized!!
Some relationships only last for one drunken escapade.
hahahaha, and that's when you say, "Wow, look at my ex...Ya know move"
Been there done that.
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