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*Those Smart Irish*

Tee Hee and Night Night :)

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I'm the smart....and you "get smart"...
Some Guinness also helps brings out some laughter and a good sleep! :D 
for me it is an 8 hours sleep that makes me relaxed and ready for the next day.
Osobne brige starijih osoba su velike.Vaša fotografija je dala
malo optimizma bojom.Hvala!
+Yvonne Weldon, I'm friends with Jack, Johnnie (Red, Blue,Black and Gold) but I'm more partial to The Glens. (Glenlivet, Glenfiddich) :)
wise Irish wisdom - and trusty tips on dealing with a hangover
Raspravljao sam o tom postu s jednom osobom u hangoutu.
A true Irish proverb would probably say something about drink.

And potatoes.
Reirse es la mejor medicina.... : )
you are beautiful you never miss anything!!
Your face is gorgeous and you are beautiful Adoro.te accepted to be my friend?
I would very much :-) (
Yes, so true & i love to sleep & a good laugh.
but if you have a long sleep, what time will you work.
i do believe it must be balanced
I'll drink to that!... at 6:06am... Now that is Irish!
...especially sadness and insomnia...
ooookkkk... cool it there. hang in there bud
damn true!!! agree!! teehee-ryan higa
what the hell +Jack Bagley 
seriously. wake up on the wrong side of the bed?
ya, what the hell +Jack Bagley , what's with the wake up on the right side of bed to kill you...
+Jack Bagley .., dun try to be funny?!  how do u kill him? you wan go jail arh? kill him? so daring??? i so scared...
+Jack Bagley , try your luck!!! if u can, the moon will turn purple and the sun will rise in the west and set in the east...
They certainly make you feel better. I don't think they are the cure, though. 
in it! when the moon falls to earth you'l find me. so basically, never +Jack Bagley
guys,i am new on this google.. i am not getting this social service easily.. i use facebook...
Agreed. Sleep is pretty awesome, don't know why I don't get more of it...
wah waah   somali ma ma qasheen  kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
+Jack Bagley Bet u can't do any of that unless u magically turn into like, Chuck Norris or something... but will that ever happen? No not really.
@@[0:[0:1:yes i like]]..... All is fine
A good shot (750 ml. By my irish standards) of some Bushmills green... that makes me laugh good and sleep long.
@@[0:[0:1:yes i like]]
Krispy Kreeeeeme! My favorite animal is a lion. I once fought two... and won.
Hey all. I think it best that we no longer interact at all with Mr. Bagley. The more we do, the more +Amanda Blain has to clean up. Trolling is one thing, but the death threats took it to another level.

So, let's keep the conversation to good laughs, long sleeps, and Irish proverbs. Peace.
I met a narcoleptic leprechaun with herpes that called bs on this one.
Haha this is awesome, and so true
I think what I love the most about the picture is the hat. Yep, I'm going to start wearing hats. Next will come the sandals with black socks, but I think that's a couple decades into the future.
that is true... I need a long sleep, my baby and my dog didn't help me out on that.... hahahahaha at least i started...hihihihi
Unfortunately as we get busier both become harder to come by.
soooooooooooooooooo true! once a there was a guy who had pnimonua(i dont no how to spell that and the p is silent) and 2days after his neice made him laugh for about 10 minutes straight he was ewll again. sleep definetly helped too.
ya its true......
these two will become our best companion,when we are in critical situation....
right proverb.but sometimes death best cure for everything.
I know a good sleep is very good but laughing is best!!

nice......but there is one thing more effective than laugh and sleep
Hi, its a pleasure to meet u guys, how u all. So long sleep and a good laugh is best thing for everything?
I'm part Irish!!! :D okay whatever nobody really needs to know lol
Don't know if long sleep helps but I try to find the laugh in every thing that I do and it really makes me pleased:)
Im a 14 yr old irish girl and ik that for a fact is true
sleep overrides the laughter, or you can possibly laugh in your sleep? why not both?
but u can't laugh when someone very close to your heart hurts u...
David Robertson... I see you've met my ex. 
They would be even smarter if all their people finish college to show the Queen or future King of England to return Northern Ireland back to Ireland like how England returned Hong Kong and India back to the original owners. Trang or Your Occupy World Leader.
yes it is right........its the best cure to maintain a good health...
They say laughter is good medicine.  It is also said good REM sleep helps you release tensions..  SO I agree with the proverb.
That does make sense, good one
Of course, a pint and a shot doesn't hurt either!
yeah? am goin to have to try that...i have insomnia most of the time.
Laugh is a good medicine without money
those smart irish. Well Thank you
Did that once, been doing it ever since.
I like the sound of that cure..trupla ya!
Unfortunedly, i have a poor sleep at night.. :-(
whenever i laugh i get a cough
yes, but both are never in one's hand
Morning school.... All pain no sleep :-(
not true it doesn't cure embarrassment
I know good sex is great cure 
i normally sleep after a long laugh after a long day
the guy in the background doesn't look like he is doing either of these things
Add to it the joy of art and beauty, life is short.
hola linda, soy dante de argentina
So true.....
right now im having both
Drink to remember, never drink to forget(Irish as it gets).
do they have to be in that order? what if you laugh during your sleep?
except muscle atrophy ... its protein and exercise in that case!
Oh and Diabetes for that matter.... then its insulin and diet control hmmm
In that case I'd better go to bed.......hahaha yeah right like that's going to happen now that G+ is here.
Don't forget the pint of Guinness!
Does that include alcohol? God, I hope not. I know too many passed-out-due-to-liquor Irish men.
i've been hearing this since i was young from my father. see, irish people aren't only good for drinking.
hahahah...heheheh...heyheyehey...!!!!!!! look m feelng!!!!
People smile everyday but few of many are smiling sincerely...Sleeping is hard for me i think i will probably easier learn how to fly then how to sleep well..:)
 you want to spend a night with this old man?????
you will be shouting..........................
yes .............very true but only for retired persons
im going to have to side with jessica brookes
Physically, you bet. Beyond that, much more is needed.
As we paddys say Chill out..The world could be ending and all we can say is dont worry about it...Sure it will be find :-D
but really, this pic is true and it really applies in our lifes!!! :)
Its really a awesome treatment for any kind of disease........
i fall sick and penicillin (panadol)help to overcome after a good sleep a few months ago and indeed if i laugh i need to be in deep breadth in as freshie in joseph kong-amway and image picture gave me green light to go on..
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