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*Night Before Going Away On A Trip*...

I've shared this before but its about all I have time for currently. Too busy charging everything!

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And carry a power strip in case the hotel, motel or inn has only one outlet  with a lamp already plugged into it.
This is why I find all this stuff about mobiles so short sighted. If you aint got access to electricity, you're essentially fucked.
I wish I had that problem. I'm so overdue for a lengthy road-trip➤➤ ➤➤➤➤➤ 
u need 2 pay electric bill....
And bring the chargers with you!  Oh, and the manuals, and the discs if its an older laptop.  Just pretend your a Boyscout and be prepared.
Props to +Allie Brosh, creator of this meme and artwork. Who has been absent from her excellent blog "Hyperbole and a Half" for FAR, FAR too long.
+Sean Martin I phone lasts way longer than my desktop without an outlet ;)
I resemble that remark!
I love how the laptop is smaller than the kindel
It's so true. I feel like I'm displaying my collection whenever I go away. Almost like a museum.

Enjoy your trip!
I hear ya. Been charging up my GoPros for the races this weekend.
VERY true. I've got a huge road trip starting saturday and I've already setup my area to put everything on Friday night to do just this :)
Yep... that'll be me in a couple of days!
Buy a brick too. They're tiny and things like a cellphone can get three full charges off of it. 
happy travels, so many cables to remember. Don't forget to pack the 3DS you think you will use!
Oh jeez. The camera is the only thing I didn't bring. And I left one of the charges behind. Good thing I have spares!
Usually I never forget to recharge all my electrical n electronics before leaving for a holiday......
Anyhow thanks for advice......
u fully charged ur electricals.....but u missed electical device....while going night trip,,,,,
Hope scientist can make very tiny "Nuclear Battery" which can make power for years. 
Soooo...not to be analytical, but why is the iPad smaller than the camera? And why is the laptop smaller than the Kindle?
The picture states it all ;)
There's always that one that I forget to charge. Damnit. 
I only being two USB wall warts with me and there are only three different cables you need to bring anymore
The only thing, for me, that needs charging is my camera. If its a business trip then I'll charge all communication devices.
It is slowly getting easier to charge everything now that USB is becoming ubiquitous
Before family trip: charge 4 cell phones, 2 iPads, 1 iPod Touch, 3 camera batteries, 2 walkie-talkies, 1 GPS... not enough plug points in the house!!!
Jeff Lim, you should just carry a generator with you for all that
i do this when i go on a trip :P
try to charge yourself.... 
great president ready to lead the world to a new direction
i cant beleave with all this technology we still have to charge anything..a battery should last for years by now
Then you get on the plane and go $#!T I left my (insert peice of technology here) in my room on the charger! 
Lol! So true.....we are enslaved to modern gadgets in our survival just to make day-to-day decisions. Happy trails!!!
dats some true shit right there
Sure makes the case for multi function devices and a standard for chargers!
hmm, someone should invent WI-Fi Charger :)
hey i made a drawing of this, which can be seen on my facebook account...
me before I leave for sure
Haha Irony shows it's face, protect the environment buy more eletrical gadgets.
just get Galaxy Note 2 or 10.1 to fix this stupid problem
Been there! need an extra case to pack all chargers!
Simply have a  multipurpose car charging adapter. 
Or try not taking any electronics. Somehow I got through childhood with only books and clothes on trips. It is possible to live life and have new experiences without "electronic aids". 
greg p
Hey wait don't all your devices use the same charger or solar powered ! ..oh wait that is the stuff of scifi and future or is it !
Hey Sam try being Hearing Impaired and wear hearing aids, without them you cant hear sh#t, wanna know what its like? plug up your ears so that you can barely hear even the loudest noise then walk try communicating with the world how are you gonna hear the life guard yelling shark or the truck beeping its horn for you to get the hell outta the way..Technology is the new God bow down peasants!
Why not just bring ONE Android device? solves all your problems!
That was me last night as well. Now it's a game of "Collect All the Cords!"
Sure,I've already set up before 1day
That was me last year before my trip to Italy. Another tip, make sure you download all updates too! They take longer than charging. :)
Good one...!!! Yes we all tend to do this...!!!
yes we all use to do like that
ofcourse we can't live without it
but without electricity how can we charged our needy things
                                                                                                                       OI  TODO  BEN
wait D&D and running?! heaven? or just dreamong....
I do that weekly even when I don't go anywhere. Bob
Thats why I got myself a 150Watt car charger (12V to 110V) :D
facebook tamy  is     soufiane vs massari
Nash man, I simple charge my girl tabi, my tablet and I have camera, laptop, iPod and everything in one.
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